The spec sfs 2014 benchmark includes multiple workloads

How to Install and Configure SPEC

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1. How to Install and Configure SPEC


  • Python version 2.7 or later must be installed on the Prime Client system.

  • The test file systems must have the permissions set correctly in order to allow access by the clients.

  • The test file systems must be mounted or mapped prior to execution of the benchmark. For Windows shares one may use UNC paths without mapping the shares.

  • There must be interconnect/network connectivity between any storage system and clients, and between the clients and the Prime Client. The Prime Client is simply the system on which the benchmark run is started and could be one of the clients. The prime client may also present load, in some configurations.

  • The contents of the SPEC SFS 2014 benchmark distribution must be accessible on all the systems where the benchmark will be installed.

  • Ensure that any/all forms of firewalls are disabled on all the clients.

  • Ensure that all clients have ssh installed and configured such that clients can start commands on each other without any password challenges.


  1. Login to the SPEC client as root and copy the SPEC SFS 2014 ISO or archive to the client.

  2. Loop mount the ISO or unzip the spec file.

# unzip

  1. Move to the top level directory containing the SPEC SFS 2014 contents and enter python SfsManager --install-dir=“destination_directory” (where destination_directory is the full path where you wish to have the benchmark installed). Also run the make command.

# cd SPECsfs2014_SP2

# python SfsManager --install-dir=“/mnt/sw/SPECsfs2014_SP2

# cd /mnt/sw/SPECsfs2014_SP2

# make

  1. Copy the netmist and SfsManager files to the /usr/local/bin/ directory in all nodes.

# cd bin

# cp netmist /usr/local/bin/

# cp SfsManager /usr/local/bin/

Download 1.14 Mb.

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