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Panayotis John Lymberopoulos, Ph.D.
Leeds School of Business

University of Colorado at Boulder

Campus Box 419

Boulder, Colorado 80309-0419, USA
Telephone: (303) 492-7541 Fax: (303) 492-7676 Email: P.Lymberopoulos@Colorado.Edu

Dr. P. John Lymberopoulos is Professor Emeritus of International Business and Finance at the Leeds School of Business of the University of Colorado at Boulder. During the period of 1970-1981, as Dean of the Division of Continuing Education, he administered a comprehensive academic program for the adult learner that included major conferences for professionals, executive development programs, and University academic offerings. In 1976, Dr. Lymberopoulos was instrumental to bring to the University the Semester at Sea Program, which became the catalyst in the internationalization of the undergraduate student body. From 1984 to 1999, he held the position of Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies in the School.

A Scholarship graduate at Athens College in Greece, Dr. Lymberopoulos was graduated from Ohio University with a degree in International Economics and Statistics and was awarded his M.B.A. and Ph.D. degrees from The University of Texas, Austin, where he received the Award for Excellence in Teaching. His academic disciplines include Analysis of Business Conditions, Forecasting, Corporate Finance, Strategic Planning, International Financial Management, International Business, and Cross Cultural Management.
In recent years, his research interests have been focused on the economic integration of Europe with special emphasis on the impact that the European Union will have on Greece, his native land. Dr. Lymberopoulos has been monitoring Greece’s economic progress and has also been a keen observer of the political and economic relationships between Greece and Turkey. During the period of 1998-2004, Dr. Lymberopoulos served as Visiting Professor at the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration. In addition, he served as consultant to the Government of the United Arab Emirates assisting in the establishment of Zayed University, the first institution of higher learning exclusively for women.
During the Summer of 1996, he was invited by the Atlanta Olympic Committee to serve as the translator for the Greek Olympic Delegation. As a volunteer Language Agent he had primary responsibility for all press conferences involving Greek Athletes. Prior to the commencement of the 1996 Olympics he worked with the Language Committee that put together a complete Interpreter’s Guide that covered the entire protocol that was to be followed by all language agents. This document was published and distributed by the Atlanta Olympic Committee. In addition, during the 1996 Olympics, he also served as the “on the scene radio reporter” to the Denver radio station KTLK providing direct live reports from the various Olympic venues. During the 2004 Olympic Games, Dr. Lymberopoulos was invited to serve as the “Athens Liaison” for the Division of International Games of the United States Olympic Committee and was assigned to the Committee’s headquarters in Athens.
The Recipient of the May D & F Teaching Excellence Award, Dr. Lymberopoulos has had extensive teaching and research experience, primarily in the area of executive decision making, and has published widely in professional journals. He is a member of a number of professional organizations and national academic societies. He has been cited in “Who’s Who in the West” and in “Leaders in Education.”
Dr. Lymberopoulos has addressed national audiences of business leaders, industry executives, and executives of volunteer organizations in the areas of “Strategic Planning,” “International Financial Management,” “Cross Cultural Management,” “Statistical Forecasting,” and “Business Research Methodology.” His consulting credits include PepsiCo, the Anheuser-Busch Companies, Cambell-Taggart, the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado, QwestDex, Bell South Publishing and Advertising, and the Institutes for Organization Management of the United States Chamber of Commerce.

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