Upgrade to ibm connections 0 cr5

IBM WebSphere Java SDKs for WebSphere Application Server

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Upgrade Guide to IBM Connections 6.0 CR5 0
IBM WebSphere Java SDKs for WebSphere Application Server
NOTE: Upgrading IBM WebSphere to the latest recommended update is optional and not mandatory when deploying an IBM Connections CR. By deploying the latest WAS fixpack it prevents the occurrence of known issues in your environment, increasing stability and minimizing downtime.
2. IBM Connections 6.0 requirements for IBM FileNet for use with Connections Content Manager (CCM) No updates for IC 6.0 CR and above)
Note: If the FileNet Components require updating on your deployment, upgrade to
WebSphere Application Server AFTER the FileNet components have been updated. Updating the FileNet components requires switching to Java 6.0 which WAS no longer supports. WAS forces all profiles within WebSphere to be upgraded to Java 8.
Technote 2009305
Download table for IC 6.0 IFR1\CR1:

Upgrade to IBM Connections 6.0 CR 2/4/2019 Page 6
FileNet Component
FileNet Content Engine Server
FileNet Content Engine Client
IBM Content Navigator
(FileNet Collaboration Services (FNCS))
** IC 6.0 CR does not require an update to ICN however there is a requirement to have the binary file available to update the FNCE Client.
3. Installation Manager 1.8.5 or above No updates since IC 6.0)
Technote 7025142 4. IBM Connections 6.0 CR Fix Central download link for the IC 6.0 CR package (
5. Required database updates for Files and Wikis. Updating the IBM Connections 6.0 databases to the required schema versions for Cumulative Refresh 5 (CR) technote It is assumed that all installation packages have been copied into the folder

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