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Master of Health Administration Graduate Program Student Handbook Chapter 3 Program & Degree Requirements

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Master of Health Administration Graduate Program Student Handbook
Chapter 3 Program & Degree Requirements

 3.1 Program of Study
 3.2 Required Course Descriptions
 3.3 Healthcare Administration Capstone & Practicum
 3.4 Field Experiences
 3.5 Elective Courses
 3.6 Transfer of Credit
 3.7 MHA Program Course Sequence for Students Starting Fall 2012 or Later
 3.8 Application for Graduation
 3.9 Award of Degree

3.1 Program of Study

  • Program of Study

  • Major: Health Administration

Degree: Master of Health Admin.


Students entering this program without an undergraduate degree in health administration or business administration must complete prerequisite course work in Financial Accounting (ACG2021) and (GM) Elementary Statistics for Health and Social Sciences (STA2014) or (GM) Elementary Statistics for Business (STA2023).

Major Requirements (48 credits)

HSA5177 Health Care Finance (3 Credits)

HSA6114 Health Organization/Delivery (3 Credits)

HSA6186 Healthcare Leadership (3 Credits)

HSA6435 Health Economics (3 Credits)

HSA6198 Health Information Technology (3 Credits)

HSA6196 Quantitative Analysis Health (3 Credits)

HSA6905 Health Policy (3 Credits)

HSA6385 Quality Management Health Care (3 Credits)

HSA6149 Health Planning and Marketing (3 Credits)

HSA6427 Health Law (3 Credits)

HSA6342 Healthcare Human Resources (3 Credits)

HSA6178 Advanced Health Care Financial Mgmt (3 Credits)

HSA6520 Managerial Epidemiology (3 Credits)

HSA6188 Capstone: Healthcare Strat Mgmt (3 Credits)

HSA6118 Org Theory/Behavior in Health (3 Credits)


For a total of 3 hours:

    • HSA 6815 Pract: Exec Skill Development (3 credits)

    • HSA 6945 Long Term Care Internship (3 credits)

    • HSC 6970 Thesis (3 credits)

Electives (6 credits)


Electives must be selected from 5000 or 6000 level GEY, HSA, HSC, MAN and PAD courses or other graduate level courses with Program Director approval. MAN and PAD courses will require approval from their respective programs.

For the first year Masters of Health Administration students, if you have no healthcare work experience, the following course would be great elective: HSA6940 MHA Internship (3 credits).

3.2 Required Courses Descriptions

HSA5177: Health Care Finance

Corequisite: ACG 2021 or equivalent. This course is designed to provide a foundation in current finance theory with tools needed by health care managers in day-to-day practice. The course finance content encompasses the spectrum of the health care industry and provides financial models used for cost-effective analysis.


HSA6114: Health Organization and Delivery

Examines the organization and administration of the U.S. health care system including its various health care service settings, personnel resources, and sources of system finance.


HSA6118: Org Theory/Behavior in Health Care

This course focuses on reviewing theory explaining why healthcare organization exist as they do, and how individuals within organization both affect and are affected by the structure of the organization. The courses primary purpose is to provide students with a foundation to understanding principles of organization theory and organization behavior so that they can better understand and administrate within healthcare organizations.


HSA6149: Health Planning and Marketing

Prerequisite:  Undergraduate marketing course or equivalent. This course examines planning and marketing as related to health care organizations. Emphasis is placed on the planning process and the elements and methods of marketing health care services in relation to the role of the consumer, governing body, administration and health care.


HSA6178: Advanced Health Care Financial Management

Prerequisites: HSA 5177, HSA 6196. This course examines the concepts and techniques of financial management in health care delivery system settings. Examines organizational cost behavior, budgeting, cost allocation and financial modeling.


HSA6186: Healthcare Leadership

Prerequisites: HSA 6114. This course addresses current leadership theory focusing on leadership styles, motivation, change management, innovation, and creativity as they relate to management of health services organizations. This course will also explore the ethical dilemmas facing healthcare leaders.


HSA6188: Capstone: Healthcare Strategic Management

Prerequisite:  HSA 6435; HSA 6114; HSA 5177. 
This "capstone" course is intended to integrate the various disciplines - finance, human resources, law, ethics, policy, operations, research, etc. - into a comprehensive and practical framework. This course will challenge students to put acquired skills, theories and strategies into practice in various segments of the health industry. 


HSA6196: Quantitative Analysis for Health Services

Prerequisites: HSA 5177 Health Care Finance This course covers the financial and statistical techniques used in managerial decision-making in the health care industry. Emphasis will be placed on the analysis of financial data and application of analytical tools in the evaluation of healthcare programs and organizations.


HSA6198: Health Information Technology

This course will examine healthcare information systems with respect to their composition, role, and development within the healthcare environment. In addition, the course will discuss methods for evaluating new health information technology for acquisition by healthcare organizations.


HSA6225: Long-Term Care Administration

This course examines long-term care delivery systems with emphasis placed on issues relating to the delivery of quality health services and effective administration. The impact of increased numbers of elderly, increasingly limited resources, state and federal regulatory guidelines and consumer expectations are examined.


HSA6342: Healthcare Human Resources

This course focuses on the management of people in healthcare organizations. The course will provide a comprehensive set of managerial tasks and activities designed to develop human resources management (HRM) skills applicable to health services. Aspects of the external environment that affect how people are managed in the healthcare workplace will also be examined.


HSA6385: Quality Management in Health Care

This course will provide students an opportunity to examine many of the issues related to quality measurement in health care. The course will emphasize individual and group inquiry into various quality measurement programs and will examine the theoretical basis for current quality measurement activity in the health care field.


HSA6425: Health Law

This course is designed to provide students understanding of the legal environment in which health care services are provided and to develop skills in analyzing many of the current legal and ethical issues facing health care practitioners and administrators.


HSA6435: Health Economics

This course examines supply and demand factors, financing of care, efficiency and cost of delivery as related to the health care system. Special attention will be given to physician and hospital reimbursement and behavior, competition and rationing as mechanisms for controlling expenditures.


HSA6520: Managerial Epidemiology

This course covers epidemiological concepts and methods for measuring and interpreting data related to the distribution and determinants of morbidity and mortality in human populations. The course will acquaint students with the fundamentals of epidemiologic inquiry, population studies and design, biases that affect interpretation of clinical studies, and applications to decision-making in health care and public health management.


HSA6813: Aging Capstone

Prerequisite:  HSA 6114, HSA 5177, HSA 6225 
The Aging Capstone is designed to provide students the opportunity to gain practical experience while demonstrating the integration of classroom knowledge and theory in management of aging programs and services within the health care industry. Students will select an internship in an aging services organization or a faculty supervised community-based project. This course is a culminating experience and is taken the last semester of academic enrollment. 

v. 3-6

HSA6815: Practicum: Executive Skill Development

Prerequisite: HSA 6188 

This Executive Skill Development course is designed to develop and enhance the skills necessary for success as a healthcare executive through management practice in health care administration. The course provides the students the opportunity to gain practical experience and integrate classroom knowledge and theory in an administrative setting within the health care industry.


HSA6905: Health Policy

Prerequisite:  HSA 6114 This course is an introduction to the study of health policy and analysis. The course will focus on several components of health policy, including how policy is developed and how it can be described, analyzed, and evaluated. The main emphasis will be upon providing the tools with which to understand how governmental bodies produce policy in its various forms.


HSA6908: Directed Independent Study

Prerequisite: Permission of supervising faculty and Department Chair. This course allows the student to complete a specialized study or research project under the direction of program faculty. This course can be repeated once for an additional 3 credits.


HSA6945: Long Term Care Internship

Prerequisite:  HSA6225 and completion of program requirements for Geriatric Management (MSH) or the MHA Program and Program Director approval. 
The long-term care administration internship provides the student with the opportunity to gain practical experience and integrate classroom knowledge and theory in a skilled nursing facility setting. It is specifically designed to meet the state mandated internship requirements (rule 64B10-16 F.A.C) for admission to the Florida Nursing Home Administrators Licensure Examination. 
Course Fees: $125.46


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