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Be A Friend

The school yard is alive with laughter and noise

Moishele shyly edges towards the boys

He hesitates does he belong

The Rebbe calls… kinderlach listen to my song.


Be a friend a friend and understand

Touch the heart of every man

Yeladim (you’re) we’re the key

K’lal Yisroel’s gurantee.
Sadly watching classmates come and go

Ignored and alone no friendly hello

He holds back tears then begin to cry…

Hashem why me, oh, why?

Slowly he wanders, feelings all numb

Not daring to dream someone will come

The Rebbe sees the silent wrong and says

Kinderlach remember my song.


Be a friend…

Hashem help us grow while we’re

Young and so to become the new tomorrow.

The class is all seated nicely

The Rebbe speaks so wisely

Our Torah teaches the young

That brohters always belong

Turn him away? No!

Join hands today

Ahavas Yisroel is our song.

Who Am I?

I have trouble with my words

They don’t seem to come out clear

But I want you all to know me so I’ll try

I’m asking one small question

It won’t take up too much time

Can you tell me

Can you answer

Who am I.

Oh, I know I’m very different

By the things I cannot do

Why I find it hard to tell you my own name

So you wonder just who am I

As you try to hide your eyes

But belive me

You and I

Are just the same.

Don’t you marvel at a sunset

As the rain shines throught he clouds

And the night begins to take over the sky

Don’t you love the sound of laughter

And a lively happy tune

Then we are not so different you and I.

When you see a mighty eagle

As it spreads its greatful wings

Don’t you wish inside your heart

That you can fly

When you hear a crash of thunder

Don’t you tremble out of fear

Then we are not so different you and I.
Oh I know my legs can’t hold me

And I cannot shake your hand

And that looking makes you feel so strange

So you wonder just who am I

As you quickly pass on by

But believe me

You and I

Are just the same.

Don’t you know the pain of sadness

And the feeling that it brings

I’m sure there’s been some times

You’ve had to cry

And that loneliness is worst of all

I’m sure you will agree

Then we are not so different you and I.
Don’t you know the joy of friendship

Of caring and of love

Somehow I get the feeling that you do

Then we are not so different

We are very much the same

For you do know who I am

Yes you do know who I am

I’m just like you.

Reach Out

The lights are dim the road is rough

Through dangerous paths we must go

We travel through Golus with fear in our hearts

What the future holds we don’t know.

Our brethren you’ve strayed from the ways of the old

We’ll help you return do not fear

Each Jew has a place in the heart of Hashem

We are so far yet so near.


Reach out grab hold of your dear brother’s hand

Outstretched in times of need

With Ahava one another we’ll help

Together we will succeed.
We hope for release to return to our home

We’ve prayed to Hashem through, the years

We’re here all together and yet we’re alone

Our eyes are burning with tears.


When You Need A Real Friend

When you need a real friend

Who will be there times on end

Who will except you for just what you are.

Take a moment think a while

What’ll always make you smile
Knowing you can always count on a friend.

Always caring always sharing ‘till the end

Forever loving and feeling that’s a friend
Kol ahava sheina tluya badavar eina biteila leolam.

Bein Adam Lachaveiro

Once again doors have closed on an orphan

And another has shared the same fate

Just by chance one finds bread while the other one said

Oh the pain that I bear is great.

Shalom happens to pass through an alley

Seeing Baruch so close to his end’

Understanding his plight Shalom shares his last bite

Through this act he obtained a friend.


Shalom you have saved my life

Banished hunger thirst and strife

Baruch I know that you would have done this for me too

Friends so loyal and giving are few.
So they vowed within their hearts

Though they may grow far apart

Bichayeyhem in their lives

Ubmosum their demise

That as brothers Shelo Yifridu.
And as promised they lived life together

Side by side for each other they cared

But their paths forced apart still they longed in their hearts

To unite like before as a pair.

In Istanbul where Baruch had travelled

One could die as a Jew for no crime

Shalom had been accused his life soon to lose

Baruch stepped in the scene just in time.

Shalom let me save your life

Mine should be under the knife

Baruch don’t take my place

This decree alone I face.

Now the Sultan was sitting in judgement

Selfless love such as this never seen

Out of awe granted he they both be set free

For he knew what true friends really mean.

And their promise did live on forever

Though they died it continued to strive

Bein Adam between man and Chaveiro his friend

All their sons kept this Midda alive.


Hashem And The Torah

(T.T.T.O. V’Ahavta L’Rai’acha)

Hashem and the Torah and B’nei Yisroel are one

Because every Jew is Hakadosh Boruchu’s son

Learn to love one another

Every Jew is a brother.
Loving a fellow Jew

Is loving Hakodosh Boruchu

Bannim Atem La’Hashem E-lokaichem

Loving a fellow Jew

Is loving Hakadosh Boruchu.

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