Vista blood Establishment Computer Software (vbecs) 0 Template Creation Guide

Appendix B: Updating NIC and Hard Drive Settings

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Appendix B: Updating NIC and Hard Drive Settings

These steps must be executed by a vSphere Administrator.


  • The server VM is online.

  1. Right-click on the template and select Edit Settings (Figure 25).

Figure 25: Edit Settings

  1. In the Network adapter row, click the X to remove Network adapter 1 (Figure 26).

Figure 26: Remove Network Adapter

  1. Click Select and choose Network (Figure 27).

Figure 27: Network

  1. Click Add twice to add two NICS. The screen will look like Figure 28 when done.

Figure 28: Two NICs

  1. Change the adapter type to VMXNET 3 for both adapters (Figure 29).

Figure 29: Adapter settings

  1. Change the size of Hard disk 1 to 80 GB (Figure 30).

Figure 30: Hard disk 1

  1. In the CD/DVD drive row, click the X to remove the drive. Click OK to save changes.

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