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Link—CUTGO Enforcement = T/Off

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Link—CUTGO Enforcement = T/Off

Republicans forcing trade-offs—CUTGO limits new spending even more than PAYGO
Mehan 11 (G. Tracy, adjunct professor @George Mason University, The American Spectator, 1/6,, accessed 6-29-11, CH)

But there is more. The House Republicans are going to enact new rules "to make it harder to tax and spend," writes the Wall Street Journal editorial page. The GOP will, among other things, replace the Democrats' often ignored "paygo" approach with a "cut as you go" requirement in which increases in mandatory spending -- for new and existing entitlements -- must be matched by spending cuts in an equal or greater amount elsewhere in the budget. Another encouraging aspect of the new rules package is the empowerment of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), the new Budget Committee Chairman, the point on budget reform, to impose budget limits, on his own, for the current fiscal year.

GOP CUTGO makes deficit zero-sum—new programs will have to trade-off
Khimm 11 (Suzy, staff, Washington Bureau of Mother Jones, 1/6,, accessed 6-29-11, CH)

Under the Democrats' "pay-as-you-go" rules—introduced during the Clinton era and continued under President Obama—Congress had to match every spending increase or tax cut with a commensurate spending cut or tax increase. The GOP has now upended "pay-go" with "cut-go" rules, under which tax cuts don't have to be paid for and tax increases can't offset spending hikes. "The idea is that the only two things you can do are cut spending and cut taxes," explains the Washington Post's Ezra Klein. The problem is that cutting taxes without paying for them gives the government less to work with when it comes to balancing the budget and reducing the deficit. Effectively, the GOP rules could make it even more difficult to create new government programs, while making it far easier for the GOP to hand tax breaks to corporations and the wealth
No loopholes—CUTGO means no new spending, can’t be offset by tax increases
Van Hollen 11 (Chris, Member , Committee on the Budget, 1/5,, accessed 6-29-11, CH)

The rules package guts the pay-as-you-go concept, replacing the House rule with a new one-sided “cut-as-you-go” scheme that not only exempts certain tax cuts, but also requires new net mandatory spending to be offset by only spending cuts, not revenue increases. In particular, the new rules exempt tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, as well as any repeal of the health care law, from having to comply with the deficit neutrality standard Democrats followed under our House pay-as-you-go rule. The rules also allow reconciliation packages to deepen the deficit – a change that flies in the face of the original purpose of budget reconciliation – and exempt tax cuts from statutory pay-as-you-go requirements. The rules also give the Budget Committee Chair extraordinary power to establish new 2011 appropriations limits that were not even available before the vote on the rules package. Giving the Chair unilateral authority to impose new spending levels without even a vote or debate is a violation of their promises to operate in a transparent and open manner. On their very first day in the majority, House Republicans put in place rules to limit open debate and keep the American people in the dark. Notable Changes “Cut-as-you-go” Replaces Pay-as-you-go – The new rules replace pay-as-you-go with a “cut-as-you-goscheme that enforces discipline only on the spending side of the budget. In a break from past pay-as-you-go rules, spending increases must be offset dollar for dollar by spending cuts; revenue increases are no longer eligible to offset spending increases. The rule allows for an emergency exemption but decreases transparency by no longer requiring a separate vote on that aspect.

Link—CUTGO Enforcement—A2: CutGo Won’t Solve

Food stamps prove Congress will abide by paygo
Berman 10 (Russell, Prof Humanities@Stanford, The Hill, 8/14,, accessed 6-29-11, CH)

Food stamps have made multiple appearances on the fiscal chopping block because Democrats have few other places to turn to offset the cost of legislation. Party leaders raided the budget to find off-setting tax increases and spending cuts to pay for their top legislative priorities, including the roughly $900 billion healthcare law. Congressional pay-as-you-go rules require lawmakers to offset all non-emergency spending. Democrats have turned to the food-stamp program because funding increases enacted in the stimulus package last year were already scheduled to phase out over time. The changes proposed in the state-aid and nutrition bills would simply cut off that increase early, in March 2014. Because the cuts would not take effect for more than three years, Democratic leaders have voiced the hope that they will be able to stop the cuts in future legislation.
Republicans committed to CUTGO
Hill 11(Frank, federal spending consultant, Family Security Matters, 1/11,, accessed 6-29-11, CH

Same as with the federal budget nowadays that has been spinning out of control for these past 10 years or so. We might start calling the federal budget ‘El Diablo’ to put it on par with these spectacular Brahman bulls on the rodeo circuit. Anyway, one of the things the new GOP majority has said they are going to do in the 112th Sitting of Congress is to institute the ‘CUTGO’ budget mechanism…’Cut-As-You-Go’. Meaning specifically, if any Member of Congress wants to ‘increase’ spending in one area of the budget, say education for example, they also have to produce a corresponding ‘decrease’ in spending in another part of the budget, say, agriculture, to balance it out.

Republican CUTGO would still force trade-off
Dinan 11 (Stephen, staff, Washington Times, 1/5,, accessed 6-29-11, CH)

Republicans have taken Democrats’ pay-as-you-go, or “pay-go,” rules and changed them into what the GOP calls “cut-as-you-go.” Under those changes, new spending would have to be “paid for” by other spending cuts, but tax cuts would not need to be offset. The new rules also would streamline the process for repealing the new health care law by exempting the repeal bill from budget requirements.

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