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Roles of a manager

In any organization, a manager is a person who is recognized as the pilot of the responsibilities for planning, staffing, organizing and crucially, controlling and directing the accomplishments of the organizational goals (Marples, 2019) Routledge. Managers are the ones, who play a variety of roles within a company in order to accomplish the goals and work of an organization. Management in any organization usually has more than one manager. Their ranks of managers are divided into three different segments depending upon the importance of the tasks regarding organizational goals. The upper level is. more concentrated towards the planning and organization of different tasks according to the requirements, middle level focuses more on the coordination and control of different sections of the organization and the third level of managers are the ones loaded with the most robust task in the organization that is to align personal talents of the workers with the goals of the organization.

A manager has to lead his assistants to put the organizational tactics into exercise. The duty of a manager is to handle all resources, which includes productive as well as individual, in this human factor is most important. A fair share of the manager's role is covered with communicating and handling the work force. Most of his efforts are evaluating numbers and obtaining progress integrated to the progress of the organization and accordingly planning and implementing the counteracting measures. Thus, a manager's job primarily consists of the administration of the workforce to achieve the goals and targets of the organization (Mahlamäki, Rintamäki, and Rajah, 2019). As a leader the roles of the manager are to hire, train, and motivate his teammates. At present in all managerial jobs, a manager works as a spoke-person, who transmits information to individuals outside the organization.

Managers are the leaders who play a variety of role in order to achieve the goals of an organization. The managers have to work as a disturbance handler, where they have to handle problematic and non-routine circumstances such as energy shortages, strikes, etc. sometimes as resource allocator, the manager is the one who decides how to distribute the, and with whom he will work most closely. The managers sometimes play the role of a negotiator. They have to negotiate with custom­ers, suppliers, individual employees, unions, the government, and other groups. As a figurehead, managers have to play some interpersonal roles in which they have to be socially active and it includes attending some ceremonies like ribbon cutting as well as taking the investors to dinner.

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