Transactions of the Korea Branch Royal Asiatic Society

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1944. The Zoology of the Voyage of H.M.S. Samarang; under the Command of Captain Sir Edward Belcher, C.B., F.R.A.S., and G.S., during the Years 1843-1846. By John Edward Gray, Sir John Richardson, Arthur Adams, Lovell Reeve, and Adam White. Edited by Arthur Adams, Assistant-Surgeon, Q.N., attached to the Expedition.

Contents: I Vertebrata, pp, xv; 43, illus. 8 col. pls. II Fishes, pp. 28, illus. 10 pls. III Mollusca, pp. x, 87, illus. 24 col. pls. IV Crustacea, pp. viii, 66, illus. 13 pls. L. 1850

(For a general account of the expedition, with brief incidental notes on zoology, refer to Nos. 81 & 82)

1945. On a Collection of Crustacea made by Capt. H.C. St. John, R.N., in the Corean and Japanese Seas. Edward J. Miers. Part 1 Podophthalmia, with an Appendix by Capt. H.C. St. John. PZS 18-61, illus. 3 pls. 1879

1946. Notice of Some Shells dredged by Capt. St. John, R.N., in Korea Strait. J. Gwyn Jeffreys. Jour. Linn. Soc.: Zool. XIV 418-23. L. 1879

1947. On the Asteroida and Echinoidea of the Korean Seas. W. Percy Sladen. Jour. Linn. Soc.: Zool. XIV 424- 45, illus. 1 pl. L. 1879

1948. On Some Ophiuroidea from the Korean Seas. Prof. P. Martin Duncan. Jour. Linn. Soc.: Zool. XIV 445-82, illus. 3 pls. L. 1879

1949. On Lepidoptera collected in Japan and the Corea by Mr. W. Wykeham Perry. Arthur G. Butler. [page223] AMNH Fifth Ser. IX 13-20. (On voyage of H.M.S. Iron Duke to Possiette Bay in 1882). 1882

1950. On Lepidoptera from Manchuria and the Corea. Arthur G. Butler. AMNH Fifth Sen XI 109-17. 1883

1951. On a Small Series of Lepidoptera. from Corea. Arthur G. Butler. AMNH Fifth Ser. XI 277-9. 1883

1952. Zoological Indications of Ancient Connection of the Japanese Islands with the Continent. T.W. Blakiston. TASJ XI 126-40. 1883

(A general paper with only incidental reference to Korea).

1953. On a Small Collection of Birds from Korea. H. B. Tristram. Ibis. Fifth Ser. III 194-5. (8 specimens collected on voyage of H.MS. Flying Fish). L.1885

1954. Einige von Dr. Gottsche in Japan und Korea gesammelten Land- und Siisswasser- Mollusken. (Eduard) von Martens. SGNF No. 5, 76-80. 1886

1955. Beitrage zur Kenntnis der Coleopteren-Fauna Koreas. H.J. Kolbe. Archiv f. Naturges. LII 139-240, illus. 1 pl. (Dr. Gottsche’s collection). B. 1886

1956. On a New Species of Hyla from Port Hamilton, Corea, based on an Example living in the Society’s Gardens. G.A. Boulenger. PZS 578-9, illus. 1 pl. 1887

1957. Description of a New Tailed Batrachian (Hyn- obius Leechii, n. sp.) from Corea. G.A. Boulenger. AMNH Fifth Ser. XIX 67. 1887

1958. Brief Notes on the Fauna of Corea and the Adjoining Coast of Manchuria. Henry H. Giglioli & Thomas Salvadori. PZS 580-96, illus. 1 col. pl. 1887

(Collection at Florence made on world voyage of S/S Vettor Pisani in 1878-81) [page224]

1959. On the Lepidoptera of Japan and Corea: Part I Rhopalocera; Part II Heterocera, See 1: Sphinges & Bombyces; Part III Heterocera, Sec. 2: Noctues & Deltoides. J.R Leech. PZS 398- 431, illus. 2 col. pls, (1887); 580-655, illus. 3 col pls. (1888); 474-571, illus. 4 col. pls. (1889).


1960. Liste des Oiseaux recueillis en Coree par M. Jean Kalinowski. M.L. Taczanowski. PZS 596-611. 1887

1961. Die Bockkafer der Halbinsel Korea. L. Ganglbauer. Horae Societatis Entomologicae Rossicae XX 131-8. 1887

1962. Verzeichniss der von Herrn Otto Herz auf der chinesischen Halbinsel Korea gesammeiten Coieopteren. L. von Hey den. Horae Societatis Entomologicae Rossicae XXI 243-73 188

1963. Die Landschneken von Korea. Dr. O.F, von Moliendorff. Jahrb. d. Deutschen Malakozool. Gesell. XIV 9-22, illus. 2 pls., figs. Frankfurt a. M.. 1887

1964. On a Collection of Coleoptera from Korea (Tribes Geodephaga, Lamellicornia & Longicornia), made by Mr. J.H. Leech F.Z.S. H.W. Bates. PZS 367-80. 1888

1965. Liste supplementaire des Oiseaux recueillis en Coree par M. Jean Kalinowski. M.L. Taczanowski. PZS 450-69, figs. 1888

1966. New Species of Deltoids and Pyrales from Corea, North China, and Japan. J.H. Leech. Entomologist XXII 62-71, illus. 3 pls. L. 1889

1967. New Species of Crambi from Japan and Corea. J.H. Leech. Entomologist XXII 106-9, illus. 1 pl. L. 1889

1968. Description d’une nouvelle Locustella de la Coree. L. Taczanowski. PZS 620-1. 1889 [page225]

1969. On the Disttibutiaii in Eastern Asia of Certain Species of Lepidoptera occurring in Britain. Richard South. Entomologist XXIV 81-6. L. 1891

1970. Descriptions of New Species of Geometridae from China, Japan, and Corea. J.H, Leech, Entomol. SuppL 42-56. 1971. 1891

1972. BUTTERFLIES FROM CHINA, JAPAN, AND COREA. John Henry Leech. 2 vols, text: pp. lv, 681, illus. 5 pls., maps; 1 vol. plates, with 43 col. pls. Contents; Vol. I. Nymphalidae, Lemoniidae; Vol. II. Lycaenidae, Papilionidae, Hesperndae. Published in parts. L. 1892-4

Rev. in Nature LI 6-7, by W.F.K.(1894-5)

1973. Diagnosis of a New Subspecies of Hare from the Corea. Oldfkld Thomas. AMNH Sixth Ser. IX 146-7. 1892

1974. A List of Birds collected in Corea by CM. Campbell, of H.B.M. Consular Service. Ibis. Sixth Ser. IV 230-48, illus. 1 col. pl L. 1892

1975. Sporting Notes in the Far East. Lieut. C. Cradock, Royal Navy. pp. v, 213, illus., maps. (K: 125-39, illus. & 3 sketch-maps: Corea-Chemulpho, Port Hamilton, Fusan, Fort Lazaref, Shin-po, Goshkevitch Bay.). L. 1892

1975. New Susswasser-Conchylien a us Korea. (Eduard) von Martens. SGNF No. 8, 207-17. 1894

1976. On Lepidoptera Heterocera from China, Japan, and Corea. John Henry Leech. AMNH Sixth Ser, XIX 180-235, 297-349, 414-63, 543-73, 640-79; XX 65-110, 228-48; illus. 2 pls. 1897

1977. Lepidoptera Hetorocera from Northern China, Japan, and Corea. John Henry Leedl. Trans. Emtomol.

Soc.: (Part 1) 261-379 (1898); (Part 2) 99-219 (1899); [page226] (Part 3) 9-161 (1900); (Part 4) 511-663 (1900); (Part 5) With Descriptions of New Species by Richard South, 385-514, illus. 2 col. pls. (1901). L. 1898-1901

1978. Note on a few Orthoptera from Japan and Korea. Malcolm Burr. Entomol. M’thly. Mag. IX 29-30. (Collected by T.S. Fletcher at Port Lazareff). L. 1898

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Coll. Agric., Tokyo Imp. Univ. VI No. 1, 21-6, illus. 1 col. pl. T. 1904

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1983. A Hunt for Wild Hogs. James E. Adams. K. Rev. V 41-6. 1905

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1989. On Worms of the Family Gordiidae from Korea. Dr. von Linstow. PZS 556—7, fig. 1906

1990. The Duke of Bedford’s Zoological Exploration in Eastern Asia: II List of Small Mammals from Korea and Quelpart, by Oldfield Thomas; V Second List of Mammals from Korea, by Oldfield Thomas; VIII A Collection of Fresh-water Fishes from Corea, by C. Tate Regan. PZS 856-65 (1906); 462-6 (1907); 59-63, illus. 2 pls. (1908).

1991. Eighteen New Species and One New Genus of Birds from Eastern Asia and the Aleutian Islands Austin H. Clark. Proc. U.S. Nat’l Mus. XXXII 467-75.

(Based mainly on the collection made in Korea by Pierre Louis Jouy) W. 1907

1992. Herpetology of Japan and Adjacent Territory. Leonhard Stejneger. Bull. U.S. Natl Mus. LVIII. pp. xx, 577, illus. 35 pls., figs. W. 1907

(Covers also Korea).

1994. Description of a New Cyprinoid Fish, Acheilognathus Signifer, from Korea, with a Synopsis of All the Known Rhodeinae. L.S.Berg. AMNH Seventh Ser. XIX 159-63. 1907

1994. Revision des Poissons d’eau douce de la Coree. L. Berg. AMZ XII 1-12. (In Russian, with Latin names of spec-ies listed). 1907

1995. A Comparison of the Land-Snail Fauna of Korea with the Faunas of Japan and China. Henry A. Pilsbry. PANS LX 452-5. 1908 [page228]

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2020. On Some New Mammals from Korea and Manchuria. Prof. T. Mori. AMNH Ninth Ser. X 607-14. 1922

2021. On Two Forms of the Korean Hedgehog. Prof. T. Mori. AMNH Ninth Ser. X 614-16. 1922

2022. On Some New and Rare Birds from Corea. Nagamichi Kuroda, Tamezo Mori. Auk N.S. XXXIX 364-6 Lancaster, Pa. 1922

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81. (In Jap. with brief Eng. summary and Latin names of species listed). T. 1926

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2034. Some Myrmeleonidae and Ascalaphidae from Corea. Dr. Hanjira Okamoto. IM I 18-22. 1926

2035. Some New and Unrecorded Lycaenids-Species from Japan, Corea and Formosa. Dr. S. Matsumura. IM I 23-31. 1926

2036. Some Aphididae from Corea. H. Okamoto & R. Takahashi. IM I 130-48. 1927 [page232]

2037. A List of the Butterflies of Corea, With Descriptions of New Species, Subspecies and Aberrations. Dr. S. Matsumura. IM I 159-70. 1) 27

2038. New and Rare Species of Mecoptera from Corea, Formosa and Japan. Syuti Isshiki. IM II 1-12, figs. 1927

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