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482 The attractivncss of the theory of a racial hierarchy still assures it adherents: as may be seen from material in Professor Jan Czekanowski's "Zarys antropologii Polski" (1930), there are quite a number in Poland. They have discovered that Lapponoids are inferior in understanding (barely suited to the arts, but not to the natural sciences!); that Poles of Nordic type lead the way in ability (it is foreseen [fortunately] that this type will prevail among the intelligentsia of the future); and now they have advanced as far as "psychopathological and criminological differentiation" according to anthropological factors. "Zarys antropologii Polski", pp. 441, 445, 446, 449, 464. 525, 526. The hierarchy of races is contained within this "in nuce"; but is it not a premature generalisation based on material still of the slightest?

Professor Czekanowski himself writes for example: "We know that social strata differ in their racial composition" (ibid., 471), and that "in France the Revolution was an anthropological change of the ruling class" (ibid., 527). This thesis derives from Vacher de Lapouge, who very logically also considered desirable the introduction of castes. The theory of the racial character of social groups had been developed by Ludwig Gumplowicz.

483 In "Avant-propos" to Pittard, op. cit., p. XVII.

484 I should not like this chapter to be regarded as a claim on my part to skill in anthropology. I have studied it incompletely, to the extent required by the problem of the relation of civilisation to race; I am an historian.

The same reservation applies to the next chapter.

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487 Obviously this is not binding on any one, and I shall adapt myself to the philologists' pronouncements as soon as they deal with the matter.

488 This also "salvis iuribus" of the philologists!

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539 And surely it was the height of learned error to consider this an expression of matriarchy! See Father Tonelli, op. cit., p. 200.

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584 In Poland Jews always give two native languages: Hebrew (modern Hebrew) and Yiddish, and the authorities also regard both as Jewish native languages. Hence the quotation marks; according to Latin ideas a man can only have one native language.

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586 The original sketch of this chapter appeared in "Ateneum Kapłańskie" in 1926.

587 So for example Meyer, op. cit., pp. 105, 112.

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589 Father Jozef Kruszynski. "Studia nad porównawczą historią religij". Poznań, 1926, pp. 194, 195. Recent information points to strong influence of the religion of Fire on other contemporary religions, including Judaism, a point on which there is much learned literature. These views are opposed by Eduard Meyer. At the beginning of our era, when Buddhism was the ruling religion in North-West India, the local Kings Huwishka and Kanishka nevertheless remained fire-worshippers. Recent research has shown that Gotama also had among his pupils worshippers of the holy fire Agna. See Rhys-Davids, pp. 55, 234. There are references here and there to the Parsees in the works of travellers, but of such a kind (quantitatively and qualitatively) that the sole result is curiosity. In Polish valuable information about the Parsees of Bombay is provided from personal observation in Marcinkowska, op. cit., pp. 40-58.

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595 Jewish philosophy of the divine attributes served as a bridge between India and Orthodoxy. It would be to depart too far from our theme to discuss this here. On Jewish influences on Orthodoxy, see "Dzieje Rosji" (History of Russia, by Koneczny), vol. I and II.

596 I have not in general provided references in this section, because I expect to publish shortly a full-scale work on the Jewish civilisation.

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660 Obviously it is only in such a "description" that it will appear whether my method is the right one. Aware of this, I did not prepare the present work for printing until I had myself checked its content in a detailed investigation: I have now almost completed descriptions of the Jewish and Byzantine civilizations. Having convinced myself that the method works, this treatise appears in print first, as a foundation. (Koneczny's "Byzantine Civilisation" and "Jewish Civilization", works larger than the present volume, have in fact been finally completed only after the 1939/45 war. They have not been printed yet and are known to a limited circle of friends only in typescripted copies. Transl). [They have been first printed (in Polish) in 1973 and 1974 respectively].

661 Błażej Pawłowicz. "Kilka rysów z życia ludu w Zalasowej". ("Materialy antropologiczno-archeologiczne i etnograficzne, wydawane staraniem Komisji antropologicznej Akadem i Umiejetności". Vol. I, Cracow 1916. Part II, "Dział etnograficzny", pp. 229-265). On survivals of the lunar year among Yugrians, Esthonians and Slavs, on intercalation and extracaladon, "marczyk", "podmarczyk" and "hrudeń", see Moszyński, op. cit., vol. II, pp. 136-169.

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663 Graebner in his "Ethnologie" came near this law when he wrote: "Aber der weitaus stärkere Kulturausgleich liegt bei den einander näher stehenden höheren Kulturen". "Anthropologie", op. cit. p. 578.

664 See Chapter I

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