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Content Building You need to build all of the content of your site after you have a clear plan. This doesn't necessarily mean getting every detail down, but you need to know what your content will be and where it will gob Designingb Now you'll design the Website. This is a crucial step, of course, but if you've done the planning and content building first, this part will be the most fun, and most likely the most profitable But keep in mind that there are several key considerations you'll betaking into account, so you won't begetting wild with your digital paintbrushes here.

Development Once you've finalized your design, you'll turn it into
XHTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL and whatever else your site needs. Development typically refers to the technical side of Web design the coding and backend stuff. As you can see (pay attention to this part, it's important,
designing the site comes late in the game. Many designers make the mistake of wanting to jump right into the design step, because that's where a designer's talents shine. But if you avoid or simplify the planning and content building steps, you will end up with a design that probably fits the site pretty well, but will ultimately fail in helping the site achieve its goals. Therefore, it's important that you know and follow this process in your professional work. Let's take a look at the process in greater detail.

Step 1: Planning
There's a lot of work ahead of you before you actually get to start drawing, coloring, laying out, and generally designing your Website.

21 First, you need the answers to these questions. You will know these answers if you are designing a site for yourself, or your client will know them. You need to know the answers to these

What is your goal with this site? Are you trying to sell something Deliver a message Share information Keep in touch Etc.

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