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Good-bye America

Good-bye America

Good-bye pollution

Torah and Mitzvos

Is the only solution.

Good-bye America

Good-bye inflation

Moshich is coming

To save the Jewish nation.

Har Sinai Was All Aflame

(T.T.T.O. Hoshi’ah Es Amecha)

Har Sinai was all aflame

When Hashem’s glory to it came,

As angels of heaven grieved

The Torah we received

Through it, elevated we became.


For when we were crowned

To Malchus Hashem, we were bound.

Malchuscho malchus kol olomim

Your splendor is everywhere found.

Our only worldly gain

Is the spreading of His Holy Name

We receive our daily needs

Through Mitzvosand good deeds

And subjecting ourselves to His reign.

Old Folks, Young Folks

Old Folks, Young Folks
Everybody come
Come to Gan Yisroel, and have a lot of fun
Kiss the mezuzah you’ll find hanging on the door
And you’ll hear a lot of stories
That you’ve never heard before.
Adam was the first man
And Eve was his spouse,
In the Garden of Eden
They started keeping house.
Everything was dandy
And merry, on the main
Till along came Abel
And started raising Cain.

Noah was a carpenter

Who stumbled in the dark
Came across a hammer
And built himself an ark
Along came the animals
Two by two
And now you know the story
Of the Gan Yisroel zoo.
Isaac was the son of
Abraham’s hundredth year
At the akeidah
He didn’t shed a tear.
He would have sacrificed him
Though his heart was full of strife
But then he didn’t do it
‘Cause he had a Milchig knife.
Eisav was a hunter
In the wild woolly West
He roamed around the ranch house
And combed his hairy chest
For his birthright
He didn’t really care
So he sold it to Yaakov
For a nickel, and a beer.
Moshe took the Jews
From Pharaoh’s wicked land
He led them to
The Promised Land
When he struck the rock
There rose a mighty cheer
Instead of water, flowed
Schlitz malt liquor beer.
Yonah was a mariner
So goes the ancient tale
He took a Trans-Atlantic trip
In the belly of a whale
Yonah felt claustrophobic
And very much depressed
So, he pushed the belly button
And the whale did the rest.
Daniel was a prisoner
Brought before the king
They played twenty questions
But couldn’t learn a thing
They threw him in a lions’ den
To perform a great feat
So, Daniel became a dentist
And pulled the lions’ teeth.
Samson was a mighty man
From the New York Dodgers school
He killed ten thousand Yankees
With the jawbone of a mule
He had a brother
Who was strong, as well
Samson went to heaven
And his brother went to....Gan Yisroel

In the Post Talmudic Age

(T.T.T.O. V’chol Ma’aminim)

In the Post Talmudic Age

Lived a scholar and a sage

Rabeinu Moshe Ben Maimon was his name.

Wise in so many things

Physician to kings

Philosopher the Rambam of great fame.


Mi’Moshe Ad Moshe
Lo Kom K’Moshe

A teacher and a leader strong.
Mi’Moshe Ad Moshe
Lo Kom K’Moshe

To teach our nation right from wrong.
As a great authority

And with care and clarity

The Rambam wrote the Yad Hachazakah.
In this work he clearly lists

Of what Jewish law consists

Helping Yidden to keep Hashem’s Torah.
Now the Rebbe today

Has suggested a good way

For Jews around the world to be as one.
Study Maimonidies laws

Throughout the globe corners four

And help Moshiach speedily to come.
Now in countries far and near

You can clearly see and hear

People learning Rambam every single day.
The same section of Torah

From the Yad Hachazakah

Bringing unity in yet another way.

Dollar Bill

One day a dollar bill went floating through the air

It flew into a synagogue and no one else was there

It landed on the Bimah and it tried to go to sleep,

But from the Aron Kodesh a voice began to speak.

“Who is in my synagogue?” the dollar bill said “I.

I’ve come here from America, there’s nothing I can’t buy

That’s why people worship me now tell me who are you?”

“My name is the Torah and all I say is true.”

“Tell me, tell me Torah, why do you seem so sad?

You live in this nice synagogue, I think you should be glad.”

“I’ve always lived with Israel,” the Torah did reply

“And my people do not listen, and I just wonder why.”

The dollar bill was laughing as it flew into the air

It flew into the street and some people gathered there,

Everyone was jumping up to get it in their hand

Everyone was jumping up in the Promised Land.

And somewhere in the synagogue very late at night

There burned an olive oil lamp, it’s the eternal light,

And from the Aron Kodesh a cry is heard once more

And if you look real close you can see the tear drops on the floor.

Little Moishie

Little Moishie went to cheder every day

And with the other children he learned to say,

Alef, beis, gimmel, daled, hay

And the rabbi would smile at him in a special way.
When they came and went no one ever saw

The study of the Torah was forbidden by the law.

In the ominous dark shadow of the KGB

They learned the alef-beis secretly.

“Alef, beis, gimmel, daled, hay”

Moishe and the children would all say.

Together they’d repeat

With voices soft and sweet

Alef, beis, gimmel, daled, hay
Soldier boots scraping on the hallway floor

Terrified young eyes focused on the door.

The crusty hardened face of the soldier that appeared

Filled the cheder room with great fear.

He singled out Moishe - “What have you learned?”

To the scared young child all faces turned

With the bayonet so close, he had no choice but to say,

“Alef, beis, gimmel, daled, hay.”

Somewhere in that soldier’s memory

Himself as a young child he did see

As the image passes before his mind tears came to his eyes,

All the cheder children heard him say with a sigh.

“Alef, beis, gimmel, daled, hay

There was a time when those letters I would say,”

He fought back his emotion

And to the soldier down the hall

He called, “Let’s move on there’s nothing here at all.

Let’s move on there’s nothing here at all.”

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