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History of Photography in Astronomical Measurements

History of Photometry in Astronomical Observations

History of Astrometric Measurements in Astronomy

Gaertner Single Screw Measuring Engine (1916, 1926) (among the first measuring machines for photographic work, stellar & spectral line positions)

Blink Comparator (1920's). Brashear Blink Comparator (1950) (variable blink settings)

Gaertner Single Screw Measuring Engine (1960's) (astronomical spectra to a fraction of a micron)

Mann 422F13 Measuring Engine (1967) (measure in two directions using two separate precision screws, superior accuracy)

Mann Comparator (late 1960's) (two-coordinate measuring system)

Grant 2-Coordinate Measuring Engine (1970) (easier, faster, more accurate)

Boller and Chivens Microphotometer (1970's) (measuring positions of spectral lines)

Type 621 Mann Comparator (1981) (measurements sent to a computer)

Perkin-Elmer PDS Microdensitometer Model 1010GM (1989) (automated, larger range of photographic plate density)

Future Prospects; Glossary of Terms; References and Bibliography.

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