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Wallner, Bo

(b Lidköping, 15 June 1923). Swedish musicologist. After studying musicology with Moberg at Uppsala University (graduated 1955), he worked as a music critic for Expressen (1949–53), and was president of Fylkingen (the Swedish section of the ISCM, 1954–6) and adviser to Swedish Radio (1956–74). He was appointed lecturer in musicology and form at the Stockholm Conservatory in 1962 and became professor in 1970. He is one of the most astute observers of the contemporary musical scene in Scandinavia. His articles on Stenhammar’s chamber music, on various aspects of the music of Hilding Rosenberg and on Scandinavian music after World War II led to his monumental Vår tids musik i Norden (1968), a comprehensive, well balanced and well documented account. The activities of an interesting group of young musicians in Sweden during the 1940s (Blomdahl, Bäck, Leygraf etc.) are described in 40-tal: en klippbok om Måndagsgruppen (1971) and he published his great monograph on Wilhelm Stenhammar in 1991. He has also written useful textbooks on musical form and works on music education.


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with H. Blomstedt and F. Lindberg: Lars-Erik Larsson och hans concertinor (Stockholm, 1957)

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‘Om människorösten, om den mänskliga rösten’, Ingvar Lidholm: tonsättarfestival, ed. L. Bjelkeborn (Stockholm, 1998), 64–81 [Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra; programme book; also incl. complete programme notes by Wallner]


Lodet och spjutspetsen: en skrift om det konstnärliga utvecklingsarbetet (Stockholm, 1985) [Festschrift for 60th birthday; incl. list of pubns, 170–84]


Walls, Peter (Gerard)

(b Christchurch, 24 Sept 1947). New Zealand musicologist. After completing degrees in English literature and music at Victoria University of Wellington (1966–71) he took the DPhil in musicology at Oxford (1971–6). In 1976 he became a lecturer in English at Victoria University and transferred to the university's school of music in 1978. He became professor there in 1993. His principal research interests are 17th- and 18th-century performing practice, particularly in relation to stringed instruments, and 17th-century English music, especially the music of the court masque. He has performed as a violinist with several period instrument orchestras and directs New Zealand's Baroque Players and Tudor Consort, as well as regularly conducting opera productions and orchestral concerts. Since 1996 he has been deputy chairman of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra board.


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with B. Thomas: Twenty-One Masque Dances of the Early Seventeenth Century, English Instrumental Music of the Late Renaissance, ii (London, 1974)

John Adson: Courtly Masquing Ayres 1621 (London, 1976–9)

with B. Thomas: Twenty-Five Masque Dances (London, 1987)


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