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The Gift Of Tefillah

With the gift of Tefillah that we were granted

We survived when troubles mounted

To insist on a change of will

Though a verdict’s been already sealed.

The time has come for us to act

Demand the end to the Yiddishe Golus

We raise our voices to Hashem, in prayer

Inviting all of you to join with us.

Hashem, Hashem, it’s been enough

Two thousand years is much too much

The pools of blood, and countless lives

Surely for You, this must suffice.

The time has come for revelation

For Jews to shine unto all nations

We need Moshiach, and want him now

To culminate the whole creation.

A Russian Boy’s Hopeless Plight

(T.T.T.O. Ovinu Ov Horachamon)

A Russian boy’s hopeless plight

Dreariness fills his night

Hardship and pain befall him

His chance of survival is slim.
Finding no source of true comfort

To the Rebbe he turns, with a letter

Compelled to express to him

How life could have been so much better.

The boy did not beg for an easier life

Nor for a hope to be free

Vos zol ich ton az s’davent zich nisht

That was the Russian boy’s plea.

As the Rebbe spoke at Farbrengen

The Chossidim gazed on, in surprise

As the Rebbe choked with emotion

And tears came to his eyes.

The boy did not beg…

Modeh Ani

Oh every morning

When I’m through sleeping

I open up my eyes and say

Thank you Hashem for my neshama

And for giving me another day.
Modeh ani lifonecho melech chai vikayom

Shehechezarto bi nishmosi bichemla raba emunasecho.
Thank you Hashem for all the sunshine

And the raindrops that must fall

For all the flowers in the springtime

But for the Torah we thank you most of all.

Thank you Hashem for kosher pizza

And for creating swimming pools

Thank you for latkes and for Pashkez

And for the snowstorms that keep us home from school.

Together We Cry

A quite Shul a foreign land

Sits and davens an older man

You amazed at his life of simplicity

How his words reach you with sensitivity

And your eyes recognize as never before

That the dream that he prays for is yours.

Miles apart close at heart

Felt the bond as one from the start

Although mountains and oceans lie in our way

We are joined from the time of that wonderouse day

When at Sinai we learned of the path we would take

That the chain of our past would never break.

Together we dance together we sing

Throughout the world how our achdus does ring

Klal Yisroel together today

Even though we seem so far away.

Together we cry we hope and we pray

Let’s bring each other closer each day

Klal Yisroel sharing one dream

Sheves achim gam yachad.

All assembled dressed in white

With awe and fear this Kol Nidrei night

There’s a feeling here when neilah is near

That we’ll be inscribed with another good year

And when Simchas Torah brings that joyful harmony

We are ever bound in stronger unity.

Hopes and dreams joy and prayer

These are feelings we all can share

They have always been there am inside us

They will always be there to unite us

Though our paths are diverse we all share one aim

Our direction is one and the same.

If You Have A Problem

If you have a problem, you can’t think it through

Daven to Hashem, and He will answer you


If you’re sick or well, rich or poor

To whom do we turn - boreinu

Hamelech ya’aneinu biyom koreinu.
Remember always, the rest of your life, even after Bog

Daven with Kavanah, it’ll clear away the fog.

We daven to Hashem with Simcha, with chayus and with joy

We ask that in the Holy Land, the Jew should beat the goy.


Yankel Am Ha’aretz

In a little town somewhere in Europe

Just about a hundred years ago

Lived a simple man his name was Yankel

And this is how his storv goes.

Yankel couldn’t learn a blott gemora

Why he barely knew to read and write

Deep in his heart he learned to do the Mitzvos

But somehow he never seemed to get things right.

He didn’t know his Brochos, couldn’t say Shema by heart

He’d daoven Shmoneh Esray with his feet spread wide apart

Everyone would laugh and snicker

When he posed them by in shul

Here comes Yankel am ha’aretz could there be a bigger fool.
All the children would make fun of Yankel

Teasing him as if he were a child

But he never ever lost his temper

And on his face there always was a smile.

Now the Rabbi, tried to learn with Yakel

So the young man would know how to cope

In one ear and then out the other

The Rabbi gave up there simply was no hope.

His ivrah was atrocious, the place he’d always lose

He’d show up m Yom Kippur wearing shiny polished shoes

Everyone would laugh and snicker

When he passed them by in shul

Here comes Yankel am ha’aretz

Could there be a bigger fool.

Stubborn Yankel he just kept on trying

The all told him, it’s a hopeless ‘cause

But he kept saying one day I’ll know how to

Learn the Torah and keep it’s laws.

Now one night the Rabbi fell asleep in shul

Only to wake up when he hew a sigh

It was Yakel by the Aron Kodesh

There were teardrops running from his eyes.

He was saying ‘Master of the world, I know you hear my prayer

And I accept my fate in life, your judgement is always fear

Yet one thing I must ask of you where else am I to turn

Could I not serve you so much more, if I knew how to Learn.

The Rabbi sent Yankel to learn in Yeshiva

They all thought he’d lost his sanity

He’ll be back within a week for certain

All the Rabbi said was wait and see.

Yankel’s now a famous scholar

It just took a few short years

For the gates of heaven never close

They never close for tears.

And everybody shakes his hand

When he passes them in shul

Here comes Yankel talmid chacham

How could we have been such fools.

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