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Phase 7 - Testing:

Testing is the mirror of our final product.

Testing is the most important part of the GDLC. Testing and game design have the same weight in the any game/concept development architecture.
Testing is not just playing the game at your workplace/arena. It's actual end user experience with the respect to our product. It is repetitive and interactive process of the same screen flow input and expecting the output from the user for quality of games.
QA under Bugs Tracker Report and Testing team must work on two documents,

            I) Test Cases Documents

            II) Test Plans Documents
QA team must ensure some documents and file system involves in every testing process.

  • Defect/Bug

  • Reproduce

  • Module

  • Frequency

  • Bug Log Number

  • Status/Occurrence

  • Screenshots

  • Platforms

  • Date Time

There are some types of testing methodology also have to do by QA team like Functional Testing, Interruption Testing, Module Testing, Performance Testing, Load Testing, Memory Testing, Compatibility Testing, Compliance Testing, Behavior Testing, End user experience Testing, Network Testing etc.

Download 169.65 Kb.

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