The Portland Wolfpack

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The Portland Wolfpack

Paul Allen recently purchased the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers and moved the franchise to Portland, Oregon. Under Paul Allen’s ownership and with favorable Portland area demographics, the relocation will be a much more viable opportunity for the franchise. In bringing an NHL franchise to Portland, Paul Allen has a long-term vision of elevating the quality of sports and entertainment in Portland and throughout Oregon. After conducting a fan poll, the franchise will be renamed the Portland Wolfpack.

The franchise is a member of the National Hockey League (NHL) and will play in the Northwest Division of the Western Conference. The NHL is a professional ice hockey league, consisting of 30 teams, of which 24 are located in the US and 6 in Canada. The current league organization divides the 30 teams into two conferences. Each conference has three divisions, and each division has five teams.
The National Hockey League season is divided into an exhibition season (September), a regular season (from the first week in October through early to mid April) and a postseason (the Stanley Cup playoffs). During the regular season, the Wolfpack will play a predefined 82 game schedule; 41 games at home and 41 on the road. They will play 24 games against division opponents (6 against each team) and 40 games against non-divisional intra-conference opponents. That is, 4 games against each team in the Western Conference that is not in the Northwest Division. They will also play every team in the Eastern Conference at least once (one game each against 12 teams and two games against the remaining 3 teams). The Stanley Cup playoffs, which goes from April to the beginning of June, is an elimination tournament where two teams play against each other to win a best-of-seven series in order to advance to the next round. The final remaining team is crowned the Stanley Cup champion.
Each Wolfpack game will be 60 minutes long, with 5 minutes of overtime added if needed. Each game is composed of three 20-minute periods with an intermission of either 15½ or 17 minutes (if nationally televised) between periods. At the end of the 60-minute regulation time, the team with the most goals wins the game. If a game is tied after regulation time, overtime ensues.

The Portland Wolfpack organization is committed to providing world-class sports and entertainment for both live and broadcast audiences and corporate sponsors.

The organization’s vision extends beyond traditional sports. They will engage the community by establishing a winning tradition throughout the organization and providing opportunities for fans of all ages and abilities to participate in the excitement of sports.
Sports teams are a symbol with which fans can identify, a source of pride and a foundation for passionate involvement.
In sport, the seemingly impossible is possible and everyone is moved by the success of the players who represent them. During each home game 18,000 fans truly become one.
establish a reputation of integrity and professionalism through initiatives sensitive and responsive to the community it represents.
We will welcome fans into our venues as family, providing respect and care, from the purchase of a ticket, to the drive home. We will celebrate the best in sport and entertainment by recognizing the diversity and human spirit around us, and by working within our community to improve the lives of all those within the community.
We cannot accomplish these goals without the help and support of the business community.
We are built on teamwork, passion, caring and excellence—positive principles that help the Wolfpack win games and the sponsors win more market share.
From creating exciting promotions that deliver sought after consumers to developing innovative marketing strategies that get results, the Portland Wolfpack Sales Staff has your winning game plan!

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