The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operations for Tankers

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Real Life Incident

“A tanker arrived at Port of Avonmouth, UK for
discharge. During an inspection carried out by the
terminal safety inspector, cargo pump room bilges
were found to contain oil residues. The inspector
put this as ab remarkb in the inspection report and as
a result cargo operations were allowed to
commence only after cleaning up the bilges
Cargo Planning Before arriving at the port, the chief officer has an essential duty of preparing a detailed cargo oil discharge/loading plan. The chief officer must ensure that the cargo plan has been understood by all the personnel involved in the operation by displaying it inappropriate places such as bridge and CCR.
7. l Marine Insight Ship Staff Meeting Image Credit - Karun Yimyong Cargo Operations for Tanker I 8.

Company SMS says that the cargo plan copy should be signed by all the ship's crew involved in the operation to confirm that the personnel have read and fully understood the plan. A “Pre-transfer cargo safety meeting should be called well ahead of port arrival to discuss the procedure with all the concerned crew, including the do's and don'ts involved with the operation. Special details, port requirements, and precautions or procedures should be discussed with all personnel involved in the discharge operation. Most of the companies have an SMS requirement to fulfil the following checklists prior arrival of the port
• Crude Oil Washing Checklist
• Ship / Shore Safety Checklist
• Double Hull Operation/COT (Cargo Oil Tank) Monitoring Record
• Ship to Ship Transfer Checklist (in case of STS cargo operation)
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STS Operation Image Credit - Abang Hasurungan Cargo Operations for Tanker I 10.

Cargo Oil Transfer Meetings with the Terminal Representative The ship - shore safety meeting is an integral part for commencing the cargo operation in the terminal. Once the ship reaches the port, the Master, Chief Officer, and Chief Engineer carryout a “pre- cargo operation safety meeting with the shore facility representatives to ensure that the steps taken by both the parties are agreed upon. Fora ship to ship transfer, the meeting is carried out by the management level officers of both the ships and similar information sharing is done as stated above. The complete cargo oil discharge/loading plan is shared and reviewed to check for flaws or issues beforehand so that no emergency can take place. Ship and shore parties will also sign an agreement for the method of communication during emergencies.
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