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Emunah Oh Why, We Jews All Cry

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Oh Why, We Jews All Cry

(T.T.T.O. Kosel Maarovi)

Oh why, we Jews all cry

Are things so tough, we’ve had enough.

We’ve worked and slaved all through these years

Oh, when will Hashem wipe away our tears.

Oh, when will we walk hand in hand

With Moshiach to the Promised Land.

Oh, when will we walk hand in hand

With Moshiach to the Promised Land.
We’re thrown around from here to there,

It isn’t fair, but our Bitachon is strong.

All the Jews are spread apart

It breaks our heart, but it won’t be for long.

For soon, we will walk…
Soon we’ll hear a sound that’s near

Telling us that the time is now.

For the sound will be Eliyohu Hanovi

And Moshiach will come to fulfill G-d’s vow.

And then we will walk…

You’re Never Alone

Sometimes when you’re feeling all alone
You need some happiness to call your own,
Nothing is going the way it should
You’re trying to do the best you could.

Lift up your eyes to the sky

You’re life’s in His hands, trust in Him, He will reply.
Guiding all your steps, always at your side
You are His joy and pride.

And don’t you know you’re never alone

It doesn’t matter where you are,
There’s nothing in His eyes more special than you,
Wherever you go, Hashem goes with you.

B’siyata Dishmaya

Have you ever felt, there’s no where to turn

Things seem confused, no one’s concerned

The times we live in are oh, so dark,
A little faith, a light to spark
There’s a vision eases pain
Hope arises again, hope arises again.

B’siyata dishmaya whatever we do
When we need Him to help us, He’ll always come through
Never will we feel alone
With His help we can stand on our own.

B’siyata dishmaya whatever will be
All the world that we hope for is open to see
We need Him to show us the way

B’siyata dishmaya.

Sometimes we feel the strength of our hands

Can bring us success, but we don’t understand
It’s not always the way it seems,
Hashem alone provides our needs
And stands behind every circumstance
It’s not only by chance, no, it’s not only by chance.

Prayer after prayer, tear after tear,

Begging for help, for heaven to hear
When Hashem’s on our side
Every door is open wide
Our only hope is to look to the sky
Where He waits for our cry

Where He waits for our cry.


Yisroel, Yisroel
Where have you been all these years?
I’ve been awaiting your return,
Come home let me dry off your tears.

I recall as a young bride

How you were faithful and true,
But since then you’ve wandered to strangers
Who tried to make traitors of you.

Don’t you be fooled by their lies

Their only aim is to lure you away from me.
Won’t you believe that it’s true -
I’m the only one for you.

How long, till when

Will you endure all their scorns?
Though you’ve been beaten by wind and rain
You still are a rose among thorns.

Battered crown, tattered gown

Your garments are covered with mud,
Still you continue to wander
Though the earth has been soaked with your blood.

What are you hoping to find,

Haven’t I given you all you could wish for ?
Come back and we’ll start anew,
I’ll be here waiting for you.

Oh to behold your countenance

Let the sound of your voice fill my palace,
Only then, my dear one,
Will you experience true happiness.

Tell me it’s only a dream

Tell me that your heart and your soul

Are still here with me.

Wake up and we’ll be together
Yisroel vikudsha brich hu chad hu.

Over Here

Over here, over there, Hashem’s turly everywhere

Up, up, down, down, right, left all around.

East side, west side, all around the town

That’s where Hashem can be found.

Little Kite

The sky bright and clear, the wind’s blowing strong

Winter has past now the sun is shining proud.

What a glorious day to send up a kite

To dance and to soar high over the clouds.

Through the traffic and noises, I ran to the park

An island surrounded with castles of stone.

With my kite and a spool of clear plastic line,

We journey together a long way from home.


Little kite tell me for I cannot fly,

Can you see distant oceans and mountains so high?

But most of all tell me, for I cannot see,

Is there G-d in heaven, does He know of me?
Lighter than air, my little kite flew

Riding the wind like an angel in flight.

So far away now just a speck in the sky

Reaching the heaven it vanished from sight.

Well someone passed by and looked at me strange,

He asked me, “What you’re doing on this day so fair?

Flying a kite, well how could that be?

Can’t you see little boy there’s nothing out there.”

Little kite tell me why I’ve been so blind

Using my eyes, oh, in place of my mind?

For though I can’t see you I do understand,

Your tuggin and pullin the sting in my hand.

G-d is Alive and Well in Jerusalem

If I ever get back to California

I’m going to round up every Jew I’ve ever known.

I’m going to sit them right down here in front of me,

Take this guitar and sing them all this song:

G-d is alive and well in Jerusalem

People pray three times a day to Him

Throw away the cars, the bars, the stocks ‘n bonds and up kept lawns

Grab a boat, a plane, if need be swim.

Some folks got a Lincoln Continental,

With tinted glass so nobody sees in.

Just one time I’d like to roll down their window

And say: "You ain’t gonna fool the L-rd with this hunk of tin."

G-d is alive and well in Jerusalem, yeah

People pray three times a day to Him

Throw away the cars, the bars, the stocks ‘n bonds and up kept lawns

Grab a boat, a plane, if need be swim!"

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