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Phase 6 - Development:

After completing the GDD, now the time to start development of the actual game concept/idea as per describe in the Game Design.

To select the Game Engine and its supportive modules/plug-ins/frameworks/platforms should be start the programming for the development.
Lead programmer have the major responsibilities about the game development progress and quality, he/she should make the checklist of the pending/working/completed task list as per the developer's task. Every programmer/developer have to submit their work to lead programmer. Lead developer must follow the code review system as per the game architecture he/she has chosen.
For programmer input and output data is simple, however handling that with art, visuals, animation, VFX, collision, physics, sounds. scene/level management, AI, dynamic object spawning and destroying, loading and unloading resources, shaders, rendering, garbage collector handling, CPU&GPU usage, game load, multi-platforms supports, advertising integration, virtual goods implementations makes it complex.
Lead Developer/ Developer should have ability of coding system & it's terminology.

  • Abstraction

  • Modularity

  • Design Pattern

  • Software/Game Architecture

  • Coding Structure/Style

  • OOP skills

  • Robust programming

  • Use less resources & Generate more output

  • Feel end user experience

Download 169.65 Kb.

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