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Yom Kippur

Before Yom Kippur - the holiest day

The people in shul were surprised in this way

A simple boy entered - no one knew why

He could not read a siddur, but this was his cry

“Hashem, Hashem, please help me now

I wasn’t to daven, but I don’t know how

Aleph, bes, gimel, dalet, hay

If only I knew the words I should say

Vov, zayin, chess, tess and yud

I want to thank Hashem as I should”

His plea he said again and again

His Tefiloh went up straight to Hashem

“You see, said the Rav, what kavonoh can do

Let’s learn from this boy to daven well, too”
“We see, said the people, what kavonoh can do

We’ll learn from this boy to daven well, too”


The yom tov sukkos is coming soon

guess what I am by my sound?

I shake to the right, I shake to the left

I shake, shake all around

I have a very special friend

Who grows on the esrog tree

I am the lulov, now don’t forget

to make a brocha on me


Latkaleh, latkaleh, hop, hop, hop, tanz arein in mein top

Back zich aus zehr zehr fein, veil ich vill du zolst zein mein

Latkaleh latkaleh, hop in the pan, jump and dance as fast as you can

Fry and sizzle merrily, ‘cause you’re the one I’ll eat you see

Teire zizze lichtalach, du dertzelst a geshichtaleh

Ale menshen grois and klein, freien sich ven chanuka kumt zu gehn

Sweet little candles burning bright, tell me your story again tonight

Everyone, both young and old, wants these miracles to be retold

The shemen

Antiochus, a wicked king , did to the Jews a terrible thing

He made the holy Bais Hamikdosh unclean, and besides, he was so mean

that’s not fair, the macabees did say

With Hashem’s help they chased Antiochus away

They found a little shemen , it was a sight

when Hashem make it burn eight days and nights

Tu B’shvat

I’ll plant a tree in the ground and water it with care

And after Tu B’shvat we’ll see little buds growing there

The wisest man in the world can not make trees grow

It is only Hashem, Hashem we love, that makes things grow, we know


King Achashverosh made a great feast

He told his wife Vashti to come

She had many pimples, a hundred at least

And said I can’t join in your fun

The king got so angry, and to his servant said

“Take her, I don’t want her, she’s mean”

And from all the maidens that shushan town had

Esther became his new queen

Haman told everyone “Bow down to me”

But Mordecai said, “That I’ll never do”

I bow only to Hashem, Hashem Elokim

And I’m proud, so proud to be a Jew

He bows only to Hashem, Hashem Elokim

And he’s proud, so proud to be a Jew

When Purim Comes

When then yom tov Purim comes, oh, how happy I will be

I’ll dress up in some funny clothes and you’ll not know I’m me

Ill be busy all the day, guess what I will do?

I will bring shalach monos to you and you and you, too

A Gift From Hashem

Hashem gave us a present, do you know what it was?

He gave us the Torah, and we must keep its laws

He asked some other people “do you want this gift of mine?”

But they said “no thank you, for the Torah there’s no time”

Then to bnei Yisroel, Hashem did go

We said “naash benishmah” ‘cause we love Hashem so


There was a little mouse, who lived in a house

She ate bread crumbs all day, all day

She found them in the close, she found them on the floor

And when she was hungry, she found some more

But one fine morning she jumped to her feet

She looked here, she looked there, but there was not one crumb to eat

Yes, you guessed, it was pessach time,

And our little mouse found matzo and wine

She ate and she drank, and I’m pleased to say

She thanked Hashem in her own little way

Trust In Hashem

It was hot in the midbor, when the yiddin wandered there

No trees, no cars, no stores to be seen anywhere

They were very hungry, there was no grocery

So they cried to Moshe Rebenu, “we’re as hungry as can be”


Trust in Hashem, and you will surely know

Hashem will help you wherever you may go
Moshe Rabenu said, “Don’t worry Help is on the way”

And the mon fell from the shomayim almost every single day

The mon was so delicious, it tasted heavenly

On Friday they got double, some for Shabbos, naturally

Trust in Hashem, and you will surely know

Hashem will help you, wherever you may go

Lag B’omer

Many years ago, a poor shepherd boy watched the seep all day

Akiva didn’t even know the aleph-bes, which all of us can say

Rachel, his smart wife, gave him good advice

This is what she said

“It’s never too late to start learning Torah if you use your head”
So Rabbi Akiva, learned both day and night

A great talmid chochom he became

He had many Talmidim, who all learned Torah

And we should do the same


“I am a mountain, so very high,

I can reach way up to the sky

The Torah should be given on me,

‘Cause I am as tall as can be, you see”

“Oh no, I am much taller than you,

And there are so many things I can do

The Torah should be given on me,

‘Cause I am as great as can be’

But little har sinai just stood there and sighted

“I know I’m not tall, I know I’m not wide

That’s why the Torah can’t be given on me

‘Cause I’m just a plain mountain” he said simply

But from all the mountains Hashem chose har sinai

Because he did not hold himself high

He had such simple and humble ways

And from this we learn that humbleness pays

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