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Chosen Nation Star of David

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Chosen Nation

Star of David

For his fourteenth birthday, David, received a golden chain

With a golden Jewish star, encircling his name

He loved his Star of David, it meant so much to him

Around his neck he wore it always, even in the gym.

And whenever he looked down, he would see the golden star

That seemed to tell him, David remember who you are.

Sports he loved, but most of all

It was the roar of the crowd at the crack of the bat

When he hit that old baseball

In his senior year of high school

Was fulfilled his dream

When he received a scholorship to play for a college team.

Well university was different then back in S. Louis

It was so easy to forget what it meant to be a Jew.

When he’d look into the mirror he would see the Jewish star

That seemed to tell him remember who you are

Remember who you are, remember who you are.
The big league scouts were watching, they all came to see

David spark the team to success and on to victory

The championship was to be held out in L.A.

But it was scheduled for Yom Kippur day.

David was torn he didn’t know what to do

On Yom Kippur day the synagogue was the place, yes he knew.

Well he had a Jewish star and he had a Jewish name

But this was his chance for stardom and fame

Remember who you are, remember who you are.

The team ran out on the field the crowd rose to their feet

They were clapping David, it was him they’d come to greet

They clapped their hands and cheered until the game began

And away from the stadium a star called David ran

And clutched in his hand you could see a golden chain

A chain with a golden Jewish star encircling his name.

A star called David.

Do You Know

Do you know,

That Hashem loves you so.

You are to Him so deer

You got nothing but Him to fear

And He’s found everywhere,

Did you know?

Do you know,

That He made the rain and snow.

He makes the dear run fast

And He made the turtle slow

And He makes the river flow,

Did you know?


Do you know,

That Hashem is watching you.

And He knows what you’ve done

And what you will do soon,

And Hashem lives with you inside your room?

Do you know,

That Hashem makes us grow

Tall like me, or maybe four foot three,

It’s the way that Hashem wants us to be.

Do you know…

Do you know, do you know, did you know?

In a Small College Town

(T.T.T.O. Hashem Yishmarcha—Miami)

In a small college town

There is a young man feeling down

His future an uncertainty

Oh, what will become of me?
A Chabad House is nearby

The young man gives it a try,

Directions maybe here I’ll find

And have peace of mind.

He discusses Yiddishkeit

All through the night

But he cries, I don’t belong

I am too far gone.

The Shliach says, not true
Hagam shechoto Yisroel hu

No matter where you may roam

You can always come back home.

Davening and Learning Starting Each Day

Davening and learning starting each day

In shul, amongst his friends, yearning to stay,

Downtown he must go, amongst the people who

Identify him simply as a Jew.

Mitzvos to him precious as a gem,

Lunch alone, he cannot sit with them

Taking time for Mincha, ignoring all that’s said

Meetings with a kippah on his head.

Five p.m. returning home, completely unaware,

An impact made on everybody there

A Jew is always close to G-d, he proved to them

An everlasting Kiddush Hashem.

A Young Prince is Sent

To a far land, a young prince is sent

A land so strange and distant

In order that he may test his only son

The king orders this done.

In this strange place, our prince does roam

How he wishes to go home

Oh, this country is so empty, so base

How many trials I face.

The King is our Father Above

Who, in order to prove our love

Tells us that descend we must

To this lonely world of dust.

The son is every Jewish soul

By withstanding temptation below

He’ll nachas to his father send

And bring our Golus to its end.

Marching Forth with Noble Pride

(T.T.T.O. Nigun Simcha—Nichoach vol. 12)
Marching forth with noble pride

Growing with each stride

We are the men, the servants of Hashem

Avodim onu diKudsha Brich Hu

Illuminating darkness is our holy goal.
From slaves in Egypt land

Led by His mighty hand

To Sinai we came, and did proclaim

Do, then understand.

The commandments of our King

Still in our ears do ring

Ki li binei Yisroel avodim.

By following the Rebbe’s words, as servants to a master

We will end our sad history.

To bring Moshiach Tzidkeinu a little bit faster

And with him, our victory.

Birthdays and Jewish Names

Happy Birthday

The long awaited cry

Fills the delivery room

To the nurses standing around

It’s the old familiar tune.

But to a mother young and proud

It’s not another boy or girl

It’s a new born Jewish child

It’s a gift for all of the world.


Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday,

That special child means you too

It’s your birthday.
It’s that one and only day

When your luck stands so strong

Like when Rosh Hashonoh comes

We separate right from wrong.

We look back at the passing year

And all the good things we’ve achieved

And decide from here and on

It’s only gonna be good deeds.

So the next time your birthday arrives

Thank G-d for giving you life,

Learn Torah a little more

And give tzedokah to the poor.

Invitations to your party send

To all your family and friends,

Please come and join with me

A celebration it’s gonna be.


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