We fall into this ‘busy’ trap is because we always believe we can be more

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Busy Trap

We all are very busy with our life. Nowadays we can see that all persons are busy of everything, there are many reasons behind we face this problem. We are afraid to take responsibility of our life. We are running away from something. We don’t know what to do with our life. I believe we fall into this ‘busy’ trap is because we always believe we can be more productive. we can always be better than who we are. ‘Probably handling more will make my life meaningful’ it’s this thinking that leads us to take on more. We want to make the most of every minute. We cram every free moment with stuff to do. Driving? Why not listen to an audio book.
Waiting in line? why not call someone. Got time before a meeting? why not send an email. We’ve come to an extent where we believe free time is unproductive time. But, ‘What about joy? What about the sensory pleasure of lying in the grass with the sun shining on our closed eyes?
What about the beauty of a nap while on the train? How about reading a novel for the sheer exhilaration of it, not to better yourself?
We need to relax more often. There’s more to life than cramming every second of it with work. At the end of the day when we die, no one is going to remember how fast you replied to their emails, how many reports we generated, how many lines of code we wrote. What people will remember is, how we touched their lives. And, what is productivity? isn’t it getting the right things done? We have to get rid of it we have to spend time with ours close ones.

Download 94.53 Kb.

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