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Cons and Pros of Unity


  • Insanely fast unity game development speeds. It follows agile game creation and facilitates quick prototyping and continuous releases.

  • Easy and quick import process of resource subsystem leading to an optimized unified Assets pipeline and supports most image, audio, video and text formats band 3D packages.

  • Excellent Integrated Level editor with supporting JavaScript and C# for scripting.

  • Superior support for de-bugging and tweaking as all the game variable are displayed during gameplay which enables systematic tweaking and de-bugging processes at runtime.

  • Vast Unity 3D games communities and marketplaces which offer wide built components for sound, physics, rendering, controls etc. The Assets store is very much reminiscent of any Phone App stores.

  • Multi-threading, collections, I/O and expressive LINQ library functions using Mono as script host.

  • Multi-platform unity game development and deployment platforms for Consoles, Desktops, Browsers and Mobiles.

  • Excellent and easy 3D surround/panning implementation and Audio engine.


  • Hogs more memory, this may cause OOM errors in mobile devices and debugging issues.

  • As no source codes are provided, performance issues are hard to find, address and fix.

  • Expensive if you need to use its entire features (render textures, stencil buffer support etc.).

  • Developing a large AAA game title needs a lot of optimizations.

  • Additional costs to purchase Mobile Pro licenses for effective deployment.

  • Outdated version of mono restricting your game to certain size and constant struggle with the GC.

  • Easy to get un-organized with your hierarchy structure or directory and has too many folders, assets etc. even with nested items.

  • More is desired from the terrain system and better of using other programs for creating and texturing terrain.

  • NO support for HTML5 WebGL for now.

  • Switching build targets requires re-importing everything and time taking when working on a multi-platform game.

Download 169.65 Kb.

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