The spec sfs 2014 benchmark includes multiple workloads

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7. How to Run SPEC

To execute the test, the SfsManager must be run under the same user id (UID) on the all the clients, including the prime client.

  1. Move to the installation directory in the prime client and execute the SfsManager. The following fragment gives an example where:

-r indicates the name of the configuration file

-s indicates the suffix to be used in the output files

# python SfsManager -r sfs_config_file -s output_files_suffix

  1. In the results directory, spec will generate a set of files including the logs and the summary of results.


* is replaced by the suffix assigned in the execution statement

00x is the client number



Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation, "SPEC SFS® 2014," [Online]. Available: [Accessed 2020].

Download 1.14 Mb.

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