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Wessex Philharmonic.

Orchestra formed in Bournemouth during World War II.

Wessman, Harri (Kristian)

(b Helsinki, 29 March 1949). Finnish composer. He studied musicology and languages at Helsinki University (1967–73) and composition with Kokkonen, at first privately, then at the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki (1973–8). In its stylistic features Wessman's music is close to neo-classicism, but it differs in its emotional content, warmth of spirit and lyricism. Wessman has described his music half-playfully as ‘neo-pathetical’. He relies on traditional motivic development, which is the basis of his swiftly flowing melodies. The bulk of his output consists of chamber music, which includes both intimate small-scale pieces and also works approaching larger-scale Classical-Romantic genres that are also weightier in expression, such as numerous sonatas and trios. Of his orchestral works the majority are solo and concertante pieces. In addition Wessman has composed a good deal of pedagogical music.


(selective list)

Ballet: Satumaan Päivikki (Päivikki of Fairyland], 1987

Orch: Suite, str, 1977 [from Music to Poems by Eha Lättemäe]; 4 Symphonic Pictures, 1977; Concertino no.1, pf, str, 1982; Koraaliakusoitto, chorale ov., 1984; Loitsunpuhallus [Winding a Spell], wind orch, 1984; Theme and Variations, brass ens, 1986; Concertino no.2, pf, chbr orch, 1987; Tpt Conc., 1987; Viva!, brass orch, 1988; Trbn Conc. ‘Affections’, str, 1992; Hn Conc., chbr orch, 1993; Unfinished Suite, va da gamba, str, 1994–; Khiasmos, str, 1996; Tuba Conc., 1996

Chbr: Duo, fl, gui, 1976; Sonata, vn, pf, 1978; Sonata no.2, vc, pf, 1979; Suite, a rec, gui, 1979; Duo, 2 accdn, 1980; Syksyn sävyinen fantasia [Autumnal Fantasy], vc, pf, 1980; Pf Trio no.1, 1981; Trio, accdn, fl, gui, 1981; Trio breve, vn, hn, pf, 1984; Sonatina, a rec, gui, 1984; Pf Qt, 1985; Sonata, fl, pf, 1985; Suite no.1, 2 vn, 1986; Suite no.2, 2 vn, 1988; Sonata, hn, pf, 1988; Capriccio, wind nonet, 1989; Suite, 2 gui, 1989; John Mattheson's Tone-Feet, brass qnt, 1990; Eine kleine Figurenlehre, wind qnt, pf, 1991; Sonata, tpt, pf, 1991; Pf Trio no.2 ‘Retorinen’ [Rhetorical], 1992; Trio, cl, vc, pf, 1995; Sonata, tuba, pf, 1995; Sonata, va, pf, 1996

Solo inst: Musiikkia uruille [Music for Org], org, 1977; 6 Pf Preludes, 1977–90; Sonatina, pf, 1978; Intermezzo no.1, pf, 1980; Intermezzo no.2, pf, 1981; 3 Preludes, gui, 1981; Sonata, accdn, 1986; Sonata, vn, 1988; Sonate classique, gui, 1991; Sonata, vc, 1993

Vocal: Vesi väsyy lumen alle [Water under Snow is Weary] (E. Lättemäe), children's chorus, fl, pf, str, 1975; Viisi surullista laulua Petteri Falckille [5 Sad songs for Petteri Falck] (V.A. Koskenniemi), Bar, pf, 1975, rev. 1994; Songs to Texts by Eha Lättemäe, children's chorus, various ens, 1976; Kolme laulua V.A. Koskenniemen runoihin [3 Songs to Poems by V.A. Koskenniemi], mixed chorus, 1979; Min längtan är längre än vinden [My Yearning Is Longer than the Wind] (cant., Å. Grandell), girls' chorus, orch, 1983; Ligg ej och dra dig! (trad. nursery rhymes), suite, male chorus, 1984; Vaskisehen vakkasehen [In a Copper Cradle] (Finnish folk lyrics), mixed chorus, 1988; Ljusa vindar [Light Winds] (cant., K. Tuomolin, E. Tabermann), children's chorus, inst ens, 1989; Lysti on lumen lauleskella [The Snow is Gladly Singing], mixed chorus, 1989; Kantat om frihet och fångenskap [Cant. of Freedom and Captivity] (text by school pupils), children's chorus, rec ens, pf, vn, vc, 1994; Vanhenemisen seikkailu [The Adventure of Aging] (P. Saaritsa), Mez, pf, 1995


E. Salmenhaara: Suomalaisia säveltäjiä [Finnish composers] (Helsinki, 1994)

K. Korhonen: Finnish Composers since the 1960s (Jyväskylä, 1995)


Wessnitzer, Wolfgang

(b Nuremberg, bap. 27 April 1629; d Celle, 31 Aug 1697). German organist and composer. He was orphaned at the age of four and his godfather sold his father’s estates in 1640. He studied with Heinrich Scheidemann and perhaps J.E. Kindermann. An application for the post of organist at the Jacobikirche, Hamburg, was unsuccessful, but in 1655 he was appointed organist at the court of Duke Christian Ludwig at Celle. In 1663 he developed a proposal for the reorganization of the court orchestra.

Wessnitzer’s chorale melodies were included in three collections (some ed. in ZahnM). He was editor of the Vollständige Gesang Buch (Lüneburg, 1661), which includes 12 of his works. The Fürstlich-Braunschweig-Lüneburgisches Gesangbuch (1665) contains 43 of his works, and six more appeared in the Grosse Cellische Gesangbuch of 1696. His melodies set texts by Opitz, Fleming, Dach, Harsdörffer and Rist, among others. Wessnitzer was also the composer of some keyboard music, published in the Celler Clavierbuch (1662, some ed. M. Böcker, Wiesbaden, 1990).


MGG2 (‘Celler Claviertabulaturen’; P. Dirksen)

W. Bode: Quellennachweis über die Lieder der hannoverschen und der lüneburgischen Gesangbücher (Hannover, 1881)

G. Linnemann: Celler Musikgeschichte bis zum Beginn des 17. Jahrhunderts (Celle, 1935)

H. Schmidt: ‘Eine unbekannte Quelle zur Klaviermusik des 17. Jahrhunderts: das Celler Clavierbuch 1662’, AMw, xxii (1965), 1–11

H. Müller: ‘Die Musik an der Stadtkirche Celle’, Kirche in Celle, ed. M. Leenders and H.-W. Schütte (Celle, 1992), 245–76

H. Müller: ‘Der Hof- und Stadtorganist Wolfgang Wessnitzer (1629–1697)’, Cellesche Zeitung, 23 Aug 1997 (suppl.), 30 Aug 1997 (suppl.), 6 Sept 1997 (suppl.), 13 Sept 1997 (suppl.)

H. Müller: ‘Wolfgang Wessnitzer’, Handbuch zum evangelischen Gesangbuch, ii Lebensbilder (Göttingen, forthcoming)


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