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Pillars of professionalism

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Pillars of professionalism
They are 4 pillars i. Commitment, ii. Integrity iii. Responsibility iv. Accountability
A working professional should observe four types of codes

The professional code: a set of guidelines which spells out what professional should do what should not do. Members of a given professional should adhere to this.

A personal code: a set of moral guidelines on which professionals operate. These are acquired from the environment in which the professional grows a personal code supplements the professional code significantly.

Institutional code: code imposed by the institution in which the professional is working

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The community code: this is developed overtime on either religion or culture of the indigenous people in the area. This maybe imposed by civil law or the culture of the community in which the professional works

Responsibility of confidentiality
The aspect of respecting the confidentiality of their client’s affairs. It includes
1. Accept that individuals are the primary source of information about themselves and their issues.
2. Explain to individuals the legal limitations to confidentiality and disclose such information only when authorized by individuals or when obligated legally to do so, such as necessary to prevent a crime or to prevent individuals from doing harm to themselves or to others. Recognize that such disclosure should not be made without great care or without the individuals knowledge unless informing individuals would impede the due process of law or endanger someone.
3. Permit individuals the opportunity to check the accuracy of all data in their files as they have the right to know what their records contain.
4. Protect the privacy of individuals according to the current government regulations.

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