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        1. Transylvania University is committed to conducting an intercollegiate athletics program that promotes the character development of participants, enhances the integrity of higher education and enhances civility in society. Coaches, student-athletes, fans and others associated with the athletics program must adhere to the fundamental values of respect, fairness, civility, honesty and responsibility. These must be manifested not only in athletics participation but also in the spectrum of associated activities transcending the athletics program.

        2. The following sportsmanship axioms are to be observed:

  • Integrity: High ideals of ethics/integrity; pursuing victory with honor.

  • Respect: Treating all people with high regard and consideration; this includes officials, coaches, opponents, fans. No taunting or demeaning actions.

  • Class: Gracious in victory and accepting defeat with dignity; complimenting extraordinary performance, showing respect in pre-and post-game rituals. No profanity or obscene gestures, etc. at any time.

  • Positive approach: In coaching methodologies and actions that increase confidence and self-esteem; avoid physical or psychological intimidation, verbal abuse, and conduct that demean student-athletes or others.

  • Role-Modeling: Being conscientious of the high visibility and influence one has as a coach or athlete and behaving in an exemplary manner

  • Privilege to Compete: Assuring that student-athletes understand that participation in intercollegiate athletics is a privilege, not a right; they are expected to represent the school and team with honor, both in and out of the playing arena

  • Self-control: Maintaining composure; controlling ego and emotions to avoid inappropriate displays of anger and frustration

  • Promoting Sportsmanship: This over gamesmanship; resisting temptations to gain competitive advantage through strategies that violate the rules, disrespect the highest traditions of the sport, or change the nature of competition by negating or diminishing the impact of the core athletic skills that define the sport and the Heartland Conference. Transylvania will be participating in a sportsmanship initiative sponsored by the NCAA. The attached flyer gives further information.

Media Relations
The Sports Information Office offers the news media assistance in covering the university’s intercollegiate athletics program. The SID makes an effort to promote the sports teams and works cooperatively with local, regional, and national media as well as with student-athletes. Student-athletes have a responsibility to the university, the coaches, and teammates to have a positive relationship with the media. The Sports Information Director is available to assist student-athletes in preparation for dealing with reporters and handling interview sessions.
Student-Athlete Code of Conduct

Participation on an athletic team representing Transylvania University is a privilege that comes with rights, responsibilities and expectations. As student-athletes, we are expected to conduct ourselves with honesty, sportsmanship, integrity and pride on and off the playing field. This code does not encompass every ethical and behavioral question that may arise, and good faith and common sense should govern our decision-making process. Our own personal integrity and good judgment are essential for ethical and responsible conduct.

Student-Athlete Rights
Each student-athlete has the right to be treated as a student, and an individual of worth, with both dignity and respect in all aspects of her/his athletic experience. As student-athletes, we have the right to:

  • Pursue the requirements and personal commitments of our academic program;

  • Be informed of all team guidelines, rules and expectations by the Athletic Department and/or coaching staff at the beginning of each academic year, or the time within each year that participation begins;

  • Be afforded privacy and confidentiality in accordance with applicable laws and university policies which protect individual educational and medical records;

  • Have individual or peer representation on the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and any other appropriate University/Departmental committee established regarding intercollegiate athletics;

  • Be fully advised of all medical recommendations made by the departments athletic trainers or team physicians concerning athletic injury or illness, and be given the opportunity to accept or decline the prescribed treatment. We will be fully informed of the consequences of athletic injury with regard to my athletic eligibility. We have the right to seek other medical opinions at our own expense, however the final decision for medical clearance to participate in athletic is the decision of the athletic trainers and the team physician;

  • Be informed of the rationale for any disciplinary action taken by my head coach or other athletics staff;

  • Express grievance against disciplinary actions taken by my head coach that affects participation in practice or competition and have that grievance handled in a timely manner (the grievance procedures do not apply to sanctions rendered by the Department of Athletics Administration as a result of Code of Conduct violations);

Be free to participate in campus organizations and campus activities whose events do not conflict with practice or competition schedules, provided such activities do not violate conference or NCAA rule for intercollegiate participation;

  • Participate in an intercollegiate athletics environment that includes safe equipment, facilities, and transportation;

  • Be given the opportunity to complete an exit survey/questionnaire and have a personal interview with a Department of Athletics administrator upon the conclusion of my participation in intercollegiate athletics.

Student Athlete Responsibilities
As a student-athlete, we are expected to display the highest level of sportsmanship and ethical conduct and to strive for excellence by following these principles:

  • We share a commitment that all student-athletes are held accountable to higher standards than other students;

  • We will consider academic responsibilities our highest priority;

  • We will abide by all standards and regulations of our coach and the university;

  • We will follow all conference and NCAA rules and regulations;

  • We will accept and support the overall philosophy of the athletic department. We will also act with pride, class, and dignity and represent the team, coaches, athletics department and the university in a positive manner;

  • We will have respect for all persons, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious preferences, or gender. Due to the serious nature of these offenses, discrimination or harassing behavior will be dealt with through the university’s disciplinary system;

  • Those of us who are of legal drinking age who consume alcohol must do so responsibly and remain within the boundaries as set by team and state policies. Those of us that are not of drinking age shall abide by all federal, state, local, university, Athletic Department, team, conference, and NCAA alcohol laws, guidelines, policies and regulations. The distribution of alcohol to prospective student athletes and current student-athletes under the age of 21 is illegal and strictly prohibited, and will be dealt with under the proper authority;

  • The use of illegal drugs and banned substances is prohibited as per NCAA regulations;

  • Any personal or academic conduct that is harmful to the college or athletic department will be dealt with in an appropriate fashion. This includes violations of the Transylvania University code of conduct or any state or federal laws. In the event that an individual is convicted of a felony, the status of the student’s eligibility will be under review by the athletic department staff;

  • We are not prohibited from using social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace, however, we understand that any content they make public on the sites are expected to comply with federal government, Commonwealth of Kentucky, NCAA, HCAC, and team rules and regulations;

  • We shall maintain all equipment entrusted to us and return it in good condition. Those that do not return distributed equipment in a timely fashion will be subject to penalties as set forth by the head coach;

  • We will be accountable and responsible for behavior in dormitories. The breaking of dormitory rules will be subject to residence life and team policies;

Failure to agree and adhere to the terms and conditions of the Code of Conduct can result in actions ranging from reprimand or suspension to dismissal from the university’s athletic program. It is the Athletic Departments intention to achieve a level of behavior that reflects positively on all members of the Transylvania Athletics community. This Code of Conduct is in addition to any specific team policies established by your coach, as well as all guidelines established by the university that apply to all students.

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