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Simcha Shall We Walk In Light Or Darkness

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Shall We Walk In Light Or Darkness

Shall we walk in light or darkness

Night must fall still all the choice is ours

To look and just see shadows

Or raise our eyes and search the sky for stars

Let there be music oh yes let there be joy and light

Laughter and song to brighten the darkest night

Trusting and faith that everything’s going right

Ivdu es Hashem Bisimcha

Hashgacha Pratis


Have you heard the story about a man

To go to Mexico was his plan

He saved all his money the entire year

So he could pay for the plane fare

But when the day for his trip finally came

He broke his leg and he missed the plane

He was sent to the hospital for the day

While the plane took off on the runway

Try as he could he failed to see

Why G-d did this to me

All my saving and spending has been in vain

If someone could explain

Now watching TV that very same day

The news interuppted and began to say

A terrible crash happened today

A plane to Mexico was blown away

As the news went on it came to light

Yes indeed that was his flight

He thanked Hashem

Right there in his bed

For saving his live

By breaking his leg

Thank Hashem where ever you go

Thank Hashem because you know

Whatever He does is for the good

Thank Hashem as much as you could

Like the waves that roll up on the shore

All you see is water and nothing more

But down below you will explore

A whole big world on the ocean floor

So now that you all can see

The world is not the way it seems to be

When you’re feeling down

And ready to fall

Remember there’s reasons for it all


Yetzer Hora

Oh Yetzer Hora you’re a real mean guy

You drive me crazy and I’ll tell you why

You’re always making me do things no good

You never let me do the things I should

Oy vey, set me free

Oh Yetzer Horah, stop picking on me

Every morning much to my surprise

You’re right beside me when I open my eyes

Don’t wash your hands or wear your tzitzis you say

‘Cause it’s too hot they’ll only get in the way

Get lost, let me be

Oh Yetzer Horah, stop picking on me

You’ve got a lot of nerve

To call yourself my friend

But when Moshiach comes

That’s when you’re gonna meet your end, end, end, end

You’re always telling me to watch TV

And in the attic there you’re waiting for me

That lousy Yetzer Horah every chance he gets

He’s got me cutting lessons for the NY Mets

Oy vey, set me free

Oh Yetzer Horah, stop picking on me

Our Nation Was Thriving

(T.T.T.O. V’zakeinu—Avraham Fried)

Our nation was thriving, our nation was strong

Serving Hashem for so long

Doing Mitzvos by day, learning Torah by night

Upholding Yiddishkeit
But there was something missing, a gap to be filled

It would not be perfect until

Down to this world, a Neshama came

The Baal Shem Tov was his name

Sent on a mission, when still a young boy

To serve his Creator with joy

Chayus in Torah observance he brought

Simcha Shel Mitzvah he taught

Now that his teachings are spread far and wide

We’re living as Jews full of pride

Happily fulfilling the purpose of man

Completing the ultimate plan

Shleimus Ha’aretz

Yerusholayim Is Not For Sale

Overnight - a massive construction

On top of Jerusalem mountain

At campus luring innocent souls

To drink from the forbidden fountain

Like many before

They’ve came here for war

We’re warning them now it won’t pay
Jerusalem - her holiness crying

Defiling her dearest location

Politics blinding sense of pride

Are we not the Chosen Nation

Together as one

We will overcome

Bringing her freedom today
Yerusholayim is not for sale

Voices crying

Thundering throughout the cities

You better run for your life

Back to Utah overnight

Before the mountain tops open wide

And swallow you inside
Yerusholayim your foes will fail

Senseless trying

He’s guarding His holy city

He’s punishing all its intruders so awfully

They have perished their names are history
The wars, the pain

Brought masses returning

Back to their roots more than ever

The leftist fiercely fighting truth

To dampen the sparks still burning

So wake up my friend

This is the very end

The arrows are pointing our way


Blasting Shells In The Air

(T.T.T.O. Hinei Keil Yeshuasi—Dimensions)

Blasting shells in the air

Bloodstained grounds everywhere

A soldier stands with weapon in hand

Fighting to protect his land
His friend falling by his feet

Yet he still goes on, does not retreat

Never to give in, but keep on to the end

Defending the land of Hashem

Oh why, Hashem, must it be all in vain

After so much sorrow and pain

The land which You promised to me

Given back repeatedly

No matter what happens, whatever may be

I’ll keep on fighting continuously

For the Rebbe Shlita, soon, in a day

Will lead the Jews this way

Camp Songs

Camp Anthem

Far away in is where we can be found

Our achdus and our ruach the best for miles round

Lift your voices Gan Yisroel shout it loud and clear

We want Moshiach now let the whole world hear

Oh Gan Izzy here’s to you guiding us in all we do

Torah learning’s loads of fun G.I. is number one

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