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A Collected editions, anthologies. B Indexes, bibliographical sources. C Biographical dictionaries, encyclopedias. D Special periodicals. E Special periodical numbers. F General historical studies. G The ancient world. H 500–1500. I 1500–1800. J Since 1800. K Jazz, popular music. L Disciplinary and professional studies.

a: collected editions, anthologies

b: indexes, bibliographical sources

c: biographical dictionaries, encyclopedias

d: special periodicals

e: special periodical numbers

f: general historical studies

g: the ancient world

h: 500–1500

i: 1500–1800

j: since 1800

k: jazz, popular music

l: disciplinary and professional studies

Women in music, §II: Western classical traditions in Europe and the USA, Bibliography

a: collected editions, anthologies

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Women in music, §II: Western classical traditions in Europe and the USA, Bibliography

b: indexes, bibliographical sources

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Women in music, §II: Western classical traditions in Europe and the USA, Bibliography

c: biographical dictionaries, encyclopedias



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Women in music, §II: Western classical traditions in Europe and the USA, Bibliography

d: special periodicals

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Women in music, §II: Western classical traditions in Europe and the USA, Bibliography

e: special periodical numbers

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Women in music, §II: Western classical traditions in Europe and the USA, Bibliography

f: general historical studies

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Women in music

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