Week 11 Journal Sales Promotion

Advantages of Sales Promotion

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Advantages of Sales Promotion:
Creates Word Of mouth: A brand is not the only one who can communicate a sales promotion, word of mouth is one of the most positive forms of communication, especially if it is coming from a friend or colleague as they are usually a trusted and reliable source
Creates differentiation: A brand needs to be different to survive, a sales promotion can be an exemplary way to make a brand stand out from the crowd. It holds the potential to add unique value to a customer through a competition or unique experience, creating a reason to choose your product in a crowded market.

For Example, when it came to the McDonald’s Monopoly, with the consumers walking in and peeling off stickers with hope and eager anticipation that they may just have a winner. This often results in a free apple pie but creates that true brand experience which is different to Burger King or KFC.

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