Thursday 7: 00 am Meet at McNicoll. Load bus. Make sure you have your lunch. 7: 25 am depart 9: 00 am Arrive at a Kelowna elementary school

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7:00 am       Meet at McNicoll. Load bus. Make sure you have your lunch.

7:25 am       depart
9:00 am       Arrive at a Kelowna elementary school.
10:10 am      Play concert
11:00 am      Leave for Kelowna Mall
11:15 pm       Kelowna Mall-play flash mob
1:15 pm       Go to Monkido
3:00 pm       Leave for hotel
4:15 pm       Check into hotel, Kelowna
4:30 pm       Hang out at hotel/swimming pool
5:15 pm       Leave for Restaurant TBA
5:30 pm       Dinner
6:45 pm       Leave for Laser Tag
7:00 pm       Laser Tag Games
9:00 pm       Take bus to Hotel
10:00 pm      Room Check
10:30 pm      Lights out and quiet in the hotel


6:30 am       Rise and Shine

7:00 am       Breakfast (at the hotel)
7:30 am       Load bus to a Vernon elementary school
8:00 am       Arrive at school and set up
9:15 am        Play concert.
10:00 am      Leave for other Vernon elementary school
11:00 am      Concert at school
12:00 pm      Load bus and go for lunch across from Vernon Science Centre
12:45 pm Walk over to Vernon Science Centre
1:00 pm        Vernon Science Centre
2:15 pm Load bus and drive to Vernon Atlantis Waterslides
2:30 pm       Atlantis Waterslides
5:30 pm        Load bus and head home
7:00 pm Arrive in Penticton

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