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Listen And You’ll Learn

Listen and you’ll learn my son

For you the world has just begun

Still before you know it

You may turn around and see

That life has passed you by.
Hear and heed the things I say

Think about them every day

Make every minute

What you see when you begin it

Or it passes by.
Make the time for things that count

Cherish the friends that you find

Think three times before you shout

Always remember to be kind.

Listen close when children speak

Treasure the things that they know

The cries and tears of younger years

Carry the wisdom when they grow.

Buddy can you spare a dime

Sorry but I ain’t got the time

Tatty can you team with me

I’m sorry son but don’t you see

I can’t today.
Little things that come and go

Slip away before you know

The hands on the clock advance

And we who beg for second chances

Take the time to think things right.
Always believe what you say

Ask yourself each morning and night

Who am I closer with today.
Speak to Hashem with an open heart

There is no shoulder so wide

There is no better time to start

And nothing more foolish than your pride.

How Can I Tell You

How can I tell you what a treasure you are
How can I show you when you’ve strayed so far
From the life of our fathers and the heritage they’ve earned
How can I show you what you’ve never learned.

How can I tell you what it means to be a Jew

How can I show you when you don’t believe it’s true
That your life has a purpose higher than you understand
And you’re not like other nations and you’re in a foreign land.

You strive and you struggle to be like those you see

But inside your soul is dying you’re not who you should be
Yes it’s hard to be different take responsibility
‘Cuz a life without courage is without integrity.

The Sun Low In The Sky

(T.T.T.O. Shir Hamaalos—Miami)

The sun low in the sky

An air of peaceful calm

The Tzemach Tzedek sits

And holds his zaide’s arm.
The Alter Rebbe’s soul

About to pass away

Oh, Zaide, let me know

What it is you’ve seen today.

Oh Mendel, my dear boy

A world so good and true

So much there, both to have and to do

You must strive to understand Him

Use your heart and use your mind

For Hashem is so close and kind.

And, dear Mendel, please take heed

Though this task does have no end

Learn to know Him and to love Him as a friend

Make fulfilling each Mitzva, the forming of a bond

Between you and Hashem echod.

Tears Mingled From His Eyes

T.T.T.O.: Far over distant hills

Tears mingled from his eyes

Together with his father lie, cries

Hesitantly reaching to comfort and home

The place he has always shunned.
He tried to depart with ease

To brush off his father’s pleas

In search of self meaning to his life

At the Colorado youth cult site.


My son here is one request

To still your heart and give it rest

No matter the cost Teffillin you must wear

A heritage of father’s so dear.
I’m lost and I’m really scared

To show my dad I will not dare

My paper walls of bravery are failing apart

I’ll see the real me at heart.

I’m a youth ambling listlessly

At war with the world and me

My father’s truth ringing in my cars

I’m scared to bear the guilt and penalty.

Son there is one request

Given by the one who knows you best

Hashem and the Torah the only real truth

Emunaso La’ad Kayemes.

Shuv El Yesod Amech

B’Derech Hayashar Ta’laich

Tread the path of Torah and Yiddishkeit

To still your heart and bring forth it’s life .

Children Of Royalty

A child so young and pure

Untainted by our world

Little lights that chase away dark Golus.
Oh little one you see

You are our only Guarantee

Today our Rebbe knows

That you can claim our victory.

Don’t weaken in you spirits

Don’t leave your sacred path

You’re children of our nation

You’re our future.

Stand loyal in your service

You serve a royal rank

You’ll march toward Moshiach

And we’ll follow.

We’re loyal in our service

We serve a royal rank ,

We’ll march towards Moshiach

And they’ll follow.

Straight And Strong Grows A Tree

Straight and strong grows a tree

Planted, attended to, very carefully

The parents’ guidance and direction

For the son, creates an inner strength.

Shabbos candles burning bright

Father learning late at night

Memories being imprinted

On the young child’s mind forever.

His parents, a living example

On Mitzvosnot to trample

Baneinu areivim ba’adeinu

Guaranteeing Geulah.

Once When The Miteler Rebbe Dov Ber

Once when the Miteler Rebbe Dov Ber

Was Learning late in the night

Torah and holiness sang in his heart

Echoing power and might.

Once when the Miteler Rebbe Dov Ber

Was Learning late in the night

Torah and holiness sang in his heart

Filling his eyes with their light.

Nearby his baby was sleeping

It woke up suddenly weeping

And crying aloud for its father

But nobody answered its call.

The Rebbe Reb Berl was learning

The Torah within him was burning

The whole world and all of its treasures

Worth less than a dream in the night.

Above Reb Berl his father was up

Learning late in the night

The Alter Rebbe the Manhig Hador

Heard it cry out in fright.

Down down to the child he came

And lifted it up on his arm

He dried the rears and sang it a song

Guarding the child from harm.

The Alter Rebbe stayed near him

For he knew his son would not hear him

Until he had finished his learning

And then he told him these words.

Berel my son let me teach you

The cries of a child must reach you

No matter how deep you devotion

No matter how high you may rise.

The Alter Rebbe was teaching his son

And every other Jew

To help when our children cry out in their need

This is the task we must do.

The Rebbe’s speech must be treasured

His words are counted and measured

His message is lasting and precious

To guide us all through the night.

The Rebbe’s Speech must be treasured

His words are counted and measured

His message is lasting and precious

To guide us from darkness to light.

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