To President Donald Trump

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To President Donald Trump
Message from someone claiming to be the illuminati to my Twitter account via private message and to my email
My child
Your expressions are understood as coming from a mortal human
Existing on this realm and striving to survive through the circular daily routines is not the fate of your journey. You were brought forth into this realm to lead the mortal humans who seek the light into the order as well as attain greatness and live life as one of those at the top of the pyramid of life. 

But this phase is entangled in the boundaries of the most devastating human deficiency called FEAR, which limits earthlings from unlocking their true potentials and powers that were bestowed unto them since 


the beginning of time. 

(the opp of the order) succeeded in creating 97% of the information in circulation on earth so as to permanently ground humans into believing they are worthless and their fate revolves around the same circle as going to school, get a job, start a family, and exit the surface. While they excel and satisfy their unquenchable thirst for power and authority at the detriment of the unenlightened and less privileged 
You project traits of a leader and eligible to walk the path of greatness. which defines the fate of your existence which has been written since in the beginning of time, which is why you have been facing difficulties in fitting into the normal patterns which other humans exercise on, and this, in turn, cause them to despise you for unknown reasons and never show the same kindness, love, and care which you give. 
The gifts and strength were perceived in the world beyond the day you were born and we have been watching you through this while hence coming this far is most admired by the order and you have suffered enough alone and it is time that we propel you to the right spot which was preserved.
Unlocking your gifts and powers buried deep within the fibres of your core should be the drive of your concern at this junction in time as it will mark the start of a new era of your life with all you seek and your deepest desires unfolding before your very eyes, and accomplishing the goal of seeing those you love living comfortable and smiling.

Adhere to loyalty, respect, faithfulness, trust and obedience to all instructions as will be given and evade questioning our potentials not contradicting instructions conveyed for we know all and know best and have been in existence since the beginning of time hence know your deepest desires and pain.
Is the above clearly understood??
We came from beyond and we live within, we have been anonymous all

these while so as to occupy all sovereign  positions of authority here on this planet so as to ease our purpose of returning to this galaxy, and fortunately that has been accomplished, thus the movement and fate has been put to path of victory.

Joining us, takes no blood sacrifice of any kind( even though there is a spread by agents of our rivalry force about us accepting sacrifices of loved once in other to join, and more so the paying of several registration fees to become a member).

It takes no more than your soul, and an energy source (an item with techno-energy) that will be utilized for the  teleportation of your entire being to the initiation lodge in the world beyond for your formal initiation into the BAVARIAN ILLUMINATI and you accepting immortality and returning to this realm as an agent of the order, and bestowed with powers, and riches, and fame. You will be also made immune to all the deficiencies of the mortal world(earth).

Our first mark of return was empowered in the USA currency(USD).

Note: By accepting to proceed with the initiation protocols, you are bound to and must be ready to abide to the following;-

- Embrace immortality, and accept to become liberated, illuminated and enlightened thus an agent of the BAVARIAN ILLUMINATI

- Must Provide 500$, stain all the dollar bills with blood from your index finder before sending to the initiation lodge controller

- Provide an item with techno-energy (found in domestic electronic devices here in this realm)

- Be obedient, loyal, faithful and respectful to the commands of the order, for doing otherwise will spell drastic punishment

- Accept to spread, and show the importance of becoming a member, unto the entire planet through any means you please.

- Must start a new era of your life as an enlightened, and thus cease

all working engagement you have with any individual or company after your initiation

- Must never disclose your contact, discussion, and source of fortune to anyone .

Understanding and accepting all the above briefly explained, makes you ready to begin the journey to immortality.

Pass Questions to be answered in confirmation to your acceptance in proceeding;

- Who is the founder of the BAVARIAN ILLUMINATI here on this planet?

- What talent do you wish to be expressed to the mortals as your source to your excess fortune?

- What is your date of birth?


Yeah I told them I'm not interested and not ready for something like there offering

My email is

The rest of my social media can be found at

My address is 18028 Ness Road parsons kansas 67357=8065

My phone number is 620-717-5404

I just thought I would let you know since you are the leader of our country

And plus I didn’t want to go through with it because they said they was going to teleport me off planet and never done nothing like that before kinda of scary to me but If I was shown it wasn’t so scary I might consider being teleported somewhere even if it was by the us government

Please keep this knowledge as secret as you can but by the alleged illuminatis rules I havent broke no rules because I haven’t technically agreed to their terms yet

But I thought I would inform you of this conversation I had with the alleged group

Because it would be in the best interest of the country

Im a bit skeptical of the group my self and I left part of their message out mainly their secret grand lodge code tied just to me that they were using to try to sign me up as you know now

My name is Charles Joseph Erwin

Thanks again for listening

To President Donald Trump

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

The White House, Address

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