Visual art ss1

Theory Explain any three

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  1. Explain any three of the following

    1. Rhythm

    2. Balance

    3. Harmony

    4. Symmetry

  2. What is theatre Arts?

    1. State three characteristics of theatre arts

    2. Outline any four significance of theatre Art to the society

  3. Discuss Kissi art under the following headings

    1. Location

    2. Art forms

    3. Characteristics

  4. Discuss five roles of traditional arts of west African

Answer one question from this part

  1. Write an appreciation on “the last supper”

  2. Write an appreciation on cubism

  3. Write on Egyptian Art

  4. Write on Greek Art

Answer one question from this part

  1. On a suitable background, using calligraphy to write out the following


Slowly goes youth, gradually comes age.

Youth is lovely, age is lonely.

Youth is exuberance, age is penance.

Youth is fiery, age is frosty.

But youth could be age.

And age could be youth.

Finish with appropriate border design

Colour: optional

Size: 45cm by 30cm

  1. A new fruit drink named THIRST BLASTER is to be launched into the market. This drink is made from the combination of orange and lemon fruits. Design a poster to advertise this product, incorporating the slogan “deeply refreshing”.

Colour: Not more than three

Size: 34cm by 23cm

Download 30.6 Kb.

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