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Direct Mail (for 100,000 ads) 261,895/mailing set

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Direct Mail (for 100,000 ads) 261,895/mailing set Newspaper Nationally (half page – b/w) 1,163,697/month

Outdoor (one market) 35,000/month

50 Showing/per market

Outdoor (50 markets) 1,600,000/month

50 Showing/per 50 markets MEDIA COSTS Advertising advertising consists of advertisements placed on websites. Websites can include social media sites like Facebook, large portal sites like Yahoo! or any other digital website; the larger or higher impact the site, the higher the cost. Creative units can also drive ad costs – ads that are more interactive (like rich media, or the high impact units shown in lecture) cost more, because in general, they are more effective. use the following fixed costs for online ads in your plan – meaning, assume that this is how much it costs to run an ad for an entire month, regardless of whether your ad might actually cost more or less. may buy ads on any of the following websites (and others like them); you don’t have to buy all of them of 1 Ad, Per Month Unit Media Impact$15,000$22,000$37,000!$13,000$20,000$33,000$13,000$20,000$33,000 York Times$11,000$18,500$31,000$15,000$22,000$37,000$11,000$18,500$31,000 sites$2,000$2,000$2,000 Engine Marketing (SEM): is typically bought on a cost-per-click basis. These ads are bought in a rather ‘complicated’ online auction, where marketers bid for key words. Marketers rarely have a ‘bottomless pit’ of money – they usually have a set budget. SEM can be set up so that you don’t spend any more money each month that what you want – there is a spending cap. So, to keep our J345 digital ad buy simple, we assume that you will spend no more than the following amounts on SEM on each one of the major search sites. may buy keywords on any of the following websites; you don’t have to buy ads on all of them Spending Cap per Website on Search, for a Total of 10 Keywords$50,000!$10,000!$5,000 you purchase SEM, be sure to identify 10 keywords you would want to embed in your site. Engine Optimization (SEO): is “free”, in that there is not a fixed or pro-rated expenditure on it. However, it does involve some costs, in that agencies and companies that do SEO well either are investing in part of someone’s salary to manage it, or, they are paying an agency. To again keep this simple, please budget a total of $25,000 for your entire media plan year, to cover the personnel costs of managing SEO. Media“Free” - consider including the following social media items in your media and PR plans:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Pinterest

  • Instagram

  • Snapchat

You can also purchase ads on these sites, per the costs outlined above. TV: Hulu and YouTube online advertising, streaming video is bought on a CPP (cost per point) basis. There is a wide variety of ad formats available on Hulu and YouTube, which can also drive engagement. Such advertising is one of the more expensive digital media formats out there today. To keep things simple, again we will assume a flat amount per month. For Hulu or YouTube, you can spend $35,000 per month, for each month you want to run your ad. Audio: Pandora or Spotify online advertising, streaming audio like Pandora or Spotify is bought on a CPM (cost per thousand) basis. To keep things simple, again we will assume a flat amount per month. For these outlets, you can spend $15,000 per month, for each month you want to run your ad. Online Advertising online advertising is among the most expensive options and can be bought for $75,000/month/market

Download 148.86 Kb.

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