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Phase 4 - Team Building:

To start the design and development need a Team for make our concepts true. So need team members as per the game's requirements like designers, programmers, testers etc.

In general, there are so many categorized people needed in the game development, here we have listed the general categorized and occupations peoples for any games.

Phase 5 - Concept Design:

Concept Design means design prototype of actual requirement/idea/story; it’s also called Game Design.

Game Design is the heart of any game/product. Game Design is the proof of the mastery of the craft to bring an idea to a reality.

It is a most innovative, creative and complex process of any game. It's must have needed to makes a good and quality games. It's requires a critical interactive thinking, understanding, implementing, executing, behavior, UI of the design.

Before starting the development game designer create one document it's known as, "Game Design Document (GDD)".

In GDD describe all the virtual ideas and design as a blueprint of the game/product.

Game Design Elements:

  • UI Interface

  • Game Data

  • Player Data & Characteristics

  • Level Design

  • Game play & Mechanism

  • 3D/2D Game Arena

  • Game Objects/Powers/Properties

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • VFX/Animations

  • Sound Music

  • Support & Future Enhancements

Download 169.65 Kb.

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