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How-to-Sell Guide

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1. Introduction p. 1

2. LSP 500 PRO - The Product p. 2

3. Target Groups p. 9

4. Marketing & Sales p. 12

5. Q & A p. 17

6. Contact p. 18

1. Introduction

This is a real premiere launch:

ISE 2013 sees the first product release by Sennheiser Integrated Systems.
LSP 500 PRO, the world‘s first hassle-free wireless integrated professional audio system, is a real game changer for public address. In terms of acoustic performance, connectivity and flexibility, this system offers much more than conventional PA solutions. From pre-event planning to set-up time and job management – LSP 500 PRO saves time in every aspect of the job.
The system seamlessly integrates with different Sennheiser components, e.g. ew 500 microphones and receivers, providing state-of-the-art features.
This How-to-sell guide gives you a short overview of the product and, of course, provides additional information on the target groups and on sales and marketing activities.
LSP 500 PRO is an amazingly innovative system that will adapt to ever-changing customer requirements and target groups. It’s a key product to break into new markets, capture different target groups and create additional business in 2013 and beyond.

A key product to break into new markets and create

additional business.

2. LSP 500 PRO The Product

2.1 Overview

LSP 500 PRO. Drop cable – save time!
This system will wirelessly transmit powerful sound from one master speaker to up to 19 slaves in

a WLAN network connection. Wireless microphone links, built-in Bluetooth and USB guarantee optimum input flexibility. Modular in nature LSP 500 PRO is fully scalable from small meetings to really big events. Last but not least: The complete system can be managed and controlled wirelessly via a dedicated iPad App.

Up to now, covering audiences with professional sound required lots of cable, equipment and duct tape. Installation and disabling of a PA were a time-consuming task. Last-minute workarounds – or discussions over “cable-free escape routes” – seemed an unavoidable part of the business.

LSP 500 PRO changes all that for the better.

No cords,

no kludges,

no compromise!

2.2 Main Features

LSP 500 PRO is very easy to set up.
LSP 500 PRO will be set up significantly faster and easier than other PA systems. No cable, no cords, no kludges. It’s set up in a snap: Simply arrange the speaker – and switch it on. Add up to 20 speakers according to venue and setting and that’s it.

in a snap!
LSP 500 PRO is very easy to control.
Once LSP 500 PRO is in service, the complete system is manageable via iPad App. Single speakers, groups or the complete system can be controlled with the swipe of a finger. Fine-tune individual settings, manage input sources, sound mixing, playlists or live recordings and check the system status – it’s all in the App. An Android App will follow.
Powerful &


LSP 500 PRO frees you from the hassle.

It saves time, money and labor. Less additional equipment is required, which equals less transport /storage volume.

It‘s a flexible all-in-one solution and adjustable from small meetings to really big events.

Free from the hassle!

Product experience beats arguments!

Beyond all facts and arguments creating real product experience is the most impressive way to convince your customers. Once customers have heard about, touched and seen the product as well as experienced the comfortable control via iPad, they will get enthusiastic about the LSP 500 PRO!
Product demonstrations are fundamental!

2.3 Tech Specs

LSP 500 PRO is open for diverse connection options, both wireless and hardwired. It comes in a rock solid housing with integrated handle. Its sleek sturdy design fits every location and a wide range of applications.


Dimensions WxHxD:
290 x 550 x 320 mm

(11.42 x 21.65 x 12.60“)

Housing Material:
Crosswise glued plywood, polyurethane coating
Stand Receptacle:
36 mm (1.42“),


Acoustic Design:
2-way, closed box design
8“ woofer, 3/4“ compression driver, passive crossover
Sound Pressure Level:
110 dBSPL (10 % THD,

Power Supply

Mains connection:
100 to 240 V~, 50-60 Hz
2x Lithium Ion

14.4 V / 4.4 Ah

Operating time:
approx. 6 h speech (approx.

3h per battery pack)

Sound Processing

Class D
Output Power:
55 W continuous;

120 W peak



angle adjustable up to +/- 13.5° fullspace)

in steps of 4.5°

Frequency Response:
Charging Time:
approx. 5 h (approx. 2.5 h

approx. 13.6 kg (30 lb.)

w/o wireless receivers


65 Hz - 18 kHz (-10 dB)

Dispersion HxV:
80° x 60° (-6 dB)

per battery pack)

Operating temperature:
0° C to 50° C

The Box also features an advanced user interface with

Icon- based GUI. Jog dials and a high contrast OLED display give intuitive feedback and control.

All options onboard.

Version 1.1 / May 2013 4

2.4 App Controlled

All of LSP 500 PRO‘s essential features are accessible via iPad. Users are allowed to control single speakers, groups or the whole system at once. It is also possible to check the status e.g. of the hot-swappable batteries. The iPad App is a dramatic upgrade in PA control – LSP 500 PRO is manageable with the swipe of a finger.
Internal note: The App does not provide the possibility of changing HF frequencies.
A dramatic

upgrade in PA control.

2.5 Application Examples

Due to its flexibility, LSP 500 PRO fits a wide variety of applications.

The show event

The application example shows two wireless microphone inputs (ew 500) plus one Bluetooth input for a DJ. All input sources are mixed on speaker 1 (master). The music is distributed via wireless transmitter to speaker 2 to 4. A separate wireless LAN router connects all four speakers and allows for detailed system management via iPad. The performance is recorded via LSP 500 PRO’s built-in recorder and saved on a USB stick in speaker 1.

More bass, please

LSP 500 PRO Assembly
1x LSP 500 PRO
2x EM receiver

Again, two Sennheiser ew 500 wireless microphones and one Bluetooth music player are mixed on a single LSP 500 PRO speaker. LINK OUT is configured to serve audio for an optional subwoofer.

Stereo scenario

LSP 500 PRO Assembly
1x LSP 500 PRO
2x EM receiver

A stereo set-up for powerful stereo sound: Two wireless ew 500 mics and one Bluetooth music input are being mixed on speaker 1. The music is split into stereo channels – speaker 1 LINK OUT serves the right stereo channel to speaker 2 LINK IN.

2.6 Accessories
Original LSP 500 PRO Accessories from Sennheiser. These official add-ons are tailor made and offer extra protection, enhanced portability or totally different look. Protect your investment or style it to fit your needs.
Stretch cover
You need a PA that blends perfectly and discreetly with your surroundings? Put on some fresh white for a cleaner appearance. Simply equip your LSP

500 PRO with these acoustically translucent, lightweight stretch covers to achieve an unobtrusive, bright white look.

Rugged cover

The official protective cover for the LSP 500 PRO. Protect your investment

from wear and tear. A rugged, heavy-duty, weather-resistant cover made from lightweight ballistic nylon material that fits like a glove. For outdoor operation and secure transport. Padded for added protection.

Tour Trolley

A heavy-duty trolley bag for superior protection and convenient handling.

This sturdy yet soft and thick padded transport trolley keeps your LSP 500 PRO

safe when on the go. A reinforced retractable extension handle makes

the system extremely portable. Comes in a neutral black design with large extra pockets on the outside and contrasting white Sennheiser logo.

Roadworthy and Reliable.

2.7 Competition

LSP 500 PRO delivers what is needed to create the perfect PA system any place any time. There is no true competition for the wide spectrum of applications a LSP 500 PRO system can cover. But of course there are alternative products available:

  • Nexo PS8 (passive loudspeaker)

  • L Acoustics 8 XT (passive loudspeaker)

  • Fohhn FP 2 Pro (active loudspeaker)

  • Anchor Beacon BBP 6000 (active loudspeaker)

  • Mipro MA 808 D (active loudspeaker)

In terms of flexibility and ease-of-use, none of the above can compete with LSP 500 PRO.

No other product can deliver the same state-of-the-art features.
Moreover, LSP 500 PRO seamlessly integrates with Sennheiser components, e.g. ew 300 microphones and receivers, providing a perfect chance for additional business with established customers.
LSP 500 PRO can do tricks other sound systems dream about. It’s easy to use, scalable and future proof. Clearly, key elements in LSP 500 PRO sales are its flexibility, interoperability and uniqueness.
A superior alternative in public address with less set-up time, less labor costs, less transport volume. LSP 500 PRO’s total-cost-of-ownership benefit is the best response to questions concerning its purchase price.
World’s first

Hassle-free Wireless

Integrated PA system

3. Target Groups

3.2 End-Users

When designing the LSP 500 PRO we listened very much to end-user expectations. That’s why the product is extensively orientated towards sizable customer benefit.

The end-user groups can be attracted via, for example:

  • Direct marketing

  • Face-to-face presentations

  • Road shows

  • Specific trade shows

Three end user groups: Rental, Corporate & Hotel a) Rental
This is our prime end-user group (EUG) since it has the most professional view on AV technology. These are the people who take care for a cost effective PA infrastructure on their customers’ events, because they make a living out of it.

Main requirements of a PA:

  • Easy to handle

  • Easy to set up

  • High mobility

  • High flexibility

  • Robust systems

A key factor for all investments is cost-effectiveness, especially the total cost of ownership (TCO). LSP 500 PRO’s cost-effectiveness pays off in particular when the system is operated on a regular basis at different locations, i.e. when the system is installed and moved often, as is the case in Rental.

Another advantage: LSP 500 PRO can be set up and managed with considerably less manpower than conventional PAs – up to 70% less set up time. Less operating personnel will reduce labor costs significantly – an important aspect for Rental. Moreover, LSP 500 PRO will reduce transport and storage volume by up to 40%. Less additional equipment equals less transport volume.

b) Corporate & Hotels

The target group “Corporate” consists of purchasing agents or company technicians of medium to large companies. Within the target group “Hotel” our customers are purchasing agents or company technicians of medium to large hotels and hotel chains respectively.

Main requirements for EUGs “Corporate” & “Hotel”:

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to handle

  • Unobtrusive design

  • High flexibility

  • Robust systems

Both EUGs Corporate and Hotel profit from the same LSP 500 PRO product features. Please bear in mind that decision maker (purchasing department) and user (company technician or end-user) do not necessarily have to be the same person. More often than not, they are not – it may be necessary to allude to different USPs accordingly.

The verifiable cost-effectiveness and TCO advantage will ease an investment decision from the purchasing agents’ perspective. Easy handling, flexibility and scalability will be selling points for users.
LSP 500 PRO’s cost-effectiveness pays off especially when the system is installed and disassembled on a regular basis.

TCO advantage will

convince the management –

the end-users will get enthusiastic about easy-handling and scalability.

3.3 Testimonials

During extensive field testing of the LSP 500 PRO system we collected enthusiastic testimonials (these are also featured in the LSP 500 PRO marketing tools). Please read the following testimonials from our test customers.

a) Corporate

“A company meeting, all hands, short notice. 650 people in a multi-purpose hall. Start at 2:30 pm.

Set-up no sooner than 90 minutes prior, since the space is occupied until 1 pm. Seems like a tough call? To us at Medientechnik Hannover it seemed like an ideal setting for the LSP 500 PRO. We set up eight speakers in a 4 x 2 array, line two to four utilizing LSP 500 PROs built-in delay. Added one wireless microphone for the podium and in less than an hour we were done. With LSP 500 PRO, set-up time

and system management are a real snap – even with a lack of time.” Alexander Birkl, Medientechnik Hannover

b) Event

“We at Bärlin Team Eventdesign found our very first LSP 500 PRO field test to be a huge success. The Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), Europe’s biggest and most modern public transportation company, entrusted us with the final presentation of an innovative project. For this end a complete subway station – Berlin Alexanderplatz, right in Berlin/Mitte – was transformed

into a stage. We used four LSP 500 PRO speakers; one master plus three slaves, two of which employed LSP 500 PRO’s onboard delay. Two wireless microphones were connected to the master speaker via UHF-transmitter. Background music was played using the embedded MP3 player. Another audio signal from the video server was added to the mix via LSP 500 PRO’s AUX IN.

And via AUX OUT we delivered audio footage to press agents. We operated the system with the iPad App, so there was no need at all for an external mixing console. To sum up: The whole event went perfect, not least due to LSP 500 PRO’s flawless performance, excellent connectivity and absolute reliability.”
Dan Wittke, Bärlin Team Eventdesign GmbH

4. Marketing & Sales
LSP 500 PRO is the premier product launch from the Sennheiser IS Division.

It’s a superior alternative and a door opener to new target groups.

To support successful distribution, we created a large and comprehensive package of marketing and sales tools available.

Please remember: Product experience beats arguments!

Beyond all facts and arguments creating real product experience is the most impressive way to convince your customers. Once customers have heard about, touched and seen the product as well as experienced the comfortable control via iPad, they will get enthusiastic about the LSP 500 PRO!
Product demonstrations are fundamental!

4.1 Advertisement

Ad templates for national or regional AV magazines are available from Sennheiser.

4.2 Website

A dedicated website will introduce users to LSP 500 PRO. It will clearly present its technical and economical advantages as well as its advanced performance.

4.3 Sales Folder

The sales folder in iBook format will be a key element for distribution. It is an up-to-date and interactive tool that runs on iPad.
This sales folder can illustrate all LSP 500 PRO USPs perfectly and will replace print brochures. Of course, it also provides technical information, enabling customers to check system specs against their individual application scenarios.
The sales folder also contains links to follow up

on the question of TCO (internet connection required).

4.4 Set-Up race

One core element of both the website and the sales folder is our short movie “The PA set-Up Race”. In only 75 sec. you can demonstrate to your customer all the astonishing USPs of the LSP 500 PRO in a very entertaining way. After 75 sec. the LSP story will have been told -

and your customer will start smiling.

4.5 TCO Calculator

LSP 500 PRO directly impacts the total cost of ownership with its money-saving features. The TCO calculator consists of three tools to demonstrate LSP 500 PRO’s TCO advantage in different levels of detail.

a) Marketing Info

The TCO calculator will calculate and display values that are effective in advertising and relevant to the customer. These numbers are being used only in the sales folder and on the website. Future use in other media channels is being discussed.
Based on internal studies at Sennheiser, we identified maximum savings in three areas:

set-up time, additional equipment investments and transportation.

Set-up time is reduced by up to 70%, because:

      • no need to run cable

      • quick and easy set-up

      • less staff needed on location

Investment in additional equipment is reduced by up to 70%, because:

      • no need to invest in mixing console

      • no need for amplifiers

      • no need for processors

Transportation costs are reduced by up to 40% because:

      • less transport volume

      • less load time

      • less complexities in organization and disposition

Less set-up time,

less labor costs,

less transport costs

b) Time Tool

A simple calculator that decision makers and/or users can use on their own online:
By comparing LSP 500 PRO with conventional PAs in internal test runs, we determined its time-saving features. LSP 500 PRO is set up and disassembled in 1/3 of the time!
When using the time tool together with a customer, sensitize the sheer amount of saved time. Try to estimate the financial value of this significant cut-down of labour costs.

c) TCO Calculator

A rather complex and algorithm loaded tool to demonstrate LSP 500 PRO’s TCO advantages, is the TCO calculator. Ideally customers should not use this tool on their own. The TCO calculator should be operated by a salesperson instead.

The TCO calculator is operated in three intuitive steps:

  • Enter parameters and confirm

  • Enter investment and confirm

  • Enter usage data and confirm

Please note:

  • All empty white fields in the calculator must be filled with numerical values.

  • All fields with default numerical values can be manually replaced with different values.

  • After entering all three values, simply click “calculate”.

How to work with these values:

The measure of the TCO advantage depends mainly on just a few parameters. In sales talks please focus on:

  • Labour cost: Of course, this value should be realistic, but preferably as high as possible.

Customers should calculate based on full costing, i.e. including incidental expenses like social insurance and overhead costs.

  • Number of events: Set this value preferably as high as possible. LSP 500 PRO saves lots of set-up time – any guesses on how often the LSP 500 PRO will be moved should be as optimistic as possible.

Acquisition costs should be valued based on using the actual individual buying conditions. Transparency and conformability are essential here!
The time span for set-up and dismounting has been determined by Sennheiser KG in trial situations. In theory these values could be altered, however this should only be done upon customer request.
The TCO calculator will generate a PDF file that can be either printed out or sent via e-mail directly from the application.

5. Q& A

Why is the product so expensive?
LSP 500 PRO offers much more than the competition in crucial aspects like acoustic performance, remote control, wireless operation (input sources, PA array, power supply), Bluetooth streaming and signal processing (e.g. sound presets and EQ). Also, the product is much more flexible than the competition. LSP 500 PRO can grow with customer’s needs and will adapt to diverse operation scenarios.
What is the intended purpose?
All applications for a wireless professional PA.
What is the benefit compared to “Anchor Beacon” or similar products?
There are more than one. Firstly, an LSP 500 PRO set-up is fully scalable to up to 20 speakers and suits large events with more than 500 people. Secondly, LSP 500 PRO enables wireless sound distribution from one “master” speaker (used for mixing music and up to three wireless microphones) to up to

19 “slaves”. Lastly, if batteries run low you are notified via iPad in order to act. Just replace the two batteries during operation without any interruption. This feature is truly unique.

What is the price for the App and where do I get it?
The App is available for free at the App store.
Which microphone systems can be installed?
Ideally, Sennheiser ew G3 300 or 500 series, as these microphones allow for a remote monitoring of battery status. If this remote function is not of concern, ew G 100 series will work, too.
How can I play music or jingles on this system?
LSP 500 PRO features an onboard audio player. Use it most conveniently via a media player or iPhone connected to LSP 500 PRO via Bluetooth. Alternatively, simply connect an USB storage device containing your favorite mp3 files. In case you prefer hardwired equipment, you can also connect any type of player using LSP 500 PRO’s RCA stereo connector.
How to transport and store the LSP 500 PRO?
Why not use authentic Sennheiser accessories: A tailor-made trolley bag with telescopic handle provides optimum protection and enhanced portability. Also available: the “rugged cover”,

a heavy-duty, water-resistant protective cover for outdoor operation and secure transportation.

What is this App for?
Imagine a complete event under remote control. On the one hand, the user is unbound from a fixed mixing console and free to move through the venue to check the sound on different spots. On the other hand, all the settings of single speakers, groups or the complete system are managed while discreetly standing by. The App does not provide the possibility of changing HF frequencies.

What happens if my iPad runs out of battery right in the middle of an event?
Simply recharge. In the meantime you can control all parameters just as well on the master speaker with it’s
easy-to-use interface. Using the iPad-App is an option that greatly enhances the LSP 500 PRO experience, but it is not mandatory to benefit from its features.
How many people are needed to set up the system?
One !

6. Contact
Got questions? Feel free to contact the Sennheiser IS team:
Nikolai Petef

+46 707 128030

Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG
Am Labor 1, 30900 Wedemark, Germany
c:\users\046npetef\documents\000 sds\logos\logo_pro3.png

LSP 500 PRO belongs to Sennheiser Premium Audio segment. It means that customers will find the Sennheiser Authorized dealer logo on the door, and there will be a fully working demo system inside!






Wireless sound system

20 051 kr


LAS 500

Cover for LSP 500, white, stretch

306 kr


LAP 500

Protective Cover for LSP 500, padded.

707 kr


LAB 500

Trolley Bag for LSP 500

2 163 kr


LBA 500

Replacement Battery Pack for LSP 500

1 570 kr


LAH 500

Loudspeaker Mounting Hardware for LSP 500


Prices are subject to changes. This is from Dec 1 213
LSP 500 PRO always comes with 3 empty slots, where the dealer has to install appropriate ew units.

Demo Products

Demosetup with two LSP 500, example





Wireless sound system

20 051 kr



LAS 500

Cover for LSP 500, white, stretch

306 kr



LAP 500

Protective Cover for LSP 500, padded.

707 kr



LAB 500

Trolley Bag for LSP 500

2 163 kr



EW 352-G

Vocal system with headmic

8 187kr



EW 345-G

Vocal system with handheld transmitter

8 187kr



EW 365-G

Vocal system with handheld transmitter

9 145kr



SR 300-G

Rack transmitter

5 747kr




iPad (not from Sennheiser)




Router (not from Sennheiser)


Special demo pricing may apply.
sennheiser mzfs 80


There are some products that fit well with the LSP 500 PRO:
SKP 300 –Wireless XLR plug-on transmitter four use on a LSP, on a mixer or to make a gooseneck mic wireless.
MZFS 80 + MZH 3042 + ME 36 +MZW36 PRO +SKP 300 makes an excellent elegant secrete vocal floor mic.

Wi-Fi routers tested with LSP 500



1.0 Release 04


slow recognition of LSPs


Airport Express A1264


yes, first time OK then Airport config App required

old plug model


Airport Express


yes, first time OK then Airport config App required

new desk model




Popup on iPad - connection on WAN- Port needed





DD-WRTas standard firmware!





Multicasting must be enabled over menu (Network->Advanced-
>Advanced Network->Enable IPv4





no SIM needed / charging over LSP




yes (manual configuration)





iPad shows hotspot screen on first connect but then works


Xperia S

Android 4.1.2


mobile phone…

TP Link


OpenWrt 12.09
Beta 2


needs to be configured /w a standard PC before 1st use --> http://www.

Telekom Speedport






Airport Express has bad coverage.

Ariport Extreme is recommended!!

Version 1.1swe / Aug 2013

Download 1.05 Mb.

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