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full details of sources in Kassler and Olleson (forthcoming)

printed works published in London unless otherwise stated

exercises, sketches, lost and incomplete works omitted

org acc.

independent organ part or figured bass (in vocal works)


organ largely doubling voice

latin sacred


service music and anthems

hymn tunes and sacred songs

secular choruses, glees, partsongs

songs, duets




other keyboard

editions and arrangements

Wesley: (4) Samuel Wesley: Works

latin sacred

Missa de Spiritu Sancto, 5 solo vv, 4vv, orch, 1784, GB-Lbl*, Cfm*; ed. F. Routh (1997)

Missa ‘In duplicibus’, plainchant, bc, 1789, Lbl (1816)

Missa ‘Pro angelis’, 4 solo vv, 4vv, org acc., 1811–12, Lbl, Lcm

Missa de sanctissimo Trinitate: Ky, Gl, Cr (inc.), 4vv, Lbl

Missa defunctorum, plainchant, org acc., Lbl

Requiem [int only], 4vv, 1800, Lbl, Lcm

Kyrie, 4vv, org acc., c1780, Lbl

Agnus Dei, 2vv, bc, Lcm

Amavit eum Dominum, 2 female vv, org acc., c1780, Lbl*

Anima nostra erepta est, 5vv, c1798, Lbl*, Lcm*

Ave maris stella, 2 female vv, orch, 1786, Lbl*; ed. J. Marsh (1977), ed. F. Routh (1984)

Ave regina caelorum, 2 female vv, org acc., c1781, Lbl*

Ave regina caelorum, 5vv, org acc., Lbl* (c1840); ed. G. Webber (1997)

Ave verum corpus, 2 female vv, org acc., 1781, Lbl*

Ave verum corpus, 3vv, org acc., 1812, Lbl*

Beati omnes qui timent Dominum, 2vv, org acc., 1801, Lbl*

Benedicamus Deo, 4vv, Lbl* (1811)

Christe eleison, 4vv, 1810, Lbl

Collaudate Dominum, 3 male vv, 1830, Lcm*

Confitebor tibi, Domine, 4 solo vv, 5vv, orch, 1799, Lbl*; ed. in MB, xli (1978), ed. F. Routh (1984)

Constitues eos principes, 5vv, 1814, Lbl*; ed. J. Marsh (1974)

Credo in Deum, 3vv, c1780, Lbl

De profundis clamavi, 3 male vv, c1800, Lbl*

Deus majestatis, 8vv, orch, 1799, Lbl*, US-Wc*

Deus noster refugium, 3vv, 1807, GB-Lbl*

Dixit Dominus, 4vv, 1782, Ob*

Dixit Dominus, 8vv, org acc., 1800, Lbl*, Lcm*

Dixit Dominus, 3vv, 1806, Ge*, Lbl*

Domine salvam fac reginam nostram Mariam, 4vv, org acc., Lcm (1811)

Domine salvum fac regem nostrum, 3vv, org acc., 1780, Lbl*

Domine salvum fac regem nostrum, 2 female vv, org acc., 1780, Lbl*

Ecce iam noctis tenuatur umbra, 3 male vv, org acc., 1801, Lbl*

Ecce iam noctis tenuatur umbra, 5vv, org acc., 1808, Lbl*

Ecce Maria genuit nobis, 3 female vv, org acc., 1780, Lbl*

Ecce panis angelorum, 4vv, 1813, Lbl*; ed. G. Webber (1998)

Ecce sic benedicetur, 3 male vv, 1801, Lbl*

Emitte lucem tuam, 2 female vv, org acc., c1781, Lbl*

Exultate Deo, 5vv, orch/org acc., 1800, Lbl* (1830)

Gloria et honore, T, org acc., US-Wc* (1842); ed. J. Schwarz (1988)

Gloria Patri, B, 2 female vv, org acc., c1780, Lbl*

Gloria Patri, F, 2 female vv, org acc., ?1780, GB-Lbl*

Gloria Patri, 4vv, org acc., 1780, Lbl*

Gloria Patri, 3 male vv, c1800, Lbl*

Hodie Beata Virgo Maria, 3 female vv, org acc., 1780, Lbl*

In exitu Israel, 8vv, org, 1810, Lcm* (1885)

In manus tuas Domine, 4vv, Lbl*

In te, Domine, speravi, unison S, org acc., 1798, Lbl*, Lcm*

Justus ut palma florebit, 3vv, org acc., Lbl

Levate capita vestra, 4 male vv, 1798, Lbl*, Lcm*

Magnificat anima mea, 3 female vv, org acc., 1783, Lcm*

Magnificat anima mea, 4vv, org acc., 1821, Lbl*

Miserere mei, Deus, 2vv, org acc., 1792, Lbl*

Nocte surgentes, 3 male vv, 1801, Lbl*

Omnes gentes plaudite, 3 female vv, org acc., Lbl*

Omnia vanitas (Carmen funebre), 5vv, 1824, Lbl*, Lcm*, US-AUS; ed. in S.S. Wesley: A Dew Words on Cathedral Music (1849); ed. S. de B. Taylor (1952)

Ostende nobis, Domine, 4vv, 1827, GB-Lcm*

Pro peccatis suae gentis, 3 vv, 1792, Lbl*, Lcm*

Qui tollis peccata mundi, unison S, org acc., 1781–2, Lbl*, Lcm*

Sacerdos et pontifex, 4vv, c1780, Lbl*

Salve regina, 3vv, org acc., 1799, Lbl*, Lcm* (1826)

Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth, 4vv, Lcm

Sit nomen Domini, 3vv, 1801, Lbl*

Sperate miseri, 2 female vv, org acc., 1783, Lbl*

Stabat mater, 1v, bc, Lcm

Stabat mater, 4vv, Lcm

Tantum ergo, Lcm*

Te decet hymnus, 4vv, 1798, Lcm*

Tota pulchra es, 2vv, org acc., 1812, Lbl*

Tu es sacerdos, 4vv, 1814, Lbl*; ed. J. Marsh (1974)

Tu es sacerdos, 6vv, 1827, Lcm*; ed. in S.S. Wesley: A Few Words on Cathedral Music (1849)

Ut queant laxis, 3 male vv, ?1812, Lcm*


Several antiphons, plainchant, bc, Lbl

Wesley: (4) Samuel Wesley: Works


Ruth, 1774, GB-Lbl*

The Death of Abel, 1779, Lbl*

Wesley: (4) Samuel Wesley: Works

service music and anthems

Morning and Evening Service, F, 4vv, org (1824): TeD, Jub, 1808, GB-Lbl; Ky, San, Lbl*; Mag, Nunc, 1822, Lcm*

Evening Service, G (1897)

Nunc dimittis, G, S/T, org acc., c1775, Lbl

Litany responses, A, 4vv, 1806, Lbl

Kyrie, E, 4vv, 1827, Lcm; Sanctus, E, 4vv, Lcm


All go unto one place, B solo, 4vv, org acc., 1834, Lbl (c1837) [funeral anthem for C. Wesley (ii)]

All the earth doth worship thee, 4vv, org acc., 1801, Lbl*

Behold how good and joyful, G, S/T, 4vv, orch, org acc., c1775, Lbl*

Behold how good and joyful, B, 3 male vv, org, 1813, Lbl*

Behold, I was shapen in wickedness, S/T, org acc., c1775, Lbl*

Be pleased, O Lord, to deliver me, 3vv, c1802, Lbl*

Go not far from me, O God, S, S, org acc., c1825, Lbl*, Lcm*

Hear, O thou shepherd of Israel, 2 solo vv, 4vv, org acc., ?c1800, Lbl*

Hide thy face from my sins, S/T, org acc., c1775, Lbl*

In the multitude of the sorrows, 3 male vv, 1801, Lbl*

I said, I will take heed, A solo, 4vv, org acc., 1776, rev. 1797, in Page's Harmonia sacra, ii (1800)

I will arise and go to my Father, S/T, org acc., ?1837, Lbl*

Lord of the earth and heavens sublime, S/T, unison S, org acc., c1834, Lbl*

Mansions of heav’n your doors expand, 2 S, unison S, org acc., 1835, Lbl*

My delight shall be in thy statutes, S, org acc., 1816, Lbl*

Now the strife of death is over, 2 S, orch acc., ?1837, Lcm*

O deliver me, 2 S, org acc., Lcm, ed. S.S. Wesley, The European Psalmist (1872)

O give thanks unto the Lord, E, S, S, unison S, org acc., c1835, Lbl*

O give thanks unto the Lord, D, 4vv, org, 1837, Lcm* [coronation anthem]

O Lord God most holy, 4vv, 1800, Lbl*, US-Bp*

O praise the Lord, all ye heathen, S/T, org acc., c1775, GB-Lbl*

O praise the Lord of heaven, S, B, 4vv, org acc., c1775, Lbl*

O praise the Lord, ye that fear him, 4vv, org acc., c1825, Cfm

O remember not our old sins, 2 S, org acc., 1821, Lbl*, Lcm*, ed. S.S. Wesley, The European Psalmist (1872)

O ye that love the Lord, S/T, org acc., c1775, Lbl*

Praise the Lord, O ye servants, S/T, org acc., c1775, Lbl*

Praise the Lord, ye servants, T, SATB, c1810, Lbl*

Praise ye the Lord, ye immortal quires, S/T, B, 4vv, 1775, Lbl*

Sing praises unto the Lord, 4vv, org, Lbl*

The Lord is my shepherd, F, S/T, org acc., 1774, Lbl*

The Lord is my shepherd, B, S, A, 2 female vv, org acc., 1834, Lbl*

This shall be my rest for ever, 3vv, 1800, Lbl*, Lcm*

Thou, O God, art praised in Sion, 4vv, 1824, Lcm*, in A. Pettet: Original Sacred Music (1825) [Eng. version of ‘Te decet hymnus’]

Thou shalt make me hear of joy, 3vv, c1775, Lbl*

Who can tell how oft he offendeth?, S, org acc., 1823, Lbl*

Wesley: (4) Samuel Wesley: Works

hymn tunes and sacred songs

published collections

Original Hymn Tunes Adapted to Every Metre in the Collection by the Rev. John Wesley (1828)

57 original hymns in The Psalmist (1835–42)

individual pieces

And now another day is done (I. Watts), S, unison S, org acc., c1775, GB-Lbl*

Awake my glory, harp and lute, S, org acc., 1827, Lcm*

Come, Lord, from above, 2 S, org acc., c1775, Lbl*

Eternal father of mankind, 2 S, org acc., 1799, Lcm*

Far above their noblest songs (C. Wesley (ii)), 4vv, c1792, Lbl*

Father, I know my end is nigh, 1v, org acc., Lbl*

Father of me and all mankind (C. Wesley (ii)), S, org acc., c1825, Lcm*

Gentle Jesus, meek and mild (C. Wesley (ii)), S, pf/org acc., 1808, Lbl, ed. R. Langley (1997)

God of almighty love (C. Wesley (ii)), S/T, org acc., c1775, Lbl*

Hark! In the wilderness a cry (W. Shirley), 3vv, org acc., c1775, Lbl*

He’s blest whose sins have pardon gain’d (‘Bristol’), S, org, acc., 1806, Lbl* (1808)

How are thy servants blest, O Lord (J. Addison), S, 3vv, orch, c1804, Lbl*

In dreary waste where horror dwells (C./J. Wesley), 3vv, org acc., c1775, Lbl

Let all that breathe Jehovah praise, S, org acc., c1828, Lcm*

Let earth and hell their powers employ, 1v, bc, c1773, Lbl*

Lord, if with thee part I bear, S, S, org acc., c1775, Lbl*

Meet and right it is to praise God, S, org acc., c1828, Lcm*

Might I in thy sight appear (C. Wesley), S/T, pf/org acc., 1807, Lbl*; ed. S.S. Wesley, The European Psalmist (1872); ed. in MB, xliii (1979)

Music as first by heav'n designed, S/T, org acc., c1775, Lbl*

O Jesus our King, 1v, org acc., 1777, Lbl*

O Lord, my rock (‘Hertford’), 1v, org acc., 1806, Lbl*

O ’tis like ointment on the head, 2vv, org acc., c1828, Lcm*

Praise God from whom all blessings flow (T. Ken), S/T, org acc., c1775, Lbl*

Praise the Father for his love, S/T, org acc., c1775, Lbl*

Shepherd of souls, with pitying eye (C./J. Wesley), S/T, org acc., c1775, Lbl*

Shout, sons of heaven, your voices raise, 2 S, 2 female vv, org acc., 1834, Lbl*

Sweet were the sounds of heavenly love, 2 S, unison S, org acc., c1835, Lbl*

The sacred minstrel plays and sings, S/T, org acc., c1775, Lbl*

The supremely good, supremely great, S/T, org acc., 1807, Lbl*

Thou, Jesu, art our King (J. Wesley, after J. Scheffler), 4vv, 1798, Lbl*, Lcm*

Thus saith the Lord (C./J. Wesley), S/T, org acc., c1825, Lcm*

Thy royal seat, O Lord, S/T, org acc., Lcm*

To God the Father, God the Son, 3vv, 1774, Lbl*

To thee great Author of all good, SS, org acc., c1775, Lbl*

We sing the wise, the gracious plan (‘Hooke’), in J. Major: A Collection of Sacred Music (c1824)

What hymns, O Lord, of grateful joy (Christmas Hymn), S, unison S, org acc., c1835, Lbl*

What tho’ my frail eyelids refuse (‘Protecting Love’), S, org acc., 1807, Lcm*

When shall the poor, the child of grief, S, org acc., 1807, Lbl*

With pleasure I obey, S, org acc., c1775, Lbl*

Who is the trembling sinner (C. Wesley (ii)), S/T, pf/org acc., 1821, Lcm*, ed. S.S. Wesley, The European Psalmist (1872)


Many separate tunes and chants, Lbl, Lcm

Wesley: (4) Samuel Wesley: Works

secular choruses, glees, partsongs

for 3 voices, unaccompanied, unless otherwise stated

Adieu ye soft scenes of delight, glee, 1781, Lbl*, US-NYpm*

Begin the noble song (S. Wesley, 1662–1735: Ode to St Cecilia), 4vv, orch, 1799, GB-Lbl, Lcm; ed. F. Routh (1997)

Beneath, a sleeping infant lies (S. Wesley, 1691–1739), c1798, Lcm*

Beneath these shrubs (Epitaph on a Favourite Dog), 1800, Lcm*

Beneath yon grassy hillock, 1818, Lbl*

Blushete me, Carolos, 1798, Lcm*

But if his teeth so far are gone, 1824, Lcm*

Circle the bowl with freshest roses, 4vv, 1782, Lbl*, US-NYpm*

Father of light and life (J. Thomson: The Seasons), 4vv, 1801, GB-Lbl* (1820)

Goosy goosy gander, c1781, GB-Lbl*, US-NYpm* (c1800)

Happy the man and happy he alone (J. Dryden, after Horace), 1800, GB-Lcm*

Harsh and untuneful are the notes, glee (L. Sterne: Tristram Shandy), 1783, Lcm*, US-NYpm*

Here shall the morn (A. Pope), 4vv, c1807, GB-Lbl*, Lcm*

Hilaroi piomen oinon (Anacreon), 1800, Lbl*

Hurly burly, blood and thunder (E. Thurlow: The Asylum for Fugitive Pieces), 1810, Lbl, Lcm

If in fighting foolish systems, 1807, Lbl*

Integer penis (Imitation of Horace), c1798, Lcm*

I walked to Camden Town, burlesca, c1807, Lcm*

Life is a jest, 4 male vv, 1807, Lbl*, US-Wc*

Mihi est propositum (W. Mapes), 4vv, 1794, GB-Lbl*

Nella casa troverete, c1781, Lbl*, US-NYpm*

Now the trumpet's martial sound (W.B. Kingston), 4vv, 1815, GB-Lbl*

O Delia, ev'ry charm is thine, 4vv, Lcm

Old King Cole, 1813, Lbl*

On the salt wave we live, Lbl*

O sacred bird (M. Akenside: Ode to a Nightingale), 1800, Lcm*

O sing unto mie roundelaie, madrigal (T. Chatterton), 5vv, 1812, Lbl (1813)

Qualem ministrum, ode (Horace), 6vv, 1785, Lbl*

Roses, their sharp spines being gone, 1798, Lbl*, Lcm*

Say, can pow'r or lawless wealth, 1791, Lbl*

Sol do re me, 3vv, Lbl*

The glories of our birth and state (after W. Shirley), 4vv, 1799, Lbl*, Lcm*, Dorking, Royal School of Church Music

The Macedon youth, 1800, Lbl*

There are by fond mama supplied, 2 S, A, b, c1778, Lbl*, US-NYpm*

Thou happy wretch (E. Young: Night Thoughts), 1783, GB-Lcm*, US-NYpm*

Three bulls and a bear, catch, c1775, GB-Lbl*

Thus through successive ages stands, 4vv, orch, Lbl*

Tobacco’s but an Indian weed, 1800, private collection* (1800)

Unde nil maius (Eulogium de Johanne Sebastiano Bach) (after Horace), 1810, Lbl*

What bliss to life can autumn yield (S. Johnson), 1807, Lbl*

When Bacchus, Jove's immortal boy, 1806, Lbl* (1806)

When down his throat (M. Madan), c1798, Lcm

When first thy soft lips, glee, 1783, Lcm*, US-NYpm*

When friendship, love and truth abound, glee, GB-Lbl

When Orpheus went down, ?1781, Lbl*, US-NYpm*

While ev'ry short-liv’d flower of sense, 4 vv, 1822, GB-Cfm*, Ge*, Lbl*

While others, Delia, use their pen (The Rights of Men), 1800, Lbl, Dorking, Royal School of Church Music

While Prussia's warlike monarch blusters, 4vv, 1782, Lbl*

Whoes there? a granidier, catch, c1775, Lbl

Why should we shrink from life's decline? (Harvest Cant.), S, T, orch, 1813, Lbl

You are old, Father Dennis (after R. Southey), 1799, Lcm*

Wesley: (4) Samuel Wesley: Works

songs, duets

for solo voice with bass instrument unless otherwise stated

Adieu, ye joyful youths (W. Shenstone), 1783, GB-Ob*, US-NYpm*

Alack and alack (Derdam Downs), 1v, orch, c1775, GB-Lbl*

Alone on the sea-beat rock (Ossian: Armin's Lamentation), 1v, orch, 1784, Lbl*, US-NYpm*

And is he then set free (On the Death of William Kingsbury), 2vv, 2 vn, b, 1782, GB-Lbl*

An election’s a comical plan, c1777, Lbl

Autumnus comes (T. Percy), 1v, kbd, ?1778, Lbl, in D. Barrington: Miscellanies (1781)

Come all my brave boys who want organists' places (The organ laid open), 1798, Cfm*, Lbl* (1798)

Come, Stella (S. Johnson), 1801, Lbl*

England, the spell is broken, Lbl*

Eyes long unmoisten'd wept (Elegy on the Death of Malibran), recit and aria, 1v, pf (1836)

Fairy minstrels (W.B. Kingston), S/T, 2 fl, pf, Lbl [new words to Gentle warblings in the night]

Farewell! if ever fondest prayer (Byron), 1v, pf, Lbl*

Flutt'ring spread thy purple pinions (J. Swift), 1783, Lcm*, US-NYpm*

Gentle breath of melting sorrow, 1v, orch, c1780, GB-Lbl*

Gentle warblings in the night, S/T, 1799, 2 fl, pf, Lbl*

Go, minstrel, go (On Cramer's Leaving England), 1v, pf, c1835, Lbl*

Hark! his hands the lyre explore (T. Gray: Ode to the Progress of Poesy), S, pf, 1790, Lbl*, Lcm*

Hope away! enjoyment's come, aria, S, 2 vn, b, 1793, Lbl*

In gentle slumbers (M. Madan), 1v, orch, c1773, Lbl*

In radiant splendor (J. Davies), 1v, pf, 1816, Lbl*, Lcm* [on the marriage of Princess Charlotte]

La belle Gabrielle (Chanson d’Henri quatre), 2vv, b, 1792, Lbl*

Little tube of mighty power (Address to a Pipe), 1798, Lcm*

Louisa, view the melting tears, S, b, c1783, Lbl*, US-NYpm*

Love and folly were at play, 1v, pf (c1800)

Love, like a cage-contented bird, 1v, pf, GB-Lcm*

Love's but a frailty of the mind, 1783, Ob*, US-NYpm*

Near Thame's fam'd banks, 1v, 2 vn, b, 1799, Lbl

Not heav’n itself (J. Dryden, after Horace), 1804, Lbl

Of all the joys were e'er possest, 2vv, b, 1801, Lbl*

O how to bid my love adieu, arietta, 1783, Lcm*, US-NYpm*

One kind kiss before we part, c1783, GB-Ob*

Orpheus could lead the savage race (Dryden: A Song for St Cecilia's Day), 1v, pf, 1836, Lbl

O! that I had wings like a dove, ?1800, Lcm*

Pale mirror of resplendent light, arietta, 1783, Lcm*, US-NYpm*

Parting to death we will compare, arietta, 1783, GB-Lbl*, Lcm*, US-NYpm*

Phere moi kupellon (Anacreon), 1797, GB-Lbl*

Phere moi kupellon (Anacreon), 1829, Lbl*

See the young, the rosy spring (T. Moore, after Anacreon), 2vv, pf, 1809, Lbl, Lcm

Since pow'rful love directs thine eye, 2vv, b, 1783, Ob*, US-NYpm*

Sweet constellations, 2vv, b, 1782, GB-Lbl*, US-NYpm*

Tergi il pianto, idolo mio, rondo, 1v, orch (c1785)

There was a little boy, 2vv, pf (c1800)

The rising sun of freedom, 1v, 4vv, b, ?1798, Gb-Lcm*

The white robed hours, arietta, 1783, Lcm*, US-NYpm*

The world, my dear Mira, is full of deceit, 1v, hpd, 1784, NYpm*

Think of me, 1v, pf, 1837, GB-Lbl*

This is the house that Jack built, 1809, Lbl*

Too late for redress, arietta, 1783, Lcm*, US-NYpm*

’Twas not the spawn of such as these (after Horace), 1v, pf, 1825, GB-Lbl*, Lcm*

What a folly it is, 1836, Lbl*

What are the falling rills (cant.), 1v, orch, c1775, Lbl*

What shaft of fate's relentless pow'r, 1v, pf, c1795, Lbl*, Lcm*; ed. in MB, xliii (1979)

When all around grew drear and dark, 1v, pf, 1837, private collection*

When this life unblest we rove, 1v, pf, 1837, Lbl*

When we see a lover languish, aria, 1783, Lcm*, US-NYpm*

Within a cowslip's humble bell, c1808, GB-Lbl*

Yes, Daphne, in your face, 1v, kbd, 1781, Lbl, Ob*, US-NYpm*


Various vocal canons, Gb-Lbl

Wesley: (4) Samuel Wesley: Works


3 ovs., GB-Lbl*: G, 1775, D, 1778, C, 1780

4 syms., Lbl*: D, 1784, ed. R. Platt (1976), E, 1784, A, c1784, B, 1802, ed. in The Symphony 1720–1840, ser. E, iii (New York, 1983)

2 hpd concs., c1774, Lbl*: G, F

3 org concs.: A, 1787, D, 1800, rev. 1809, Lbl*; C, 1814, rev. 1816, private collection*, Lbl*

8 vn concs., Lbl*: C, 1779, A, ?1780, D, 1781, E, c1781, E, 1782, B, 1782, G, 1783, B, 1785

Sinfonia obbligato, vn, org, vc, D, 1781, Lbl*, ed. in The Symphony 1720–1840, ser. E, iii (New York, 1983)

Wesley: (4) Samuel Wesley: Works


Str qt: Str Qt, C, 1779, GB-Lbl*; Str Qt, G, c1779, Lbl*; Fugue on a theme from Haydn’s Creation, B, 1800, Lbl*; Minuet in Haydn's Manner, F, 1800, Lbl*; Minuet and Trio, c, 1807, Lbl*, Lcm*; Str Qt, E, ?c1825, Lbl, ed. F. Routh (1984)

Trios: G, 2 vn, b, ?1774, Lbl*; 3 for 2 vn, b: C, c1775, ‘Catherine Hill’, 1776, ‘Warwicks Bench’, 1776, all Lbl*; Fugue, B, 3 ?str insts, c1780, Lbl*; A, ob, vn, vc, ?c1780, Lbl*; D, 3 pf, 1811, Lbl*; F, 2 fl, pf, 1826, Lbl (c1830); Quodlibet, 3 insts, Lbl; Trio, 3 insts, Lbl; Fantasia, 3 insts, Lbl

Sonatas: G, vn, b, ?1774, Lbl; F, vn, hpd, ?1775, Lbl; E, vn, b, 1778, Lbl; A, vn, b, 1778, Lbl; 2 Sonatas, G, C, pf/hpd, vn, op.2 (c1786); Duet for Solomon, F, vn, pf, 1797, Lbl*; 3 Sonatas, D, A, B, pf/hpd, Mr*

March, D, 2 ob, 2 hn, 2 bn, serpent, 1777, Lbl (c1880); Glee, 4 vn, Lbl; Duos, 2 vn, Lbl, Mr

Wesley: (4) Samuel Wesley: Works



12 Voluntaries, op.6 (1802–17): D, C, c, G, D, C, E, D, g, F, A, F; no.9, g, US-Wc*, no.10, F, GB-Lbl*; all ed. F. Routh (1982–3), G. Atkinson (2000)

Duet in 3 Movements, C, 1812, Lbl* (1836); ed. W. Emery (1964)

12 [recte 13] Short Pieces with a Voluntary Added (1816), Lcm*: G, G, G, a, a, a, F, F, F, D, D, D, D, d; ed. in Tallis to Wesley, vii (1967)

Variations on ‘God Save the King’, Lcm*, in Beauties for the Organ, i (1820)

Variations on ‘Rule Britannia’, Lcm*, in Beauties for the Organ, i (1820)

3 Voluntaries, ded. J. Harding, bk 1 (c1824): D, F, D

3 Voluntaries, ded. J. Harding, bk 2 (c1824): e, C, B

A Voluntary, ded. W. Linley, g (c1825)

A Short and Familiar Voluntary, A (1827)

2 Preludes and Fugues, ded. T. Adams, c, 1826, Lcm, G (1838)

A Voluntary, ded. H.J. Gauntlett, G (c1827)

A Voluntary, ded. W. Drummer, D (1828)

A Voluntary, ded. T. Attwood, B, 1829, Lcm (1830)

6 Introductory Movements and a Loud Voluntary with Introduction and Fugue, D, E, F, A, C, e, D, Lbl (1831)

6 Voluntaries for the Use of Young Organists, F, A, G, B, D, C, op.36 (c1831)

6 Short Voluntaries with Introductions for Young Organists, D, B, F, F, E, C, c1834, Lcm (c1837)

Fugue, ded. Mendelssohn, b, 1837, Lbl, Lcm* (1837); ed. in, Tallis to Wesley, xiv (1962)


12 voluntaries: C, 1 movt, c1774, Lbl*; D, B, C, 1817, Lbl*; D, A, D, D, C, D, F, c1836, Lbl*; B, Lbl

Preludes throughout the octave, 1797, Lbl, Cfm

4 short preludes, ?1825, Lbl: C, G, D, A; prelude, G, c1833, Lbl*

Introduction to Bach's ‘St Anne’ fugue, c, 4 hands, 1812, Lbl*, Lcm*

3 introductions and fugues, Lbl: G, G, c1833, d, c1833 [fugue after Mozart's Requiem]

12 fugues, Lbl*: B, D, d, G, 1774; C, B, C, D, D, 1800; G, c1833; D, C, c1836


Many other miscellaneous pieces, Lbl*, Lcm*

Wesley: (4) Samuel Wesley: Works

other keyboard


in LPS, viii (1984)

8 Sonatas [op.1] (1777): B, D, F, C, A, E, †G, E

3 Sonatas, op.3 (?1789): C, F, D

12 Sonatinas, op.4 (1799): C, F, D, B, D, A, E, B, F, G, g, E

4 Sonatas and 2 Duets, op.5 (1801): A, B, D, E, F, D

March, 4 hands (c1807)

†Sonata in which is Introduced a Fugue on a Subject of Mr. Salomon, d (1808)

Sonata ‘The Siege of Badajoz’, D (1812)

The Sky Rocket, a Jubilee Waltz (1814)

Cobourg Waltz (1816)

Hornpipe and Variations from a Favorite Organ Concerto, D (1820)

Fugue, ded. J.B. Logier, D, 1825, private collection* (1828)

Grand Coronation March (1837)

5 variation sets: The Bay of Biscay (1813), Sweet Enslaver (1816), Scots wha hae wi' Wallace bled (1824), A Favorite Italian Air, Lbl*, Mr* (1827), Jessy of Dunblane, c1830–34, Dorking, Royal School of Church Music* (c1837)

14 rondos: Old Towler (c1795), Le melange (1800), Off she goes (c1802), A Favourite Polish Air (1808), Will Putty (?1809), †Widow Waddle, Lbl (c1810), Jacky Horner (c1810), †The Deserter's Meditations (1812), †A Christmas Carol (1814), †Moll Pately (1815), Bellissima signora (c1815), Kitty Alone and I (An Old English Air), Lbl (1830), I attempt from love’s sickness to fly (Purcell), 1830, Lbl* (c1830) Polacca, Lbl (c1880)


Andante, D, and Presto, G, 4 hands, 1791, Lbl [on operatic themes]

Duet, G, 4 hands, 1791, Lbl

War Song, 1814, Lbl

The Duke of Wellington's Return, C, 1816, Lbl

8 pieces, 4 hands, c1831, Lbl: D, G, F, A, G, B, B, G

Sonata, G, 4 hands, 1832, Lbl

3 Variations on God Save the King, D, 4 hands, 1834, Lbl, Lcm


6 sonatas, G, g, B, G, F, 1774, Lbl; C, 1813–31, Lbl* (c1880)

5 rondos: del Signor Sporini, F, 1833, Lcm; [untitled], A, c1836, Lbl*; Drops of Brandy, 1837, Lbl*; A frog he would a-wooing go, Lbl*; The Lass of Richmond Hill, 1837, Lbl

3 variation sets: Happy were the days, c1800, Lbl; Le diable en quatre, 1801, Lcm; College Hornpipe, c1836, Lbl

Many other miscellaneous pieces, Lbl*, Lcm*

Wesley: (4) Samuel Wesley: Works

editions and arrangements

(selective list)

G.F. Pinto: 4 Canzonets and a Sonata [recte 2 sonatas] (London, 1807), collab. J. Woelfl

J.S. Bach: 6 Trio Sonatas bwv525–30 [org], adapted for pf 3 hands (London, 1809), collab. C.F. Horn

J.S. Bach: Das wohtemperirte Clavier (London, 1810–13), collab. Horn

G.F. Handel: 3 Hymns [in GB-Cfm], Lcm (London, 1826); ed. D. Burrows (1987)

Other Bach works, Lcm, US-NYp*; Handel duets and arias, GB-Lbl*, Lcm*

Wesley: (4) Samuel Wesley


Lectures on music, GB-Lbl

An Exploration of the Gregorian Chant, Lbl

Reminiscences, 1836, Lbl

Letters (principal collections only): Cfm, Lbl, Lcm, Mr, US-ATu

E. Wesley, ed.: Letters of Samuel Wesley to Mr Jacobs (London, 1875); facs. repr. as The Wesley Bach Letters (London, 1988)

P.J. Olleson, ed.: The Letters of Samuel Wesley: Professional and Social Correspondence, 1797–1837 (Oxford, forthcoming)

Wesley: (4) Samuel Wesley


D. Barrington: Miscellanies(London, 1781), 291–310

H.J. Gauntlett: ‘The Ecclesiastical Music of this Country’, Musical World, ii (1836), 49–52

Obituary, The Times (12 Oct 1837)

‘Professional Memoranda of the Late Mr. Samuel Wesley's Life’, Musical World, vii (1837), 81–93, 113–18

T. Jackson: The Life of the Rev. Charles Wesley, MA (London, 1841), 337–69 [contains the first extended biographical account of Wesley, with lengthy discussion of the Roman Catholic incident and the supposed influence of Martin Madan; up to the death of his father only]

‘Memoir of Samuel Wesley, the Musician’, Wesley Banner and Revival Record, iii (1851), 321–8, 361–70, 401–11, 441–53

‘Biographical Sketches of Eminent (Deceased) Freemasons I: Samuel Wesley, P.G. Org.’, Freemason's Magazine and Masonic Mirror, v (1858), 151–61

T. Jackson: Recollections of my Own Life and Times (London, 1874), 231–2 [account of Wesley's old age and death]

W. Winters: An Account of the Remarkable Talents of Several Members of the Wesley Family (London, 1874)

G.J. Stevenson: Memorials of the Wesley Family (London, 1876), 490–538

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J.I. Schwarz: The Orchestral Music of Samuel Wesley (diss., U. of Maryland, 1971)

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M. Kassler and P.J. Olleson: Samuel Wesley: a Sourcebook (Aldershot, forthcoming)


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