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The Rebbe Of Lublin

Won’t you gather around my friends and listen to my tale

It’s a lesson about life itself and how I learned it well

‘Cause you think you know the answers

And things are the way they seem

But I found out it’s just ain’t so, from the Rebbe of Lublin.
You see, I worked as the Shamosh for this Rebbe from Lublin

I’d wash his clothes and shine his shoes

and keep his house real clean

But one thing that I did not like about this job of mine

Was cooking him daily meals and serving them on time.
The Rebbe would come home from Shul each day and sit down in his seat

And he’d say Ribbono Shel Olam could I love a little bit to eat

‘Cause you sustain all mankind with your goodness and your grace

And right on cue I’d cam on out and put his food down in it’s place.

So now you know what got me mad why it’s plain as day to see

I say his food don’t come from heaven but from the cook and that’s me

So I schemed and I conspired to set this Rebbe straight

Tomorrow there won’t be no food to put down on his plate.

Well the Rebbe left to go to Shul early morning that next day

When a tearfull man approached him, stood in the Rebbe’s way

My wife is ill he cried out, there’s no hope for her life

The Rebbe said I’ll pray for her, with G-d’s help she’ll be alright.

Now the Rebbe of Lublin came home from Shul just like my other day

And he sat down at the table, I could bear him still to pray

I came out with his empty tray and said

This is what you’ve been praying for

But with the last words of his prayer came a knocking at the door.
Standing in the doorway was a man whose eyes did shine

Rebbe it’s a miracle my write she’s feelin’ fine!

Please accept this little gift to show our gratitude

I’m sure by now you’ve guessed it folks

It was a package filled with food.

We Need You

T’he shul is packed with people who have come to pray

But unfortunately some have lots to say

T’he Rav bangs on the bimah and he asks for silence

This is wrong! You must be strong!

The noise that filled the room begins to die down

The Rav so thankfully relaxes his frown

They manage fine to say a line with real emotion

Then it all starts up again!


We need you! we need your Tefilah

Each and every Yid can bring the Geulah

Don’t talk! sh sh, just daven

So your tefiah can reach Hashem!
How can anybody concentrate

When hearing the latest in real estate

It’s hard enough it’s really tough to have kavonoh

It’s a fight both day and night.

But think how it could be if each of us would

Find the inner strength to pray as we should

Voices blending - and ascending heavens open!

Such a cry, could he deny?!

You have to know the halacha

That it’s asur lidaber bishas hatefila

It’s no matter of Hashkafa

But it’s something we all have to do!

Kashrus and Brochos


Red grapes, Green grapes growing on a vine,

Crush them, Squeeze them, and they give us wine

Fill up your special cup

And say Kiddush, on Yom Tov or Shabbos before you dine.

Yayin Yisamach L’vav Enosh

It makes glad the heart, and dizzy the Rosh

Wine is the drink for all our simchos

At a wedding or Sheva Brochos.

On Purim much wine we use

Till Morsdechai and Haman we confuse

On Pesach we drink Arba Kosos

Because of the four Geulah L’shonos.

In barrels it is stored many years

Just one drink, and you forget your cares

Wine makes us so happy we do want to sing

Served at the tables of ministers and kings.

But it must be guarded so very much

It becomes Nesech at a Gentile’s Touch

So at any Simcha, that is when

We say Borei Pri Hagofen.

On Purim…


We sing Shir Hamalos

After eating bread or challos

We wash netilas yadayim

Any time we’d like to try ‘em

And you’re still not "yotzie"

Until you say Hamotzie

Let me also mention

Not to forget Benchin’.

Bread is made of dough

Which everyone should know

Is water mixed with flour

That’s baked for an hour

If some lechem your meal does include

You needn’t say a brocho on most other food.

Without lechem at a meal

No other food can ever make you feel

Whether cooked, scrambled, mashed or fried

That you are really satisfied.

Sandwiches of rye bread, you just give me my bread

A lot or a shtikel, Bagels or pumpernickel

From grains of wheat, comes the bread we eat

Cut with a knife, It’s the staff of life.


I love chocolate candy

Jelly beans are handy

Taffy that you chew so slow

Sugar so sweet and sandy

And ices so cool and dandy

Are all shehakol nehiye bidvaro.

For turkey, chicken, salami and franks

All meats with hashgocha

For milk and cream we give Hashem thanks

And shehakol is the brocha.

Milichik or fleishig, or if you have a “chaishik”

For a tasty piece of fish

Eggs from a chicken, ice cream for lickin’

Or even a string of licorice.

Soda, punch and lemonade

Even water for the sink

Shehakol is the brocho that we say

On almost anything we drink.


On Purim, Hamentashen

Say Mezonos when you’re noshin’

On egg matza, I’m not joshin’

There’s no Benchin’, There’s no washin’

Or on cheese cake on Shevuos

When Hashem gave Torah to us

All the Jews were Kings and Princes

So say Mezonos on those blintzes.

On Rosh Hashana, cakes of honey

When we pray for health and money

At a Kiddush so delicious

Mezonos for kugel and knishes.

When a friend or brother meets ya’

And you share a piece of pizza

Or you eat a jelly roll

Or noodles in a bowl

Or pancakes when they’re ready

And on long strings of spaghetti.

Say Mezonos on cakes of marble

Say it clearly, please don’t garble

When you chew or when you munch cake

Like a chocolate or a sponge cake

Or if you think you will go nuts

When you eat some chocolate donuts

Both an old man or a rookie

When they taste a cake or cookie.

For a cream puff filled with jelly

Filled with custard or vanelly

Birthday cake is quite a bonus

Don’t forget to say Mezonos

If your cousin from St. Louie

Sends you cake and it is gooey

When you visit Uncle Getzel

And he offers you a pretzel.

If your Bubby bakes a pie

And you sneak some ‘cause you’re sly

If Aunt Tilly tries to bake

Any kind of cuppy cake

Mezonos is what you make

Before the first bite that you take.

Not on burgers, not on steak

So do not make a mistake

Say Mezonos please don’t fake

On all kinds of luscious cake.

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