The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operations for Tankers

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Pre-Arrival Preparation


Port Arrival

Ship Shore Meeting

• Both the ships radars must be fully operational and working, including all navigational safety equipment such as course recorders, autopilot, engine controls, echo sounder, doppler log, bridge telegraph etc.
• All the relevant charts and nautical publications onboard must be updated and incorrect form
• Generators to be in parallel or power pack for backup must be in standby mode
• Anchors, windlasses, mooring winches, and pilot ladders to be cleared and ready for use
• All firefighting equipment to be in the state of readiness
• Emergency towing lines should be prepared forward and aft as required by the terminal Reporting & Pilotage Most of the ports have a regulation, which requires the vessel carrying oil cargo in bulk to report to the relevant vessel traffic centers when crossing a waypoint on an approved chart.
E.g. Vessels over m LOA or over 50 GT must inform London VTS before the vessel navigates the Thames and obtain clearance from the relevant
VTS Centre to do so. Similarly, most of the ports have the requirement for
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