Welcome to Dubai New Staff Induction Handbook

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Welcome to Dubai

New Staff Induction Handbook



Dear Colleagues
Welcome to Dubai and Kings’ School. To help you settle in we’ve put together some information that may be of some help!

By the Staff of Kings’ Dubai


  1. Useful Information Page 4

2. In case of Emergency/ Page 10 What to do if you need a Doctor

  1. How to transfer an existing Driving Licence

for a UAE Licence Page 11

  1. How to get an Emirates ID Card Page 13

  1. Moving around Dubai by Public Transport Page 15

  1. How to Hire a Car Page 16

  1. How to Buy a Second Hand Car & Salik Cards Page 17

  1. How to get a Bank Loan with Emirates NBD Page 19

  1. How to Sponsor your Family Page 20

  1. How to get a Mobile Phone and which Page 24

Network to Choose

  1. How to Link TV and Internet at Home Page 25

  1. Dubai Do’s and Don’ts Page 26

  1. Things To Do in your First Year! Page 29

  1. Other Information – Useful Contacts Page 31

1. Useful Information

  • The Dubai Explorer is a very useful book to give you lots of information about all aspects of the city – a recommended buy! It is now also available in “mini” visitor’s edition. For entertainment and where to eat, maps and general advice, it covers lots of areas. It is a really good general guide to the city.

  • The Entertainer is another recommended purchase. There are two books, one for Fine Dining and one for General use. These books contain loads of “buy one get one free” offers – including main courses at hundreds of restaurants, entrance to activities, places etc. You will save the money you spend on the books easily within one week! They are a really good buy and are available in various malls. One alternative option if you are single is to team up with another member of staff and buy one between you.

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