The study of spoken and written language

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Language is an endowment that is unique to human beings. Animals, birds and other creatures may communicate, but they do not use language like humans. Hockett in the 1960s presented a host of features called the design features that separate human language from animal communication.
Language is combinatorial and rule-based whereas the sounds made by animals and birds are mostly holistic expressions communicating feelings of joy or despair. It serves as a means for communication and bonding with one another in a
Linguistics is an academic pursuit that models the structure of the human language, explores how language develops in human beings and examines the intricacies involved in processing different kinds of usages. A linguist is a professional who studies languages scientifically. Linguistics aims to discover the science of languages, how they originate and evolved and further how our mind perceives them to communicate. Linguistics can be referred to as the scientific study of language. It involves the analysis of the many different aspects such as the meaning, form and context of language. Studying linguistics will make you familiar with the different components that make up a language.
The study of spoken and written language
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