Title: Afro-American poets since 1955 / edited by Trudier Harris

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Title: Columbia Granger's index to poetry.

Columbia Granger's index to poetry in anthologies.

Columbia Granger's index to poetry in collected and

selected works.

Columbia Granger's guide to poetry anthologies.

Columbia Granger's dictionary of poetry quotations.

Classic hundred poems.

Top 500 poems.

Columbia Granger's index to African-American poetry.

The Columbia Granger's World of poetry

Variant Title: Columbia Granger's World of poetry online

Granger's World of poetry

World of poetry


Primary Material: Book

Physical Description:

Computer File

Includes: Computer File

Subject(s): Poetry--Indexes.

English poetry--Indexes.

American poetry--Indexes.
Publisher: [New York] : Columbia University Press, c1999-
Description: Text (electronic database)
General Notes: Title from title screen as viewed on Mar. 10, 2001.

Produced under the editorship of William Harmon.

Index to poetry in anthologies, including full-text and

excerpts of some poems. Also has short biographies of

some poets. This online version contains the contents of

the following works: Columbia Granger's index to poetry

in anthologies (eds. 8-12), Columbia Granger's index to

poetry in collected and selected works (eds. 1-2),

Columbia Granger's guide to poetry anthologies (2nd

ed.), Columbia Granger's dictionary of poetry

quotations, Classic hundred poems, Top 500 poems,

Columbia Granger's index to African-American poetry, as

well as new content not published previously in print.

Online version of the print publication: Columbia Granger's

index to poetry.

Also available on CD-ROM.

Mode of access: World Wide Web.
Linked Items: http://www.columbiagrangers.org


Location: Available via the Internet


Status: Available
Notes: Availability: licensed for all KU students, faculty, and

staff connecting to the Internet. Off-campus access may

require a log-in.
Other Author(s): Roberts, Neil, 1946-
Title: A companion to twentieth-century poetry / edited by Neil

Variant Title: Companion to 20th-century poetry

Twentieth-century poetry
Primary Material: Book
Subject(s): English poetry--20th century--History and criticism.

American poetry--20th century--History and criticism.

English poetry--20th century--Handbooks, manuals, etc.

American poetry--20th century--Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Publisher: Oxford ; Malden, Mass. : Blackwell Publishers, 2001.
Description: xvii, 626 p. ; 26 cm.
Series: Blackwell companions to literature and culture ;9
General Notes: Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of Contents: Introduction / Neil Roberts

1. Modernism and the Transatlantic Connection / Hugh


2. Modernist Poetry and its Precursors / Peter Brooker and

Simon Perril

3. The Non-modernist Modern / David Goldie

4. Poetry and Politics / Reed Way Dasenbrock

5. Poetry and War / Matthew Campbell

6. Poetry and Science / Tim Armstrong

7. Poetry and Literary Theory / Joanne Feit Diehl

8. Poetry and Gender / Edward Larrissy

9. Interrupted Monologue: Alternative Poets of the

Mid-century / Philip Hobsbaum

10. Imagism / Jacob Korg

11. The New Negro Renaissance / William W. Cook

12. Poetry and the New Criticism / Stephen Burt and

Jennifer Lewin

13. Black Mountain and Projective Verse / John Osborne

14. The Beats / John Osborne

15. Confessionalism / Lucy Collins

16. The Movement / Stephen Regan

17. Language Poetry / Simon Perril

18. West Indian Poetry / Victor Chang

19. African Poetry / Kwadwo Osei-Nyame

20. Poetry of the Indian Subcontinent / Vinay Dharwadker

21. Australian Poetry / Livin Dobrez

22. New Zealand Poetry / Terry Sturm

23. Canadian Poetry / Cynthia Messenger

24. Scottish Poetry / Jeffrey Skoblow

25. Welsh Poetry / Douglas Houston

26. Irish Poetry to 1966 / Alex Davis

27. Thomas Hardy: Poems of 1912-13 / Tim Armstrong

28. Robert Frost: North of Boston / Alex Calder

29. T. S. Eliot: The Waste Land / John Haffenden

30. D. H. Lawrence: Birds, Beasts and Flowers / David Ellis

31. William Carlos Williams: Spring and All / Lisa M.


32. Wallace Stevens: Harmonium / Philip Hobsbaum

33. Marianne Moore: Observations / Elizabeth Wilson

34. W. B. Yeats: The Tower / Terence Brown

35. W. H. Auden: Poems / Peter McDonald

36. Elizabeth Bishop: North & South / Jonathan Ellis

37. Ezra Pound: The Pisan Cantos / A. David Moody

38. Robert Lowell: Life Studies / Stephen Matterson

39. Louis MacNeice: The Burning Perch / Peter McDonald

40. Sylvia Plath: Ariel / Sue Vice

41. Ted Hughes: Crow / Rand Brandes

42. Seamus Heaney: North / Bernard O'Donoghue

43. John Ashbery: Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror / David


44. Derek Walcott: Omeros / Bruce Woodcock

45. Contemporary American Poetry / Roger Gilbert

46. Contemporary British Poetry / Sean O'Brien

47. Contemporary Irish Poetry / Lucy Collins

48. Contemporary Postcolonial Poetry / Jahan Ramazani.
Location: Watson Library Stacks
Call Number: PR601 .C56 2001
Status: Checked-out (renewed) - Due on 08/03/2004
Other Author(s): Williams, Patricia Robinson.

Taylor-Ashe, Betty.

Southern Conference on Afro-American Studies.
Title: The Poetic conscience of African souls / edited by Patricia

Robinson Williams and Betty Taylor-Ashe for the Southern

Conference on Afro-American Studies.
Primary Material: Book
Subject(s): American poetry--African American authors.

American poetry--20th century.

Publisher: [Houston, Tex.?] : The Conference, c1982.
Description: 48 p. ; 22 cm.
Location: Watson Library Stacks
Call Number: PS591.N4 P58 1982
Status: Available
Other Author(s): Stein, Kevin, 1954-

Murray, G. E., 1945-

Title: Illinois voices : an anthology of twentieth-century poetry

/ edited by Kevin Stein and G.E. Murray.

Primary Material: Book
Subject(s): American poetry--Illinois.

American poetry--20th century.

Publisher: Urbana, Ill. : University of Illinois Press, c2001.
Description: xxiv, 366 p. ; 24 cm.
General Notes: Includes index.
Table of Contents: Harriet Monroe (1860-1936)

The Meeting

These Two


The Garden

Edgar Lee Masters (1868-1950)

The Hill

Trainor, the Druggist

Minerva Jones

Doctor Meyers

Mrs. Meyers

Margaret Fuller Slack

Fiddler Jones

Sexsmith the Dentist

Lucinda Matlock

Starved Rock

Vachel Lindsay (1871-1931)

An Indian Summer Day on the Prairie

To Mary Pickford - Moving Picture Actress

Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight

Carl Sandburg (1878-1967)

The Right to Grief

Onion Days


A Teamster's Farewell

Halsted Street Car

I Am the People, the Mob

Murmurings in a Field Hospital



Archibald MacLeish (1892-1982)

Ars Poetica

Cook County

The Old Men in the Leaf Smoke


Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961)

Champs d'Honneur


The Lady Poet with Footnotes

The Age Demanded

Janet Lewis (1899-1998)

The Indians in the Woods

The Grandmother Remembers

Yvor Winters (1990-1968)

To My Infant Daughter

For My Father's Grave

Kenneth Fearing (1902-61)


Twentieth-Century Blues

Any Man's Advice to His Son

George Dillon (1906-68)

The Hours of the Day


Elder Olson (1909-92)

The Presence

John Frederick Nims (1913-99)

Love Poem

The Young Ionia

Tide Turning

Trick or Treat

Karl Shapiro (1913-2000)


The Bourgeois Poet

Crossing Lincoln Park

Editing Poetry

Henry Rago (1915-69)

A Child's Birthday

The Distances

John Dickson (1916-)

The Aragon Ballroom


Gwendolyn Brooks (1917-2000)

The Coora Flower

The Lovers of the Poor

We Real Cool

The Near-Johannesburg Boy

The Mother

Gay Chaps at the Bar

The Black Women

Malcolm X

From The Blackstone Rangers

Uncle Seagram

A Bronzeville Mother Loiters in Mississippi. Meanwhile, a

Mississippi Mother Burns Bacon

Ray Bradbury (1920-)

Byzantium I Come Not From

John Knoepfle (1923-)

Harpe's Head

late winter in menard county



dark spaces: thoughts on all souls day

Lisel Mueller (1924-)

Alive Together

Highway Poems

Another Version

Naming the Animals

Monet Refuses the Operation


Curriculum Vitae

Lucien Stryk (1924-)


Return to DeKalb


From Issa: A Suite of Haiku

Paul Carroll (1927-97)

Ode on a Bicycle on Halsted Street in a Sudden Summer


In the Shakespeare Garden at Northwestern University

Ode to the Angels Who Move Perpetually toward the Dayspring

of Their Youth

Dave Etter (1928-)

Andy Hasselgard

Roma Higgins

Elwood Collins: Summer of 1932

Drink and Agriculture

Singing in the Toyota

Ralph J. Mills, Jr. (1931-)

For Lorine Niedecker in Heaven

Water Lilies

Evening Song

James Ballowe (1933-)

Starved Rock

The Coal Miners

Laurence Lieberman (1935-)

God's Measurements

Lobsters in the Brain Coral

Compass of the Dying

Daryl Hine (1936-)

Man's Country

Lines on a Platonic Friendship

Eugene Redmond (1937-)

River of Bones and Flesh and Blood

Dennis Schmitz (1937-)

Climbing Sears Tower

Making Chicago

Michael Van Walleghen (1938-)

In the Chariot Drawn by Dragons

The Age of Reason

More Trouble with the Obvious


Walking the Baby to the Liquor Store

Michael Anania (1939-)

The Fall

The Judy Travaillo Variations

Interstate 80

On the Conditions of Place

Sterling Plumpp (1940-)

Billie Holiday

Saturday Night Decades

Susan Hahn (1941-)

Nijinsky's Dog




Stuart Dybek (1942-)

Sleepwalking Solo

Windy City

Haki R. Madhubuti (1942-)

Killing Memory

The B Network

Carolyn M. Rodgers (1943-)

The Black Heart as Ever Green

Lucia Cordell Getsi (1944-)

Woman Hanging from Lightpole, Illinois Route 136

Washing Your Hair

Bruce Guernsey (1944-)


The Apple

Dan Guillory (1944-)

From Snowpoems

Mary Kinzie (1944-)

Summers of Vietnam

Lunar Frost

Calvin Forbes (1945-)

Killer Blues

G. E. Murray (1945-)

The Rounds

On Being Disabled by Light at Dawn in the Wilderness

American Cheese

Art of a Cold Sun

Paulette Roeske (1945-)

Preparing the Dead

Martha Vertreace (1945-)

Caged Stone

Black Tulips

Paul Hoover (1946-)

Family Romance

Theoretical People

Letter to Einstein Beginning Dear Albert

Maura Stanton (1946-)

A Few Picnics in Illinois

Sorrow and Rapture

Little Ode for X

Reginald Gibbons (1947-)



Maureen Seaton (1947-)

Nostradamus Predicts the Destruction of Chicago



Albert Goldbarth (1948-)

Letter to Friends East and West

The Talk Show


David Hernandez (1949-)

Rooftop Piper


Georg Nikolic (1949-)

Under the Ninth Sky

Key to Dreams

Barry Silesky (1949-)

The Kingdom


Jim Elledge (1950-)

The Man I Love and I Shop at Jewel

14 Reasons Why I Mention Mario Lanza to the Man I Love

Every Chance I Get Tonight


Edward Hirsch (1950-)

Husband and Wife

For the Sleepwalkers

American Apocalypse

Wild Gratitude

Rodney Jones (1950-)


Mortal Sorrows

A Blasphemy

The End of Communism


Michael David Madonick (1950-)

Settled In

Alane Rollings (1950-)

In Your Own Sweet Time

Dirty Dreams and God Smiling

Debra Bruce (1951-)



Angela Jackson (1951-)

Spinster Song: African-American Woman Guild

Miz Rosa Rides the Bus

Transformable Prophecy

Brigit Pegeen Kelly (1951-)

The Leaving

Young Wife's Lament


Wild Turkeys: The Dignity of the Damned

Imagining Their Own Hymns

James McManus (1951-)

From Who Needs Two

Maxine Chernoff (1952-)


How Lies Grow

Lost and Found

Jeff Gundy (1952-)

For the New York City Poet Who Informed Me that Few People

Live This Way


Ana Castillo (1953-)

The Toltec

Me & Baby

Women Are Not Roses

Elaine Equi (1953-)

Things to Do in the Bible

Lesbian Corn

Being Sick Together

Richard Jones (1953-)

Portrait of My Father and His Grandson

Song of the Old Man

A Beginning

David Wojahn (1953-)

The Assassination of Robert Goulet as Performed by Elvis

Presley: Memphis, 1968

"It's Only Rock and Roll but I Like It": The Fall of

Saigon, 1975

Workmen Photographed inside the Reactor

Rajah in Babylon

Sandra Cisneros (1954-)

You Bring Out the Mexican in Me

I Am So in Love I Grow a New Hymen

Heart, My Lovely Hobo

Loose Woman

Luis J. Rodriguez (1954-)

Reflection on El Train Glass

Rant, Rave & Ricochet

To the Police Officer Who Refused to Sit in the Same Room

as My Son because He's a "Gang Banger"

Kevin Stein (1954-)

Past Midnight, My Daughter Awakened by Miles Davis' Kind of


Night Shift, after Drinking Dinner, Container Corporation

of America, 1972

It Didn't Begin with Horned Owls Hooting at Noon

In the Kingdom of Perpetual Repair

Sheryl St. Germain (1954-)


Dean Young (1955-)


Rothko's Yellow

Upon Hearing of My Friend's Marriage Breaking Up, I

Envision Attack from Outer Space

White Crane

Li-Young Lee (1957-)

I Ask My Mother to Sing

This Room and Everything in It

Eating Together

The Cleaving

Carlos Cumpian (1958-)

Armadillo Charm


Lucia Perillo (1958-)

Dangerous Life

The Body Mutinies



Elise Paschen (1959-)

Between the Acts

12 East Scott Street

Reginald Shepherd (1963-)

A Man Named Troy

West Willow

Allison Joseph (1964-)


In the Bookstore

On Sidewalks, on Streetcorners, as Girls

Quraysh Ali Lansana (1964-)

The Woolworth's Poem.
Location: Watson Library Stacks
Call Number: PS571.I3 I45 2001
Status: Available
Other Author(s): Nielsen, Aldon Lynn.
Title: Reading race in American poetry : "an area of act" / edited

by Aldon Lynn Nielsen.

Primary Material: Book
Subject(s): American poetry--20th century--History and criticism.

Race in literature.

American poetry--African American authors--History and


American poetry--White authors--History and criticism.

African Americans in literature.

Publisher: Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c2000.
Description: x, 232 p. ; 23 cm.
General Notes: Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of Contents: Acknowledgements

In the place of an introduction: eating Jim Crow / Aldon

Lynn Nielsen

Prospects of America: nation as woman in the poetry of Du

Bois, Johnson, and McKay / Felipe Smith

"Darken your speech": racialized cultural work of modernist

poets / Rachel Blau DuPlessis

W.S. Braithwaite vs. Harriet Monroe: the heavyweight poetry

championship, 1917 / Lorenzo Thomas

Poetics of the Americas / Charles Bernstein

"The step of iron feet": creative practice in the war

sonnets of Melvin B. Tolson and Gwendolyn Brooks / Maria

K. Mootry

Black margins: African-American prose poems / Aldon Lynn


Bob Kaufman, Sir Real, and his revisionary surreal

self-presentation / Kathryne V. Lindberg

Decolonizing the spirits: history and storytelling in Jay

Wright's Soothsayers and omens / C.K. Doreski

From Gassire's lute: Robert Duncan's Vietnam War poems /

Nathaniel Mackey


Name index.
Location: Watson Library Stacks
Call Number: PS310.R34 R43 2000
Status: Available
Author: Madhubuti, Haki R., 1942-
Title: Heartlove : wedding and love poems / Haki R. Madhubuti ;

artwork by Jon Onye Lockard.

Primary Material: Book
Subject(s): African Americans--Poetry.

Love poetry, American.

Publisher: Chicago : Third World Press, 1998.
Description: 1st ed.

xii, 87 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

Location: Watson Library Stacks
Call Number: PS3563.A3397 H43 1998
Status: Available
Author: Sanchez, Sonia, 1935-
Title: Wounded in the house of a friend / Sonia Sanchez.
Primary Material: Book
Subject(s): African American women--Poetry.
Publisher: Boston, Mass. : Beacon Press, c1995.
Description: xii, 94 p. ; 21 cm.
Table of Contents: Wounded in the house of a friend

Catch the fire

On the occasion of Essence's twenty-fifth anniversary

A love song for Spelman


A remembrance

Sweet honey in the rock

Bullet holes of resistance

Love song No. 3

Homegirls on St. Nicholas avenue

Introduction of Toni Morrison, and others, on the occasion

of the publication of her book race-ing justice,

en-gendering power: Essays on Anita Hill, Clarence

Thomas, and the construction of social reality

Poem for July 4, 1994

This is not a small voice


Eyewitness: case No. 3456

Poem for some somen


South African tanka.
Location: Watson Library Stacks
Call Number: PS3569.A468 W68 1995
Status: Available
Author: Jackson, Angela, 1951-
Title: Dark legs and silk kisses : the beautitudes of the spinners

/ Angela Jackson.

Primary Material: Book
Subject(s): African American women--Poetry.


Publisher: Evanston, Ill. : Northwestern University Press, c1993.
Description: ix, 103 p. ; 21 cm.
General Notes: "TriQuarterly books."
Location: Watson Library Stacks
Call Number: PS3560.A179 D37 1993
Status: Available
Author: Smith, Patricia, 1955-
Title: Close to death / Patricia Smith.
Primary Material: Book
Subject(s): African American men--Poetry.
Publisher: Cambridge, Mass. : Zoland Books, 1993.
Description: 1st ed.

vii, 119 p. ; 21 cm.

Location: Watson Library Stacks
Call Number: PS3569.M537839 C57 1993
Status: Available
Author: Smith, Patricia, 1955-
Title: Big towns, big talk / Patricia Smith.
Primary Material: Book
Subject(s): African American women--Poetry.

Social problems--Poetry.

Publisher: Cambridge, MA : Zoland Books, 1992.
Description: 1st ed.

114 p. ; 22 cm.

Location: Watson Library Stacks
Call Number: PS3569.M537839 B5 1992
Status: Available
Author: Mossell, N. F., 1855-
Title: The work of the Afro-American woman / by Mrs. N.F. Mossell

; with an introduction by Joanne Braxton.

Primary Material: Book
Subject(s): African American women.

African American women--Poetry.

Publisher: New York : Oxford University Press, 1988.
Description: xlii, 178 p. : port. ; 17 cm.
Series: The Schomburg Library of nineteenth-century Black women

General Notes: Reprint. Previously published: 2nd ed. Philadelphia :

Ferguson, 1908. With new introd.

Bibliography: p. 64-66.

Location: Watson Library Stacks
Call Number: E185.86 .M65 1988
Status: Available
Other Author(s): Blackshire-Belay, Carol.
Title: Language and literature in the African American imagination

/ edited by Carol Aisha Blackshire-Belay.

Primary Material: Book
Subject(s): American literature--African American authors--History and

criticism--Theory, etc.

American literature--African American authors--History and


English language--United States--Foreign elements--African.

American literature--African influences.

African Americans--Intellectual life.

African Americans in literature.

African American aesthetics.

African Americans--Languages.

Africa--In literature.
Publisher: Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1992.
Description: x, 210 p. ; 25 cm.
Series: Contributions in Afro-American and African studies, no. 154
General Notes: Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of Contents: Afrocentricity and literary theory : the maturing

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