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Phase 10 - Sales & Marketing:

After releasing the final product now new task started by sales and marketing team.

The marketing team have to continues focus and analyzing the data report of our live game, and generate report of the user experience.
Marketing peoples also check the rating/reviews those given by users, related to our products and also give appropriate answer to that users, also provide supports for user's query. Submit query report to QA team, and then QA team take action and inform to related departments.
Marketing peoples also boost up the product also using online and offline marketing methodologies.
For attract the user more and make boosting up the game need to apply marketing methodology for getting more audience.
Marketing Team have to track the all data of current game, current concurrent users, current game play, and analyze the data and if any changes needed then inform to appropriate department, these team will work with the current audience and try to increase the peoples.  
Marketing Team also making some planning for increase the revenue, and produce new ideas and terminology for helping to revenue generation.
Marketing Team also keep watch on our competitor's activity and new releases. For to keep product on Top Position it's needed to know who are our competitor and how's it's product? How we can improve our product then others and keep it always on Top Position.

Download 169.65 Kb.

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