Thành II. Circle the word that is pronounced differently from the others in a row

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Bài tập ôn tập (1)
A. stomachache B. sunburn
C. spots D. toothache
Quốc Linh
Question 18. Vinh: "What sports do you like?" – Tom: ___________.
A. Well, I love football and swimming.
B. No, I don't know.
C. Yes, it is my favourite
D. I think it is boring
Question 19. Mrs Green: "This suitcase is really heavy, and my back is killing me!"
Peter: "___________"
A. I sometimes have backache
B. Shall I carry it?
C. Oh, thanks for your help.
D. It's very good of you to do that.
Question 20. They___________ a new hospital in this town for five months.
A. build B. built
C. have built D. will build
Question 21.  Elena often ___________ up early and does morning exercise in the garden.
A. get B. will get
C. getting D. gets
Question 22. You should spend more time ___________ for your excams.
A. studying B. to study
C. studied D. study
Question 23. Minh likes reading books, ___________ his brother likes playing games.
A. or B. but
C. so D. and
Question 24. They ___________ to swim two hours ago.
A. begin B. have begun
C. has begun D. began
Question 25. My father and Tom ___________ me next month.
A. visit B. visited
C. will visit D. have visited
Question 26. Tom: "I'm not sure what to do this evening. Any idea?"
- Vinh: ___________
A. Why don't we go to the cinema?
B. You will go to the cinema, perhaps?
C. Do you go to the cinema, perhaps?
D. Why shouldn't we go to the cinema?
Question 27. Mary: "Do you know how to start this computer?"
- Daisy: ___________

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