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Managers and RDT

Below are some key uses of Resource dependency theory to the managers of the organizations:

1) The managers have a key role in hiring and training procedures in any organization. RDT helps in estimating the requirements of the different sections of the organization (Nolan, and Garavan, 2019) Not, only that it helps in estimating the resources for training procedure as well.

2) Managers use RDT to ignore dependencies for resources over other organizations (Ghobaei-Arani, Souri and Rahmanian, 2019), this helps in creating strategies accordingly to have a better. negotiation position. This also is very helpful for an organization before making any merging and acquiring decisions of any other organization (Zhang, van Donk, and Jayaram, 2020).

3) RDT helps managers in having a better understanding of the politics among the organizations (Sutton, Lamont and Holmes, 2020.) increments in the scale of production and most importantly building new relationships with a different organization.

4) Managers acquire information from different sources like meetings and documentation, RDT helps them in keeping this information at an arms distance. This helps in interpreting patterns of resource acquiring process of other organizations, and then further plans can be made accordingly (Stray, Moe, and Aasheim, 2019).

5)RDT helped mangers in understanding. that customers are also one of the main resources that a company or an organization requires the most to work successfully (O'Keeffe, 2016). The success of any organization is directly proportional to customer-demand, Customers are the ultimate resource of any firm.

6)A manager is someone who has to make decisions all the time for the betterment of the organization. They decide as entrepreneurs, distribution handlers or resource allocators, which requires good negotiation skills (Inyang, Agnihotri and Munoz, 2018). RDT helps in having an easy check over the resources which provides good knowledge while doing negotiations.

Download 89.13 Kb.

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