The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operations for Tankers

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Port Arrival Preparation

compulsory pilotage. The master needs to contact the agent, who will obtain the pilot services, or the ship can call the dedicated pilot stations on VHF Channel
9. Special Requirement Few ports have a special requirement to display specific flags or lights for vessels carrying quantities of explosives, flammable or toxic substances in bulk following discharge of such cargoes.
E.g. Oil tanker ships are required to display a red flag by day and all-round red light by night. All vessels should maintain a half-mile separation from specified vessels. Permission is needed from the Harbour Master before overtaking a specified vessel. Cargo Control Room Following preparation needs to be done related to the cargo control room
• Inert gas and crude oil washing systems must be fully operational
3. l Marine Insight Cargo Operations for Tanker I 4. Master Communicating with Port Authority

• Cargo pumps, valves and other associated equipment must also be fully operational
• Inert gas recorders, trips, and alarms must be tried out, and recording paper for IG printer should be sufficient for the operation
• There should be no emissions of cargo vapor or inert gas on ships deck
• Deck seal and PV Breaker must have liquid levels filled up as indicated
• All the pressure/vacuum valves lever should move freely
• If the cargo oil pumps are steam driven, then the steam turbine for the same must be prepared and if the pumps are hydraulic driven, then ensure that sufficient generators are running to support the power packs
• Ensure that the IG generator is ready for the start and the cargo tanks are in inert condition
• Check if the portable gas meters are in working
5. l Marine Insight Cargo Operations for Tanker I 6. Crew Performing Pre-Arrival Checks

conditions and the gas readings in tanks have been measured
• Ensure all access points to the ship and cargo or ballast pump room do not have any oil or slippery substances
• Check if all oil spill equipment tools are in the state of readiness

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