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Greetings CT Referees! So you want to Referee out of state? YES YOU CAN! Before reading further, just remember to read up on the CSRP policy on out of state Refereeing found at http://www.ctreferee.org/SRArefoutofstate.html
Below is a list of out of state tournaments/events that current and past CT Referees have participated in. It is organized chronologically from January to December. Believe it or not, many quality tournaments welcome out of town Referees. Assignors will love you – particularly if you are good. They will provide housing and you will be paid game fees too. It is a great way to do quality games, meet and work with good Referees, and see more of the country. You can find a very comprehensive tournament calendar from Soccer.com at http://www.soccer.com/channels/tournaments.sa and a useful directory at http://www.soccertournament.us/



Name of Tournament

URL and Notes


Phoenix, AZ

Presidents' Day Weekend Tournament

The PDT is a showcase tournament run by the SC Del Sol youth soccer club. The tournament is spread out among different sites, but the signature venue is a massive soccer specific complex called “Reach 11.” Due to the AZ climate, you will be refereeing on hard packed dirt and/or dry grass. Be aware of the West Coast practice of having each team and its parents on one side while the other team and its set of parents are on the other – creating an interesting atmosphere. Due to the time of year, the tournament attracted teams from various locations. Best thing about the tournament is that no one will bug you about starting / ending games on time. Cannot beat the weather or the landscape.


Richmond, VA

Jefferson Cup

The Jefferson Cup is a showcase tournament that takes place over at least two weekends – one for boys and one for girls. The tournament is spread out among different sites, but the signature venue is a massive soccer specific complex run by the Richmond Strikers soccer club – called appropriately “Strikers Park.” Be prepared for chilly mornings and damp weather.
*In the past, referee administrators in VA have organized an advanced camp in conjunction with the older boys age groups. Contact your SRA/SYRA for more information.

Post July 4th


USASA Veterans’ Cup

The Veterans Cup is run by the United States Amateur Soccer Association. As you can see from the information and pictures from the site, it is a serious competition for adult amateur players – men, women, and coed. The site for the event changes. A few years ago, it was in Hawaii.
It is recommended that you discuss participation in this event with your SRA first.

Labor Day Weekend

Richmond, VA

Junior Nike Friendlies

The Junior Nike Tournament is – as you guessed it – is a Nike event. Younger age groups from U13 to U15 are invited to play. Every year, there is an advanced referee camp in conjunction with the event. Contact your SRA/SYRA for more information.

Labor Day Weekend

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Cup

The Atlanta Cup is a showcase tournament. It will be hot and humid. Be prepared. In 2007, water was not available on the field, so bring your own (a lot). At the same time though, no one will rush you to start the game on time – providing you with plenty of time to get water. You will be refereeing a lot of teams from Region III (South). If you know Spanish, use it.

Thanksgiving Weekend

Zarephath, NJ

PDA Boys College Showcase

PDA is one of the top youth soccer clubs in the country. This is their boys showcase at their own complex. (There is a girl’s showcase in May.) Major NJ youth clubs always participate – including the NY Red Bulls youth teams. It can be VERY cold and windy (and wet) at that time of the year there. Be prepared. The quality of play can be very high and very fast.

Thanksgiving Weekend

San Diego, CA

San Diego Surf College Cup

The San Diego Surf College Cup is a showcase tournament. (There are two other Surf Cups in July and August.) All games are played at the San Diego Polo Club, so be aware of traffic to and from the venue. Most teams will be from California due to the depth of quality in-state. Similar to the Presidents Day Tournament, you will find each team and its parents on both sides of the field. Parental behavior will challenge your senses. The weather will be perfect – possibly foggy in the morning. Quality of play and quality of tournament are excellent.

Post Christmas

Tampa, FL

Tampa Sun Bowl

The Tampa Sun Bowl has been around for a long time. In recent years, attention has been diverted to the Disney Showcase that takes place in Orlando at the same time. It is a showcase tournament and is spread out among different sites. You will meet referees from Canada, Germany, and other places.

Post Christmas

Orlando, FL

Disney Showcase

Disney hosts a number of soccer showcase events throughout the year. Naturally, it attracts very high quality competition and the post Christmas events are even covered by Soccer America (the magazine). As of 2008, a CT referee noted center assignments given preferentially to Grade 6 or above.

Information is accurate as of 1/7/2009

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