The War Between the Children of Light and the “them” of the Dark Kingdom Note

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The War Between the Children of Light

and the “THEM” of the Dark Kingdom
Note: Here are two brief studies: This article, and my supplement research material on “Shades and Rephaim,” found below in Appendix A.

This article is meant to educate, yes, but more than that--to strengthen you in your faith and determination to follow the Elohim of Light along the narrow road to the narrow gate that leads to life with our Precious “THEM.”

There are only two kingdoms! For perhaps multi-millions of years, these two kingdoms have been at war--the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of Light. There never had to be a war. The King of Light is all powerful. However, tragically, those He created to be the progenitors of His family embraced the lies and deceptions of the King of the dark kingdom, choosing Lucifer/Satan and his forces to rule earth instead of the Creators. Thus, Yahuwah has allowed the battle to continue in order to separate humanity into two camps, 1) those who follow the lies of Satan, and 2) His family that He chose for Himself so that He might be a Father forever living with His children on this beautiful earth. (Revelation 21-22!)

That war is almost over! The spoils of battle on both sides have always been either the salvation or damnation of human beings. The choice has always been determined by the free will of every human being. For those born with mental handicaps, who die in the womb, or at a young age, Yahuwah mercifully deals with their eternal spirit according to His vast love and foreknowledge.

From the beginning, the Kingdom of Light has been always been victorious! It will always be victorious! It is the legal Kingdom, ruled by the Creators of the universe--Elyon, Shaddai—Yahuwah and His Son Yahushua! The kingdom of darkness is a usurper, an illegal kingdom ruled by Helel/Lucifer/Satan--a rebellious created Cherubim. He has no right to rule anything. However, he succeeded in deceiving mankind into giving him the right to rule.

The powers of darkness are entering this world at an accelerated speed. But, also now, Abba Yahuwah has set-apart His elite family! It is time for Yahushua to come and reign! We are His reward, gained by the shed blood of His Son! Yahuwah and Yahushua paid the ultimate price to free us from our enemies. Did you know that YOU are the reward of Yahushua’s obedient sacrifice to save us?

***I recommend two songs for you to listen to that will strengthen your faith: 1) “I’ve Seen I AM – Now I Know That I Am Loved,” YouTube, with lyrics: and 2) “The Reward” YouTube: by Jonathan David Helser]

***The music and words of “I’ve Seen I AM…” have been life-changing for me. We really don’t understand how much He loves us! I know, this article studies the THEM of the dark kingdom, but when you know how much Yahushua loves you, the THEM of the dark kingdom lose their power to hurt you--your life is filled with love and praise for your new Master, Yahushua, who took you out of darkness into His marvelous light! (I Peter 2:9)

It has been written by the disciples of the Apostle Yochanan (John) that in his later life, after returning from Patmos, expressed in John, and I, II, and III John, his constant theme to the believers is: “Little children, let us love one another.”

Messiah said: “Love one another as I have loved you” (John 13:34) This is only possible through the true new birth, by which we take on the nature of Yahushua. He loved us, and loves us with all His heart. Cling tighter to Yahushua, our Beloved!

Now, the two sides are in the final battle to end the war forever. In the end, just as light always banishes darkness, the kingdom of darkness, with its phony king and his followers, will be thrown into the lake of fire. Immerse yourself in the coming reality of Revelation 21:1-7.

The battles wages more than ever before! As individuals, we are either a soldier for the Kingdom of light, or a victim of the deception of the kingdom of darkness! (II Timothy 2:2-5) The Elite of this world are sold out to bringing back the gods of the kingdom of darkness to rule this world, the super heroes of Genesis 6:2, 4 who became the gods and demigods of world kingdoms. The small “Gideon 300” of the Kingdom of Light, empowered by the Spirit of Yahuwah, will overcome and win the war!

The only way to avoid deception, and not end up a victim of the kingdom of darkness, is to personally know the Word of Elohim, taught by the Spirit of Elohim, and know Elohim – His nature, ways, thinking, feelings, plans and goals.

The Hebrew word “Elohim” (capitol E, referring to Deity) is plural. Genesis 1:1: “In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth.” Elohim refers to both Yahuweh and Yahushua, Father and Son! They are not a religion! They are Persons!

The Word of Elohim is one complete unit. To understand it, it takes Yahuwah’s Spirit teaching us. (John 16:7-15; I John 2:27) The incarnate Word of Elohim is Yahushua Messiah, Son of Yahuwah. Within a truly re-born spirit that is filled with Yahuwah’s Spirit is the “mind of Messiah” and the nature of Messiah!

No Scripture was written randomly, or for any private interpretation. You’re either 100% Spirit-taught, or you’re in error at some point. Father and Son are “echad.” “Echad” is a Hebrew word meaning “two in unity as one.” In order to have echad-unity with Father and Son, we have to be taught by the Father’s Spirit. (John 6:44-45; 14:15-26, 15:26-27, 16:7-15; II Peter 2:20-21; II Timothy 3:15-17)

Without being baptized into the Spirit of Yahuwah by Messiah after the true new birth--Luke 3:16; book of Acts--and taught by the Spirit, all a person can go on are opinions of non-Spirit-taught human teachers. Man’s opinions will always be a mixture of truth and error! Remember the law of Amos 3:7! All Spirit-taught disciples of the Master are taught the same things!

IF we’re filled with His Spirit, and study with the Spirit of Yahuwah as our Teacher, what we learn is downloaded into our eternal re-born spirit and retained with perfect memory. People often tell me that they are amazed at my memory, not only of Scripture, but of facts from research. But, honestly, I have no better memory than any other average person. The reason for my good memory is: 1) because I only study, read, and get revelation and information as the Spirit of Yahuwah teaches me. That cuts out a lot of wasted time on the Internet! 2) And, because what is revealed to me in the Scriptures by the Spirit is eternally retained in the mind of my re-born spirit, where the Spirit dwells. Facts are retained as long as I need them.

Those who are truly born of the Spirit and filled with the Spirit of Yahuwah have the mind of Yahushua! When we’re truly born again, the Spirit does 40 things to transform us into a totally new creation. Our spirit is in the center/loins area of our body. Upon the true new birth it becomes a temple for Him to dwell in--a receptacle for information and revelation knowledge from the eternal realm. Revelatory knowledge cannot be given to those who rely on their head’s intellect, for His secrets must be spiritually discerned. [“The True New Birth”/July 28, 2015 4th edit]

Excerpts from I Corinthians 2:4-5, 9-16, Apostle Sha’ul speaking: “And my words and my preaching were not with persuasive words of man’s wisdom, but of the demonstration of the Spirit and of power, in order that your faith may not be in the wisdom of men, but in the power of Elohim… And, we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit that is from Elohim, in order to know what Elohim has favorably given to us, which we speak, not in words that man’s wisdom teaches but which the Set-Apart Spirit teaches…the natural man does not receive the things of Elohim, for they are foolishness to him and he is incapable of knowing them because they are spiritually discerned…But, we have the mind of Messiah.”

When the Spirit of Yahuwah teaches, He leads us from Genesis to Revelation linking many Scriptures that form a complete whole. Without His tying things together, religious-minded intellectuals can come up with hundreds of thousands of ideas, opinions, reasoning and speculation, all of which are poisoned with error. Yahushua Messiah is the incarnated Word of His Father. The Word can only be truthfully taught through personal relationship with the One who originally gave it!

Sample excerpts from John 1:1-3, 14; Hebrews 1:1-3; II Peter 1:20-21; II Timothy 3:14-17; Zechariah 7:12; Proverbs 30:6:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Elohim, and the Word was Elohim. He was in the beginning with Elohim and all came to be through Him, and without Him not even one thing came to be…and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us…Elohim, having of old spoken in many ways to the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by His Son, whom He appointed heir of all, through whom also He made the ages, who, being the brightness of His esteem and the exact representation of His substance, and sustaining all by the Word of His power, having made a cleansing of sin through Himself, sat down at the right hand of the Greatness on high…knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture came to be by one’s own interpretation, for prophecy never came by the desire of man, but men of Elohim spoke, being moved by the Set-Apart Spirit…All Scripture is breathed by Elohim and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for setting straight, for instruction in righteousness…” [Please read these Scriptures in context from the Word!]

In 1999, Abba led me to live in Aqaba, Jordan, on the Red Sea. It was there, for eight years, that He taught me by His Sprit. He took all religion out of me, exposing the roots of man-made religion for what it is--sun god worship, lying paganism. I had been steeped in religion. I even graduated from BIOLA--a Fundamentalist Christian University. After He began teaching me, in 2000 I dissolved my ordination and my 501C corporation. Around 2000, friends gave me a computer, and from that point to date I have been writing hundreds of studies, articles, and update, sharing what He has taught me. Through the years, through much suffering and hardship, I have come to know THEM intimately as THEY really are. THEY are not only my only Teachers, but my intimate Companions in whose Presence I abide. What joy to walk with the Creators and know the “THEM” of Light!

Every day, as I learn and experience how much He loves me, I want to share that love with everyone. Don’t let go of your “first love”--that first passionate love for the One who loves you more than any human being can ever love you! It is a bridal love! Yahushua is not a theology or religion, He is a real Person. I’ve seen the I AM (2003 Passover week) face to face. He took away 38 years of pain and hurt from my life in the very place where a man had lain by the pool of Bethseda for 38 years hoping to be healed. (John 5) Our Beloved One is returning. Enter into the joy of His Presence!

The enemy is a counterfeiter! He can’t create anything. He can only copy, distort, pervert, twist, and falsify. Yahuwah and Yahushua are the original “THEM.” Father and Son--echad! They want us to be echad with THEM, and with each other! (John 17)

From Genesis 2:22-24: “And He made a woman and brought her to the man. And the man said, `This is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh…’ For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and they shall become ONE flesh.”

The Hebrew word here for “one” is “echad,” meaning “two in unity as if they were one.” John 17 is the prayer of Yahushua to His Father asking that we who know Them might be echad with each other. (Psalm 133 too)

We can only be “echad” with one another IF we are taught by His Spirit. It is the Spirit of Yahuwah who unifies. Man can lay no solid foundation for unity!—Thus the tragedy of now 43,000 denominations and organizations within Christianity. Yahuwah unifies His true children around His teaching!

We read in John 5:19-20, 7:16, 8:28, 40, 12:49-50, 14:24; 17:8 that, as a good Son, Yahushua only said and did what He heard from His Father. That didn’t make Him less than His Father, just a good submissive and obedient Son. Yahushua was led by His Father’s Spirit. [Note: The “Spirit” is Yahuwah, who is Spirit--John 4:24; II Corinthians 3:17-18] You and I are children of Yahuwah, children of Light! Should we be any less submitted to our Father than His Son was to Him?

Remember! Satan/Lucifer/Dragon/Devil and his fallen angel army can only counterfeit. Therefore, Satan and his hoards are a deceptive “THEM.” Satan’s “THEM” are his fallen angels who aligned with him in his rebellion against Yahuwah--fallen angels who entered earth and intermarried with women before the Flood in Noah’s day producing giants—Nephilim/Rephaim.

After the death of the original Nephilim and their incarceration in Tartaros (II Peter 2:4), their offspring created hybrids by DNA mixing of human DNA with that of various animals, birds, fish, insects, reptiles, and even plants. The returned Nephilim, around 1896-1900, have been teaching man to do that again, so that the earth is abounding in hybrids of all types. Before the Flood, when the “offspring” of the Nephilim died, their disembodied spirits became what we know as “demons.” Demons seek a body to work through. THEY continually try to enter the minds and bodies of human beings, or pigs as in Mark 5:1-20, or whatever they can find to enable them to work their evil on earth. Today millions are open to their entrance by lusting after power, wealth, fame, control over others, godhood, and even immortality. Thus the gods of old are slowly taking bodies to take over once again.

Yahuwah has withdrawn, as He did in Ezekiel 8:1-11:23, just before judgment. Now, He only connects with His obedient and trusted servants whose eternal spirit-portal is kept open to Him. [Refer to the Withdrawal trilogy, January 1, 6, 20, 2015]

Fallen angels, some entering earth for the first time, are taking many forms, deceiving and terrifying mankind. These are also Satan’s “THEM.” Adam and Eve turned over the ruler of earth to fallen angels, led by Helel/Lucifer/Satan. Satan sent his finest forces to earth. Many of THEM became the principalities, powers, world rulers of the darkness of this age, rulers of wickedness from the heavenly places--Ephesians 6:10-12. They have the legal right to rule human beings who are not totally submitted to Yahuwah and Yahushua.

The KJV calls these fallen ones “shades,” or ghostly spirits. (Refer to: Appendix A) They can inhabit bodies, even dead bodies (ghouls, zombies – the “undead”) to terrify people. They often appear as “Reptilians,” hideous monsters, long-walkers, vampires, werewolves, “little creatures” like trolls and Leprechauns, and other spooks that go “bump in the night.” They are appearing more and more as “orbs.”

As with Satan, they cannot do anything but lie, deceive, cheat, steal, torment, trouble, terrorize, traumatize, steal, and kill—trying to devour all that is righteous.

“THEY,” or “THEM, became known as the “men of renown” before the Flood. (Genesis 6:2, 4) After the Flood, the DNA-corrupted hybrids became known as the gods and demi-gods of this world--the gods of Assyria, Egypt, Babylon, Media-Persia, Greece, Rome, and revived Greco-Roman culture that rules today’s world.

The demonic spirits ruling these seven nations, now united under Satan in these last days, are the seven heads of the Beast system--the seven heads or the seven horns--Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 and 17.

The world’s people in general, whether consciously or not, are calling for these rulers to return to rule the earth--to restore the utopia of a new Atlantis. America was created to be that New Atlantis, to restore the Nephilim Nimrod to power over the earth. The Nazis were, and still are, dedicated to restoring these “heroes,” “mighty men,” gods and demi-gods, to power--worshipping and emulating them. They considered these gods to be the “master race.” This is the motivating force behind Eugenics and trans-humanism. It was the motivating force of the Holocaust. To eliminate the inferior in order to return the superior to power!
Scriptures about “THEM” Past and Present:

Genesis 6:13: And Elohim said to Noah, `The end of all flesh has come before Me, for the earth is filled with violence through THEM. And see, I am going to destroy THEM.”

Isaiah 13:2: “Lift up a banner on the high mountain, raise your voice to THEM, wave your hand; let THEM enter the gates of the nobles.” (The gates, bars, of the Pit; the Pit of Isaiah 14:13 and Revelation 9)

Isaiah 13:2, Septuagint: “Lift up a standard on the mountain of the plain, exalt the voice to THEM, beckon with the hand--open the gates, ye rulers. I give command, and I bring them: giants are coming to fulfill my wrath, rejoicing at the same time and insulting.”

Daniel 2:43-44: “And as you saw iron mixed with muddy clay, THEY are mixing themselves with the seed of men, but they are not clinging to each other, even as iron does not mix with clay. And in the days of these kings, the Elah of the heavens shall set up a Kingdom that shall never be destroyed…it shall stand forever.”

Isaiah 13, Joel 2, Revelation 9 and 16 describe the army of THEM of our day. Notice their perfect military precision. Nazis pattered their military after THEM.

This gigantic army is not human. THEY are a hybrid zombie army. The Nazis began working with them, and receiving their technology from the early 1900s. By 1922, through séances, they got their design for the first “flying saucers.” The Nazi hierarchy, like Hitler, was, and is today, possessed by the THEM.

Genesis 6:3 KJV speaks about those who are “also flesh,” who are given 120 years before the Spirit of Yahuwah sends judgment. It is very possible that the final 120 years began in 1896, at the time of the return of the original Nephilim (hybrid children of human and fallen angels/Genesis 6:2, 4). That would put the ending of Yahuwah’s striving right smack dab in our laps!

Genesis 6:3, Septuagint: “And it came to pass when men began to be numerous upon the earth, and daughters were born to THEM, that the sons of God (fallen angels) having seen the daughters of men that they were beautiful, took to themselves wives of all whom THEY chose. And the Lord God said, `My Spirit shall certainly not remain among these men forever, because they are flesh, but their days shall be an hundred and twenty years…’ ”

Here is further confirmation that the 120 days pertains to the original Nephilim, who killed themselves off, whom Yahuwah threw into Tartaros until the “last days.” (II Peter 2:4) At the start of these last days, THEY began to be released as the weapons of Yahuwah, until their final eternal judgment. Since all evidence points to the time period around 1896—THEY’ve lived among us for 120 years as of 2016.

May 6, 1896 saw Samuel Langley’s Aerodrome No. 5, which made the first successful sustained flight of an unpiloted, engine-driven heavier-than-air craft of substantial size. In 1903, the Wright Brothers piloted their flying machine. By 1915, the first fighter aircraft entered World War I. 1896 saw the first x-ray machine and x-ray photography. 1896 saw creation of Henry Ford’s first vehicle, the Quadricycle. Also in 1896, Ford met Thomas Edison who approved of his automobile experimentation. Encouraged by Edison, Ford designed and built a second vehicle, completing it in 1898. 1896 saw the formation of the New York Telephone Company, and also the first modern Olympic Games, held in Athens. 1896 was a leap-year, like 2016.

Reading Enoch I chapter 10, we read about the descent of the 200 fallen angels onto Mount Hermon--the very same “sons of God” in Genesis 6:2, 4 who were the progenitors of the giants. Enoch describes what the leaders brought to mankind: vehicles of transportation, weapons of war, airplanes, space ships, destructive uses of chemistry and the elements, the painting of women’s faces, and witchcraft, for starters. This is what exploded upon us by the late 1800s, early 1900s! By 1914, we had cars, we had airplanes, we had World War I, and we had immorality on a massive scale.

(NOTE: Enoch I, the English translation from the Ethiopic by R.H. Charles is a good translation. However, I’ve recently been awed by a translation from Hebrew that uses Abba’s Name by Jackson H. Snyder II)

Daniel 12:3-4: “And those who are wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament, and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever. But you, O Daniel, seal up the words, and seal the book, until the time of the end: many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall increase.”
The seals came off Daniel’s book as early as 1896. Daniel is a sister-book to Revelation. What the Nephilim gave to mankind in the days of Enoch, the same Nephilim gave to mankind in the late 19th century!

“Knowledge shall increase”: By 1900 knowledge doubled every 100 years, by 1993, knowledge doubled every 17 years, by 2002, knowledge doubled every 2 years, by 2010, knowledge doubled every three months, by 2012, knowledge doubled every two months. How frequently does knowledge double now in 2016? Where did this increase in knowledge come from? It began with the return of the original Nephilim and other fallen angels, once again with the lie: “you shall be as gods.” (Genesis 3) Mankind, having been poisoned by the lie of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, bit into the preverbal apple once again.

The “THEM” are now appearing more openly on earth. THEY are portrayed in movies as “aliens from outer space” in different forms, shapes, and sizes, as zombies, and giants, along with many types of hybrid mixes. Cloned bodies have been prepared for some of the returning “THEM” who walk among looking like human beings. Be alerted! Be sober-minded! Be realistic! The only way to discern their presence is by the gift of the discernment of spirits, given to those who are baptized into the Spirit of Yahuwah. (I Corinthians 12:1-11)

The Illuminati Elite, Vatican Jesuits, worshippers of Satan or Lucifer, or some of their apparitions as gods, are 100% dedicated to THEM. There is nothing they won’t do for THEM. They’ve sold their souls to THEM, and thus are possessed and totally controlled by THEM. THEREFORE, I ask: Is Yahuwah asking too much of us that we be filled with His pure and righteous Spirit???

I say this “thus says Yahuwah”: If a person refuses to be filled with the Spirit of Yahuwah, refusing to submit to His absolute control, it is guaranteed that they will be filled with the spirits of the fallen ones to their damnation before the Day of Yahuwah comes with the judgment of Yahuwah! To defiantly reject the Spirit of Yahuwah, with full knowledge of what they are doing, is to blaspheme Yahuwah, who is the Spirit, from which there is no forgiveness. (Luke 11:13; Matthew 12:22-32)

Forget any intellectual war with theology you might have, submit your life to Yahuwah, and passionately seek to be filled with His Spirit. The 1st century Acts pattern is to receive Him by the laying on of hands, but many have received His Spirit while in high praise or deep prayer. It is Messiah Himself who baptizes us into the Spirit of His Father. (Luke 3:16) Solomon built a Temple. But, it was not until Solomon asked Yahuwah to enter the Most Set-apart place over the Ark that He descended in power to dwell among His people (I Kings 8:1-11). The true new birth establishes the Temple. But, He has to be invited to enter and reign there.

A stark reality is that multi-millions of human beings are taking THEM into their bodies, some purposely, but most in ignorance. Yahuwah says to the children of light: “…Let the set-apart be more set-apart.” (Revelation 22:11b) To be a friend of this world makes one an enemy of Yahuwah! (Ya’cob/James 4:4)

Yahuwah speaks in II Corinthians 6:14-7:1, saying that if we do not come out from among THEM, and touch not the unclean thing, He cannot, and will not, receive us as one of His children! “The fear of Yahuwah is the beginning of wisdom” (Psalm 111:10)

I well-know through learned knowledge from now 50 years of personal experience how THEY react strongly to the Presence of the Spirit in Yahuwah’s genuine born-again, Spirit-filled, children! Their reaction is without mercy--cruel, cold, “inhumane,” demeaning, dehumanizing, and often terrifying like the Nazi spirit. THEY fear the Spirit within His children, for THEY know that their “time is short” and Yahushua is coming to judge THEM, and throw THEM forever in the lake of fire. So, let us not be hurt by demonic spirits who operate through individuals, sometimes individuals we love, no matter how cruel and heartless they are, for they are attempting to attack the Spirit of Yahuwah in us. Most of the time, the spirits in THEM recognize the Spirit in us immediately, and begin their insane reactions. (Revelation 12:7-12)

Recently, I recently had a deep hurtful situation. I had been invited to Costa Rica to stay with a couple and see more of the country. At first I was to be there for 3 months, but I got it down to six weeks. I was excited to go. But, I was only there

one day when the spirits of demons in the husband reacted to the Spirit in me so severely that shortly he had his wife ask me to leave. He didn’t want to be accused of being a bad guy, so he had his wife tell me. It was hurtful a shock. I’d gone through this four times since May 2015, and multiple other times since 2000. His spirits of control were incredible. He told his wife that I had too much influence on her. All we did was quietly fellowship. They paid for me to change my ticket. The man was not born again. I couldn’t talk much to him for he was either on the computer or watching TV. I am a quiet person. While there those 10 days, I stayed in my room most of the time and caught up on work for the Master. His wife told me that if I had stayed in my room and never left it, his desire to rid himself of me would have been the same. She said that he went crazy, saying all kinds of wild things to her, because he wanted me to leave. I lasted 10 days. They never allowed me to leave the house-area, even though they went into town several times. The reason was because I walk slowly with a cane, and he didn’t want to be bothered with me. I love to get out and go, so this was very hurtful. I had come with the desire to see more of Costa Rica--that was the plan. I lived in Costa Rica from 2014-2015 in another area and loved it. If you’ve read my autobiography, Touching the Eternal, you’ll know that this type of thing has happened a lot to me since 2000. But, I learned a long time ago that the THEM in me terrorizes the THEM in demonized people. More and more you will be ostracized if you are filled with Yahuwah’s Spirit and walk in obedience to Him. The gap is widening fast and radically. Messiah said we’d be hated by all people for His Name’s sake--Yahushua!

Isaiah 60:1-2: “Arise, shine, for your light has come! And the esteem of Yahuwah has risen upon you! For look, darkness is covering the earth, but Yahuwah rises over you…” Understand! The light in us, terrifies the dark ones just as light naturally destroys darkness. Those that are of the darkness fear the light—so they fear us, and want to rid themselves of us. If you learn this, it will help you to overcome all.

Disclosure of the alien presence is near. Pope Francis has agreed to baptize the aliens as Christians, making them members of the Roman Catholic Church. Jesuits warn the 1.2 billion Catholics that they will have to adjust their faith to include beings from other planets that are more intelligent than we, and who probably are our parents. Jesuit astronomers at Mount Graham (Arizona) are preparations for their entrance. At the core, the Jesuit Order is a Satan-worshipping group. Like all religion, the Roman Catholic Church is simply an arm of the dark kingdom’s THEM. Like a black hole, the Vatican is sucking all religions into themselves.

The Vatican helped the Nazis in World War II to exterminate the Jews. Pope John Paul II worked in a factory that processed gas used in the gas chambers of Auschwitz and etc. Some of the Roman Catholic priests and nuns were involved in torturing and killing Jews--like the infamous Ustachi. The Vatican “rat lines” helped Nazis escape after the war into Argentina, and elsewhere. Pope Pius XII was called “Hitler’s Pope.” He is seen in pictures with Hitler. But, then, American corporation leaders and political leaders, not only supported Hitler’s cause, but supplied weapons and money for his advancement into Poland.

From Israel Breaking News, “What Does Judaism Believe About Extraterrestrial Life?” by Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, January 26, 2016: Many Orthodox Jews, especially Kabalistic Jews, believe in life on other planets. Kabalistic Jews channel demons using the letters of Yahuwah Name, so they are already in contact with demons. Here’s another reference: “Jewish Kabbalists Preparing for `Alternative Space Religion’ of Soon-Coming Exo-Vaticana Aliens”?--January 28, 2016, SkyWatch TV Editor.


We are at war with the unseen, and seen, forces of darkness! You are either on one side or the other in this war. All fence-sitters will be swept into the kingdom of darkness. Ignorance is not bliss--especially in the midst of the battle field! You must know who your enemy so that you can wage effective war in the spirit realm with your “weapons that are not carnal but mighty to the pulling down of strongholds.” If you are not a warrior, you’ll be a terrified paralyzed zombie when THEY manifest openly. No nightmare can compare to what we’ll see coming on this earth shortly. Things are accelerating quickly. Are you praising the Master—calling for Him to return quickly, calling “Come Yahushua Come!”

Not by my will, but by His, I have been trained in warfare against the unseen enemy since 1966. Yes, now 50 years of experience! Without this knowledge, I would have been dead a long time ago. During the training, I have seen the visible forces of darkness manifest in many times. I know how they think, their methods of operation, their plans, their nature, and their limitations. I didn’t ask for this training, but now I thank Him for allowing it!

I’ve written several articles on spiritual warfare, like “Scriptural Spiritual Warfare” Parts I, II, and II/2010. Yahuwah has trained me how to use the weapons that are not carnal – i.e. bold proclamation of His Word, proclamation of the correct Names of Father and Son, boldly speaking in the “tongues” of angels, the command of authority backed by Yahuwah, and high praise and worship.

The catch for using these weapons, however, is that we must have Yahuwah’s authority-backing--else the weapons will not work, and our efforts will bring down the enemies backlash on us and our family. It is akin to taking a table knife to the tail of a sleeping T-Rex! The story in Acts 19:13-17 is an example of what I mean. We have the power of deliverance through the indwelling Spirit, but wisdom is of the utmost importance in using this power. (Luke 10:19) We must not get involved with the kingdom of darkness without knowing their legal rights and ours. It can’t be a trial and error thing. We must know the boundaries by knowing the nature and thinking of Yahuwah, and the nature and thinking of the enemy.

II Timothy 2:3-4: A soldier has one directive – to obey his Captain explicitly. Thus, we must be submitted soldiers/servants of our Captain, Yahushua! Being a religious gung-ho religious, like so many so-called “intercessors,” is like a soldier going out on a battlefield and facing the enemy with no authorization, no training, no backing by his Superior Officer, and no understanding of the enemy, in an attempt to “bring that devil down.” The school of the Spirit requires discipline, and submission to the absolute control of the Spirit! The Daniel 11:32b remnant have been trained!

There are the “THEY” and the “THEM” that belong to THEM (Yahuwah and Yahushua)--the children of Elohim--the children of light who know how to banish the THEY of the darkness! Yahuwah defends with His warriors. I hope that’s you!

Speaking of weapons of our warfare that are mighty, I find the wording of James Block’s rendition of Psalm 149 not only stimulating and joyful, but straight as an arrow to the bull’s eye--“and we’ll execute THEIR judgment with the highest of praise.” Is this not what we must do daily—wage war through high praise?

Because of all the Spirit’s on-the-battlefield training, I can instruct you as how to proceed with your journey and come out victorious. I’ve been sharing this process with my readers for nearly 20 years. But, sadly, only a few have taken Him up on Luke 14:25-33; Matthew 10:34-39; Mark 8:34-38.

Do you passionately love Abba Yahuwah, and the soon-coming Beloved Son? Are THEY the most important focus of your life? If so, then obedience will be the outward expression of that love. Make a decision to allow the Spirit of Yahuwah full control of your life. That is real freedom! The world offers what looks like freedom, but like Shangri-La, it is only an illusion.

Written, as always, in His love and shalom,

Yedidah, February 26 2016


APPENDIX A: Excerpts from my research on…

“SHADES and Rephaim”

End time giants: Nephilim, Rephaim, gibor’im—the armies of His wrath—are all connected to end-time Babylon, and its final “king.” The world leader chosen to resurrect the bound ones from the pit – to bring Lucifer to the earth and his fallen ones – to clone a body for anti-messiah, to prepare the world government for him to rule, and to prepare him for his rule, and to create DNA mutates in which to house the spirits of the rising Nephilim and Rephaim – the gibborim – is America—the new Atlantis – the incubator of the plan of Lucifer for world rule, the plan to rid earth of Yahuwah and His Torah, Yahushua and His coming. End-time Babylon created war in Iraq to secure ancient Babylon to get at the Nephilim bones, for DNA cloning—to find the physical remains of Nimrod—the original Ba’al, Zeus, Jupiter, and his son Tammuz – Apollo, Osiris and Horus, and to release the spirits bound in the pit, as well as those bound by the River Euphrates. Therefore, out of end-time Babylon will come the army of Yahuwah—the gibborim—and “the Beast” – the world ruler.

America opened the pit in 2003, Revelation 9:11, and released Abaddon to reincarnate as the Beast – “son of destruction”—“the spoiler, the waster” – the one that Yahuwah will use, then throw into the lake of fire for eternal judgment. The reincarnated Nephilim/Rephaim (giants) … part demon, part human, part animal, part reptile, and on and on – are being created in underground laboratories with America at the helm.

The books of Isaiah and Jeremiah, as well as Revelation, are major in exposing the last President and world ruler of end-time Babylon.


Excerpts from Isaiah 13:1-3, 9, 19-22 (Septuagint)

“The vision which Isaiah son of Amos saw against Babylon…open the gates you ruler. I command and I bring them: giants are coming to fulfill My wrath…for behold! The day of Yahuweh is coming, which cannot be escaped, a day of wrath and anger, to make the world desolate…And Babylon…shall be as when Elohim overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah…It shall never be inhabited…and monsters shall rest there, and devils shall dance there, and satyrs shall dwell there…”

Excerpts from the Tenach: (From the traditional Hebrew text of Isaiah 13)

“The `Babylon’ Pronouncement’…Raise a standard upon a bare hill. Cry aloud to them: Wave a hand and let THEM enter the gates of the nobles! I have summoned my purified guests to execute My wrath. Behold I have called My stalwarts, My proudly exultant ones…”

Who are “THEM”? The word for “guests” in the Tenach is “gibborim” – “mighty ones”, gods--the Nephilim.

KJV: Isaiah 13:2-3: “Lift up a banner upon the high mountains, exalt the voice unto them, shake the hand that they may go into the gates of the nobles. I have commanded my sanctified ones. I have also called my mighty ones for My anger…” Verse 6: “Howl for the day of Yahuwah is at hand. It comes as a destruction from the Almighty.”

“Sanctified ones”: “set-apart ones” – kodesh

“mighty ones” - “gibborim”

Verse 6 from the Tenach: “Howl for the day of Yahuwah is near; it shall come like havoc from Shaddai”

“destruction from the Almighty (Shaddai)”… “shode”—#7701 “spoiler, waster, destruction” – the personification of this is Apollyon/Abaddon – Yahuwah will use Abaddon as a tool of destruction in His wrath! (Revelation 9:11; 11:7; 17:8; II Thessalonians 2:3)

Isaiah 14:9: (Tenach): “Sheol below was astir to greet your coming. Rousing for you the shades of the earth’s chieftans, raising from their thrones all the kings of the nations”

The word for “shades” is #7496 “rapha” – giants, the Nephilim who come with Lucifer, son of the morning--Hellel – to execute the wrath of Yahuwah!

Isaiah 14:23: “…`I will sweep it with a broom of extermination’, declares Yahuwah Tsvaot!” Here, as in Jeremiah 25, and 50-51, end-time Babylon is totally destroyed. The word for “extermination” or “destruction” is #8045 “shaw-mad”, and means “to desolate, bring to nothing, overturn, perish, pull down utterly”

From the KJV: “…I will sweep it with the besom (a sweeper or broom) of destruction.” The Scriptures: “…sweep it with the broom of destruction.”

Isaiah 19:3: (Tenach): “Egypt shall be drained of spirit and I will confound its plans; so they will consult the idols and the shades, and the ghosts and the familiar spirits.”

The word for “shades” is “rephaim” #7496, which means a dead person, but also a ghost. Worship of the gods of “renown” (Genesis 6:4) has returned to a huge degree worldwide, like the worship of Isis, and Osiris of Egypt, and Zeus and Apollo of Greece.

Isaiah 26:13-14: “O Yahuwah our Elohim! Masters other than you possessed us, but only Your Name shall we utter. They are dead; they can never live. Shades! They can ever rise. Of a truth you have dealt with them and wiped them out—put an end to all mention of them”

KJV: Isaiah 26:14: “They are dead, they shall not live, they are deceased, they shall not rise, therefore You have visited them and destroyed them and made all their memory to perish.” The word “deceased” is “rapha” #7496.

The Nephilim and Rephaim do not rise in the resurrection of the wicked at the end of the 1,000-year reign of Messiah. They have had their return, their 120 years, to complete their judgment – from 1896 to 2016. Once dead, they are condemned to the lake of fire, the pit, they cannot rise again. They are creatures like animals with a soul and a body, but with no eternal spirit that rises before Yahuwah in judgment. They are “immortal.” They are judged and finalized at the coming of Messiah. The anti-messiah and false prophet are thrown into the lake of fire at the coming of Messiah, and perhaps Lucifer is also rather than going into a pit for 1000 years and coming out again to do more dirty work.

The Scriptures: Isaiah 26:14: “The dead do not live. The departed spirits (“rephaim”) do not rise. Therefore, You have visited them and destroyed them, and made all their remembrance to perish.”

The Scriptures: Isaiah 26:19: “Let Your dead bodies live--together with my dead body let them arise. Awake and sing, you who dwell in the dust, for Your dew is a dew of light, and let the earth give birth to the departed spirits.”

KJV: “…the earth shall cast out the dead”.

The Tenach: “…You make the land of the shades come to life.”

“shades”/”dead”: “ “You make the rapha come to life”… the earth shall cast off the rapha … the earth shall give birth to the rapha”… #7496…

He makes the rapha come to life – the giants … the resurrected departed spirits from the pit – whose king is Abaddon/Apollyon (Revelation 9:11)

It appears that Isaiah 26:19 continues on from verse 14—regarding the reincarnation of the Nephilim spirits into cloned bodies …

Isaiah 26:2: “Open the gates, let the righteous nation that guards the truth enter in.” The opening of the gates for the righteous is to the Kingdom of Messiah--the first resurrection!

Isaiah 26:5: “For He shall bring down those who dwell on high. He lays the exalted city low. He lays it low to the earth. He brings it down to the dust.” There are only three “exalted” cities that He says He will burn with fire in our day--New York City, Rome, and Moscow. Isaiah 26:19 is talking about the reincarnating of the Rephaim – who will then be turned into the lake of fire forever.

Isaiah 26:20-21: “Go, My people, enter your chambers (holes in the rocks) and shut your doors behind you--hide yourself as it were for a little whole, until the displeasure be past. For look! Yahuwah is coming out of His place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their crookedness. And the earth shall disclose her blood, and no longer cover her slain.” It appears this is talking about the raising of the Nephilim once again – and a plea to His set-apart righteous ones to hide themselves until His wrath is finished.

There is no “rapture”--the righteous are hidden until Messiah comes. IF He finds no Torah being guarded on the earth, Messiah will destroy the earth. (Malachi 4:5-6) Torah is the order of the Kingdom of heaven! (Isaiah 34, 63:1-6; Zechariah 14:1-5, Revelation 19)

Deuteronomy 2:17-21: “That day Yahuwah spoke to me saying `This day you are to pass over at Ar’or, the boundary of Moab. And when you come near the children of Amman, do not distress them nor stir yourself up against them, for I do not give you any of the land of the children of Amman as a possession, because I have given it to the descendants of Lot as a possession. (That was also reckoned as a land of Repha’ites. Repha’ites formerly dwelt there. But, the Ammonites call them `Zamzummim’--a people as great and numerous and tall as the Anakim. But Yahuwah destroyed them before them, and they dispossessed them and dwelt in their place…”

Deuteronomy 3:11, 13: “For only Og sovereign of Bashan was left of the remnant of the Repha’ites. See his bedstead was an iron bedstead…Nine cubits is its length and four cubits its width, according to the cubit of a man. And the rest of Gil’ad and all Bashan, the reign of Og, I gave to half the tribe of Manasseh…the land of the Repha’im” (land of the giants).

A “Hebrew cubit” is a little more than 25”… So nine X 25 = 225” or about 19.’ 4 X 25 is 100” is about 8’ … quite a big bed, no matter how you figure it. A cubit is the length of a man’s forearm – from the elbow to the tip of the 3rd finger.

Joshua 12:4: “…the territory of Og of Bashan – one of the last of the Repha’im – who resided in Ashteroth and Edrei, and ruled over Mt. Hermon, Salcah, and all of Bashan…”

The giants were all through that area from Mt. Hermon down to Aro’er all over Bashan (Golan Heights), and down to below modern Amman. They were also on the coast in Gaza and north, as with Goliath from Gath, which was part of Gaza, and north around Ashdod and Ashkelon.

The Anakim stayed in the Ein Gedi area to the Mediterranean Sea.

Nephilim came down on Mt. Hermon in the days of Jered--the fallen ones that created the hybrids. This is why the Nephilim are supposedly coming back to Mt. Hermon, at the 33rd parallel and 2, 012 miles to the equator … hum… back to the Book of Enoch…

Iyob/Job 26:5-6 KJV: “Dead things are formed from under the waters and the inhabitants thereof. Hell is naked before Him, and destruction has no covering.”

The Scriptures: “The dead wait--those under the waters and those inhabiting them.

The grave is naked before Him, and destruction has no covering”.

The Tenach: “…the shades tremble beneath the waters; Sheol is naked before Him. ABADDON HAS NO COVER”.

The word “waters” is #4325 “mayim,” meaning water, but figuratively meaning urine or semen – the KJV rendering “piss, waste” …

The word “destruction” is #11: Abaddon in Hebrew, Apollyon in Greek (referring to the return of Apollo, the Greek son of Zeus).

The dead things formed – formed via DNA-semen – reconstructing a body from ancient DNA tissue and implanting it in a woman. The Beast rises out of the sea. It is possible that the Beast will be cloned under the waters--under the ocean, or Mediterranean Sea. (Revelation 13:1-3) It could mean he rises from where he was “formed” – out of the semen of Nimrod - especially since he is the son of Abaddon--the incarnation of Abaddon – son of Lucifer. He comes from the “seed of the Serpent” – the lineage from Cain. He is a Cushite, a man from East African and/or with “Arab” lineage, from Ham’s son Canaan, and his son Cush, and his son Nimrod. [Alexander Hislop’s The Two Babylons]

November 17, 2014 continuing the study from L.A. Marzulli’s On the Trail of the Nephillim Book I, and the Scriptures.


Genesis 6:4; Numbers 13:33; Deuteronomy 2:11, 20; 3:11, 13; Joshua 12:4; 13:12; 15:8; 17:15; 18:16; II Samuel 21:16, 18, 20, 22 (I Chronicles 20:4, 6, 8), Job 16:14

This is why Yahuwah had to scatter the 10 northern tribes all over the earth, for they, too, were doing DNA manipulation to create giants and other hybrids. The Amorites of Gilead fled westward, across Europe, and to America. Evidence of this blond, blue-eyed race is found in the Celts of the UK, and in mounds in Ohio.

It says in Deuteronomy that because Moses and the Israelites were killing off the giant tribes, a remnant of them fled out of fear. Thus, in Peru recently, when they took the wrappings off of the skull of a Nephilim child, they found the child had fine platinum blond hair.

These Amorites and other tribes of giants came all over what is now America, Mexico, Central and South America, long before the Indians came. Tiahuanaco is an example, as are the pyramids of Mexico and Guatemala, etc.

Joshua 15:8: The Valley of the Sons of Hinnom was called “the Valley of the giants.”

Joshua 18:16, 21-28: the territory of Benjamin includes East Jerusalem … the valley of the giants is in East Jerusalem

2016: The Nephilim are returning because cloned bodies have been prepared for them. Nimrod has most likely taken his cloned body. This was why America was founded, to restore the gods to rule the earth “as in the days of Noah,” “and afterwards.”

From the time America was founded, the goal was to reincarnate Nimrod/Gilgamesh, Osiris, Apollo/Apollyon (Revelation 9:11; 11:7, 17:8, II Thessalonians 2:3). [Refer to: “America’s Secret Destiny” for more details]

L.A. Marzulli said that, for the most part, the bodies being cloned for the returning Nephilim are not giant bodies, but bodies that look like normal humans of today. Therefore, they have and will infiltrate the human race.

The “THEY” in Daniel 2:43 is an example! They mingle with the seed of man.

The Pentagon is hard at work to create “super soldiers,” by mixing human DNA with white tiger DNA. The House of Israel in captivity is now continuing what they/we started in Israel that got us scattered out into the nations so that the DNA of Ya’cob would not be utterly destroyed.


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